What is better K-drama, Anime, or English TV series?

You must have seen a war on social media in which the topic is “What is better; K-dramas, Anime, or TV series?” Who do you favor? Are you more inclined towards one of them or do you fall into the category of those people who support all of them because you can’t pick!

Well, it is arduous what to pick because on one hand, we have a graphical and animated version of stories in anime. They are highly anticipated and adored in the whole world no matter which continent you analyze. But, the Korean dramas aren’t behind because, in very less time, we have a good and huge fandom of them. Last but not the least, English TV series are love of all and have been a strong part of media for ages and it’s hard to break their record. So, let’s hit all three of them and solve this problem once and for all that which of them is the best either K-drama, anime, or English TV series?

What is better K-drama, Anime, or English TV series
What is better


It is believed that once someone watches a Korean drama then there is no way out because they never fail to inspire their viewers. Yes, we won’t say that every Korean drama is outstanding and awesome but we can bet that most of them are pretty amazing. There are numerous why we have said this and the most important one is that their length is so ideal. Anybody can take out around one hour from their schedule and this constitutes a single episode. So in almost twenty episodes a drama concludes and trust us, each episode is worthy enough that you can’t even blink an eye.

Plus, viewers like to end the curiosity once and for all so it is a pleasure to end the story in one season. Most of the K-dramas have only one season (Probably 1% of them have a second season) and so it is better rather than watching a TV series and anime which so many episodes and consume so much time. Don’t forget that they have multiple seasons as well. Let’s not even let go the part that K-dramas have unique stories and plots that were never shown until now and we can say that they have given a new array to fantasy and realism. It’s more like a rollercoaster of emotions that are imparted to viewers and evident in their smiles, tears, and curiosity.

Korean drama
Korean drama

You would definitely love to watch some immensely popular Korean dramas in 2022 and so we thought why not mention the best names here!

  • The Sound of Magic
  • Again My Life
  • My Liberation Notes
  • Tomorrow
  • A Business Proposal
  • Twenty-Five, Twenty-One

If you want to know which best Korean drama should you watch next then enter the K-Drama Quiz and it’d reveal the name!


The biggest advantage of animes is that they can make anything happen. There is one thing that you must comprehend first, most of the animes are based on mangas. So while following the stories of manga, the creators try their level best to make them reach the point where the animes become the real reflection of their mangas. It is no doubt fun to watch the creation but remember that animes are very long and continue until the editions of manga keep coming on the market.

People who are more interested in action, adventure, fantasy, and animation they happily watch animes even though they have multiple seasons. There is so much food for the brain in them because the possibilities are endless while each character gives us different vibes. Culture, history, and possible future are very thoughtfully presented. Plus, there is a different genre for every age group and entertainment lover and so it is easier for all to binge-watch animes in every part of the world. We must add here that boys take special interest in animes because of all the fighting and combats.


Have you watched the fan-favorite animes of 2022? Have a look at their names and you better start watching them!

  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure
  • My Dress- up Darling
  • Attack On Titan
  • Spy X Family
  • Tomodachi Game
  • Bleach


What do think is watched most on one of the most watched apps “Netflix?” Of course, the answer is TV series whether we name Friends, Emily in Paris, Game of Thrones, Bridgerton, or any other. Netflix has risen to the top because people love to watch TV series and through this one thing, the globe gets connected. It’s facile to binge-watch series even though they have numerous seasons because each episode is hardly 20-40 minutes long and so every person manages that much time. Viewers are immersed in series because they are realistic and also have a hint of fantasy which is relishing.

How can we forget millions of people who have subscribed to Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Netflix? They are all because we all love series whether they are horror, sci-fi, rom-com, contemporary, romance, or of any other genre. It is always a pleasure to watch them.

Tv Series
Tv Series

Here are some TV series that are being top-rated in 2022 and probably you would add them to your list.

  • Moon Knight
  • Bridgerton
  • Peacemaker
  • Yellowstone
  • The Witcher
  • Inventing Anna
  • 13 Reasons Why

Honestly, we can’t decide which one is better because each one has its own taste and impact. So, why not watch them all turn by turn? This way you can enjoy all and there would be great change after every few weeks in your watch-list.