Which Fruits Basket Character Are You? – Fruits Basket Quiz

Fruits Basket Kin Quiz & What Fruits Basket Character Are You?

How much to do believe in curses? Do you think that curses still exist? Well, we definitely know a family which is cursed. Do you also want to meet them? Hmm, we are quite sure that you have met them already because we are talking about the Sohma family in the anime Fruits Basket! How did you feel when the Sohma family members turned into Chinese zodiac animals. Honestly. It was sort of funny and we often felt bad for them as well.

Anyhow, undoubtedly they have entertained us a lot and this is why today we wish that you also become a part of their family and transform into a cute, wild, or tamable animal. Are you also willing for this then check out what Fruits Basket character are you? All you need to do is answer the Fruits Basket Character Quiz and that’s it!!!

Before you take on the quiz why don’t you go through the main plotline of Fruit Basket and some of its amazing characters?


The story of Fruit Basket revolves around the main character Tohru. This poor girl lost everything she had with the death of her mother in a car accident. Once Tohru became an orphan, her grandfather took her responsibility. Unfortunately, even then fate didn’t let her have the happiness of her part and she had to leave the place as no one was ready to accept her there.

Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?
Fruits Basket - Natsuki Takaya

However, Tohru never gave up and began to take on her own responsibility by staying in a tent and earning to live her life. Do you think Tohru’s life wouldn’t have given her more challenges? Well, in a landslide her tent was destroyed and she lost everything once again (poor Tohru!)

But But But! A new twist in the story occurs when she is offered by her class fellows to live in their house where the 12 cousins lived together belonging to the Sohma family. Though Tohru was there for a few days but when she got to know their transformation secret then they allowed her to stay with them. However, on one condition! She would never disclose their family secret!!!

From then on, life gave Tohru and the Sohma family lemons and they all made lemonade out of them!!! We found a bit of similar pieces in the Tokyo Ghoul anime, do you agree?


There are numerous exciting characters in Fruit Basket but here we have listed the best of all…

Tohru Honda

Dubiety in the fact that if all the people in the world become like Tohru then this planet would become heaven. She not only has a crystal-clear heart but a pure soul as well. Tohru has been through so much since her birth; losing her father at such young age and then fate seizing her mother when she was in high school. This beautiful, kind, smiling, and brave girl became our favorite.

Tohru’s determination and belief in herself always inspire us. When she had no shoulder to cry on, even then she gathered herself and began living alone and on her own without anyone’s support. However, after being with the Sohma family she knew that a human needs support and love to live life in an actual way.

Kyo Sohma

Kyo being a prominent character in the series has entertained us a lot. He is a handsome and cool guy in the high school who gets attention not only from girls but boys as well. His attitude is cold as he is blunt, negative, proud, and selfish. But this is what he portrays because he does not like this at all and his bitter experiences and memories have made him this way.

Having a cat as the curse animal, Kyo always agitated whenever anyone teased him. He always used to be angry; however, we could perceive how Kyo’s personality changed bit by bit after the involvement of Tohru. Kyo became more positive and expressive and so people tend to come closer to him. He began loving Tohru and realized that he must give life another chance.

Yuki Sohma

Yuki is not only famous for his looks in the anime but also for his influential role. His bluish-grey hair, big grey eyes, slender body, and compelling personality definitely brought him up to our list. Yuki is a rat according to the Chinese Zodiac and is loyal to his family. He never backs off whenever anybody needs him.

Though we can see perfection in Yuki as he has good looks, a loving family, and everything but all this isn’t true. Yuki is the complete opposite of what he depicts. He is insecure, envious of others, pessimistic, and lacks expressiveness. He detests that he isn’t able to behave like other boys because he is somewhat scared to love people due to his traumatic past. Tohru changed him as well.

Hatsuharu Sohma

As an ox in the Chinese zodiac, Hatsuharu gained loads of fans due to his carefree attitude and style. He is the “cool guy” with white spikey hair, brown eyes, tattoos and accessories, and a charismatic personality. Hatsuharu looks sooo charming even in his high school uniform!

As per his animal curse, Hatsuharu has two distinct personalities; black and white. In the first one “black”, he is outrageous, vicious, and can’t control him during the fights. Whereas, he battles extremely well and with immense strength as black. On the other hand, as white, he is more patient, kind, controlled, and thinks before reacting.

Hatsuharu keeps his family before anything and is although strict towards his siblings but loves all with his heart. Even when he is shouting at them, he wants good for them. This sometimes causes others to think negatively about Hatsuharu but he doesn’t bother about it because he knows what he does.


So fandom! Are you ready to unveil your Fruit Basket Chinese zodiac sign with the Fruits Basket Kin Quiz? What are you waiting for? Go on and CLICK!!!