Warrior Cats Quiz – Which Warrior Cat Are You?

Warriors Quiz – Which Battle Kitty Are You?

Sometimes we (humans) do not realize the reality of life until we are directed towards it in a satirical or in an implied way. Didn't get it! You can take the examples of some inspiring classics of the past few centuries. All of them are notorious for the morals, ethics, and realities they all portray. Well, even today, we have many examples. People think that literature and art produced in the 21st-century lack wisdom and wise lessons. They are absolutely wrong!

Have you watched the "Warrior Cats" anime? The story is just fabulous, whereas the characters (though they are mere cats) are mind-blowing. Everything in the anime complements the other and so is worth watching. Hey, why don't you try our Warrior Cats Quiz to explore which Warrior Cat are you? It would make the next few moments the best minutes of your life. And yes, don't forget to read about the story and characters below.


The story of Warrior Cats is exhilarating because of its multiple plot twists and numerous characters. It is all about felines (cats)! According to the story of Warrior Cats, cats aren't as normal and mere beings as we think; instead, their life is complex and has a greater purpose. All the cats in the world are divided into various clans, namely:

ThunderClan: Live in forest areas and are pro in hunting and camouflaging.

WindClan: They live in windy grasslands and plateaus. They are fast like winds and can be electrifying during hunts.

RiverClan: Cats of this clan live by the river and are fearless to waters. They are great swimmers and do not regard underwater hunting dangerous (unlike all others).

ShadowClan: They are known for being underground by living in marshes and muddy areas. They are prone to live in harsh circumstances.

SkyClan: This clan is special and respectable for all as only dead cats join it. Hahaha, don't get scared! Each clan's leader joins it after death and guides others to a prosperous future.

Cats Without Clans: They are divided further into three groups, "Kittypets" who are normal pets in houses. "Rogues", the rebels (villains), and last but not least, "Loners" the stray cats.

Each clan has its own problems and parts ways from each other. Let's see where you would stand in all this dramatic situation, so find out which Warrior Cat do you kin with the Warrior Cat Kin Quiz!

Which Warrior Cat Are You?
Warriors - Erin Hunter


Before we enter the Warrior Cats Test, let's figure out the best cats in the Warrior Cats anime. Check them out below and think which Warrior Cat are you most like?


Firestar truly gets his name because of the fire he has in his heart. His life has had huge turns as from being a kittypet, Firestar became the leader of the Thunderclan. All this was never easy, but the best quality in Firestar is that he never gives up, no matter how grave the decision becomes. The Skyclan members always kept his subconscious alive and he went on the journey to be in the Thunderclan. However, he started as a Thunderclan apprentice but soon became a greater authority due to his strong decision-making power.

Many Warrior Cats fans were found crying at Firestar's death as it was tragic and heartbreaking. But, even after his death, he was there to support and help the cats of the Thunderclan through prophecies and dreams. He is one of the most poweful Battle Kitty!


Yellowfang is definitely one of the most heartbreaking characters in the story. She has been through a lot since her childhood. Even if we look into her love life or afterward, she never got to have the happiness she deserved. Yellowfang is a medicine cat who has belonged to the ShadowClan since she was born there. She is familiar to be in the dark and her bright yellow eyes are unique in the clan.

Yellowfang always wanted to be a warrior but couldn't be. She never experienced love and had to kill her own son to save others. Her whole life is based on sacrifices as she gave up her life to save others. Yellowfang is truly the one who fought selflessly.


Graystripe is a cat that is considered the main character in the story. We can say that he has many similarities to Firestar as they both began their journey as a kittypet. There are many things that highlight the character of Graystripe. His life challenged him with various arduous circumstances. Graystripe belonged to the RiverClan and was an integral part of the clan.

His love of life Silverstream also left him quite early while kitting, leaving him to raise the children. Being a part of two clans and being a father of the kittens and friend of Firestar, Graystripe found it challenging to make things normal again. But still, he never let down his clan (though he was exiled) and children. Graystripe also became the leader of ThunderClan for a few moons.


Dovewing is a powerful and unique cat because of her immense powers. She has been gifted with special powers that allow her to visualize and hear things that are far and others aren't capable of doing it. Being in ThunderClan was what she was proud of. However, things changed with time and significantly when she fell in love with Tigerstar.

She had kits with Tigerstar and had to shift to the ShadowClan. This was difficult for him at first but she took up things confidently. The thing that makes Dovewing different from others is her confident personality and power to take decisions and stand on them.

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Kitties are undoubtedly one of the cutest beings on earth, but they are fierce, courageous, and on this planet for a more significant reason. Find out about your character resemblance by answering the Warrior Cat Trivia. You know what? You can also grab the chance to know which Warrior Cat would date you? Are you excited about all this! Hurry up and reveal this vital piece of information to the whole world.