Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun Quiz: Which Demon School character are you?

What Demon School Iruma Kun character are you?

If life gives you a choice that you can live an unhappy and miserable life with your human parents OR you can have the best living with a grandfather who would love and spoil you as well but he is DEMON!!! Yes, what would you choose? Hahaha, you are getting tensed, don’t worry we won’t put you in a situation like this!

All this happened in the anime “Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun” with an innocent boy named Iruma Suzuki who was just 14 years old. However, the only difference was that he wasn’t given the choice instead his cruel and heartless parents sold him to a demon named Sullivan. All they wished for was money and even though Sullivan was a demon but desired a grandkid whom he could adore and raise.

We know that you are a huge fan of Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun anime but which Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun character do you kin? The demons or the humans? You aren’t able to decide! Then answer the Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun kin quiz.

Undoubtedly the story has depicted that even demons can be kind and soft-hearted. Now, being a fan of this anime, your responsibility is to find out which Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun character are you with the exciting Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Test. Before you move on, do read about the characters in Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun so that you consider yourself in the Netherworld while answering the Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Trivia Quiz!!!


Which Demon School character are you quiz
Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun - Osamu Nishi

How much do you know about Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun characters? Don’t worry if you don’t remember much. Read about the main characters in Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun below and amuse yourself…

Iruma Suzuki

Our young little hero Iruma is definitely the soul of the series as he is the most empathetic character you’d find in any anime. His childhood has been cruel due to his parents who never loved him, instead made him do dangerous works for money. They even sold him to demon Lord Sullivan but then things took a turn in his favor and Sullivan loved Iruma with all his heart.

Sullivan taught him all the rules of living in the Netherworld (a land where demons live!) and provided him anything he needed while in return asked him to promise one thing, “Never let anyone find out that you are a human!”. Afterward, Iruma gets enrolled in the Demon School and is always the center of attraction there because Sullivan is the principal there.

Iruma possesses some amazing abilities like High Survival Mode, Anti-Knock Over Spell, Overwhelming Crisis Evasion Capability, and others. Each one makes him a better fighter; moreover, he is a master in archery. The best thing that Iruma owns is the “Ring of Gluttony” which has unimaginable magic in it and it is was gifted to him by Sullivan.

Lord Sullivan

If anybody asks us what Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun character are you? We would yell Sullivan’s name! He is simply perfect! An amazing grandfather who loves an adopted grandson more than anything in the world and is always slightly overprotective towards him. Sullivan can also be seen buying him lots of things. Whenever Iruma isn’t with him, Sullivan feels sad and incomplete.

The weird and funny-looking Sullivan has pointy ears, two big horns, wears spectacles, and has a shiny bald head. But, don’t go over his appearance because Sullivan is considered one of the most powerful beings in the Netherworld and holds the highest position after the King also being the principal of Babyl’s Demon School. There are quite healthy chances for him to become the next king.

Sullivan’s best abilities include “Time manipulation” and “Gravity manipulation”. He has halted many catastrophes with the help of his spells and time manipulation. We think that Lord Sullivan is quite similar to Jojo, do you agree? Take this JoJo Stone Ocean Quiz to find out!

Clara Valac

Clara is the girl with bright green hair, round horns, a red tail with hearts at the end, and green monster slippers (they look like little frogs). She is Iruma’s classmate and his best friend. If we are to describe Clara’s behavior then it’s fact that she is a bit crazy. Yeah, her nuts behavior annoys everyone so she has no friends and always used to attract other kids with her lunch. Clara’s intention was never wrong and all she wanted was friends!

Clara’s behavior altered a lot after her friendship with Iruma as she became more confident and started to have more trust in herself. As far as her skills are concerned, she possesses the power to summon anything that she has in mind whether it is any item or any human. All the things that she summons appear from her pocket.

Moreover, she has an athletic body and she can fight well without even employing her magical powers.

Alice Asmodeus

Alice is also a friend of Iruma and Clara and so all these three make an interesting trio as all three are quite different from each other. Alice is a genius and even scored the highest marks in the school’s entrance exam. Alice was not always nice and good-natured like he became, instead he was stubborn, arrogant, and proud over his abilities and well-known family. However, after being with Iruma and Clara he changed himself.

He is tall, one of the few people who possess fire magic, has pink hair, and doesn’t like to mingle much. On the other hand, Alice has wings with which he can fly and easily vanquishes the enemy with his strong fire magic. Maybe, the Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Kin Test generates the answer that you are “Alice”!


Have you pondered about which Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun character are you most like? We know it’s arduous to decide so why not choose the Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Quiz to do it!!!