Wakako Zake Quiz – Which Wakakozake Character Are You?

Wakakozake Personality Test

We humans have to live with several problems on a daily basis whether they are related to work, house, family, friends, etc. Often we think about how to lessen the load on our lives but fail to find something that would really give peace. It is because very few things are left which take us far from violence and the ups and downs of life. Whether you talk about games, anime, TV series, movies, or any other, all depict human problems in one way or another.

However, we just found the best anime ever made! Do you want to know which one is it? It’s the world famous Wakakozake anime. After the huge success of the anime, everything was turned from the cartoon characters to real life with the Wakakozake TV series. Almost everybody asks why it feels so comforting to watch it though Wakakozake has such a simple story. Well, haven’t you heard “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This is why we thought to blend the delicious, simple, and adventurous journey of Wakako Zake in our Ultimate Wakakozake Quiz. After discovering what Wakakozake character are you, you’d be able to identify yourself with resemblance to the character and would know who’s your taste-bud like?


If you really want to know why Wakakozake is notorious then you must watch it. But, we are thinking why not enhance your interest in it so that you enjoy it more while watching. Wakakozake series is about a simple girl named Wakako Zake who has a decent job, loves her family, diligently works though has a great workload, goes out with friends, etc. Hence she lives a modest life like many others in the world. But, there is one that is different in her from all others!

Wakako Zake is a person who loves to eat and has a certain habit or you can call it a hobby. She likes to go out every day on the streets of Japan and tries some unique and cool dishes. It can be any restaurant, food truck, street food café, etc. Including this, she has an unexplainable taste bud which helps Wakako Zake to create some weird food combos that are not only delicious but offer the thrill that she needs in order to relax from her everyday exhausting routine. At times, we even see Wakako Zake with her friends and family who also share her interests.

With our Wakakozake Character Test, you can stand as a food expert by checking out which Wakakozake character are you most like? Trust us, it’d be cool to answer some intriguing questions and the best part would be when you’d find out the result.


It’s time to reveal the most important characters in Wakakozake. Are you impatient to find out about them as well?

Which Wakakozake Character Are You?
Wakakozake - Chie Shunkyu


Wakako is a decent and petite lady who is in her late 20s. “PSHEWWHH!” is the famous dialogue of Wakako’s character and she always says this whenever feels utter happiness after eating food. The best thing about Wakako is her epic sense of taste and she can create ideal combinations of food and alcohol. Her travel to various areas in search of delicacies is what attracts all the viewers. Wakako is simply the person who lives for food. She is opposite from most of the people as she pays more attention to food rather than her looks. When you watch Wakako, it feels as you are watching one of the judges from the Masterchef show and she can really sense every flavor and ingredient just like them. Luckily, she is just a normal foodie and she is not a Soul Eater 🙂


Miura has a beautiful nickname Mi-san and when you see her cute little face, innocence and wisdom are evident. She is a real-time hardworking woman who never says no to work and eventually ends up with loads of it. The exhaustion caused due to her tough routine makes us feel pity for her but what can we do about this! However, we enjoy her sincere friendship with Wakako and their chats.


Shiraishi is a junior man to Wakako and she is usually seen guiding him. It is a fact that Shiraishi seems a little confused at times and her instinct to learn varies from time to time. For instance, if he is in the mood to learn then Wakako’s instructions are easy for him but if he doesn’t want to listen then no one can make him do it.

Chief Okada

Oh, you know how the bosses are! It is very hard for anyone to like their boss because they only give you work work and work. This makes Chief Okada a bit stressful character for those who feel bad for Wakako when he puts pressure on her. But what can we do in this because it is the job of every boss to make their workers do things and they themselves do less.


Now this is a good question! It can be anyone from the anime right! But if you want to be sure then you must answer the Wakakozake Trivia to check. This way you’d find the perfect partner from Wakakozake for yourself. If you want money then maybe you might get linked up with someone from the office and if you are a foodie then let’s see if you can have Wakako. It all depends on your fate!


If we ask you which Wakakozake character do you kin? What would you say? Your kinship really matters because your personality somewhat comes from your past ancestors. If you’d know to which character do you have close relation then you’d know yourself better than ever. So, what you need is the Wakakozake Character Kin Quiz.

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It’s time to test yourself with our wholesome Wakakozake Character Quiz so that you know what you are from the inside. Hope that you are ready to take in the results.