Ultimate Spy X Family Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Spy X Family Knowledge Quiz

If you have watched or read Spy X Family then let us check how well you have it in mind. Take the challenge of the hardest ever Spy X Family Knowledge Quiz. Let’s see if you really prove your fanship for it or not!


Is Spy X Family Really Popular?

Spy X Family is a spectacular anime and has been a must-read manga in 2022. Since 2019, around nine volumes of the Spy X Family manga have been released. As much as the story is moving towards culmination, it is getting more interesting than ever. On the other hand, the anime series Spy X Family has just begun and all fans are relishing the excitement. What we imagined is over the screen now! What can be more intriguing!!!

What Is Spy X Family About?

The stories which have the most exciting story always begin with a strong and sturdy background, riveting characters, and adventures lined. Spy X Family attracted all thanks to the historical reference of Westalis and Ostania. Both the states have had a dirty hateful past. At every instant, there is a threat of war from both sides. The plot of Spy X Family can be seen from the eyes of the Westalis state. A passionate and loyal agent of Westalis “Twilight” lives in Ostania as a spy. He gathers any kind of information that can be a threat to the peace of his motherland Westalis.

Ultimate Spy X Family Questions And Answers

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Twilight finds something fishing that links a leader of the National Unity Party Donovan Desmond with a conspiracy. There is nothing that Twilight could manage to prick out in details and there is no way but to go closer to Donavan Desmond. He is a highly vigilant man who does nothing but work and keeps his eyes on the target. However, there is always something that could be done to pave the way and in this case, Donavan’s family does the work. Now, Twilight has to see how would he manage to go near Donovan Desmond’s family.

Having no other choice left, Twilight picks the name Loid Forger for himself and plans to marry a woman and adopt a child so that they seem like a happy family. You won’t guess what destiny makes him encounter. The woman he arranges to marry is Yor Briar who is a cold-blooded assassin. She is someone who kills others for money and had to hide her illegal work. Hence, she married Loid. Nonetheless, the couple adopts a cute little girl from the orphanage named Anya. She is such a gem but no one knows that the little girl possesses an insane power. She can read minds. The Spy X Family is a hilarious trio and all others are unaware of their realities.

The game begins with Anya’s admission to Eden Academy, one of the most noted educational institutions. Anya needs to clear the test while strict pressure is maintained on both Yor and Loid for the interview which would be conducted by Housemaster Henry Henderson. Not only does Anya’s closeness to Damian matter, but other threats maintain to hover over Twilight and his department. For instance, Yuri Briar, terrorists from Berlint University, Zacharis Dossier, Bond, and others are equally threatening.


The Spy X Family Test has many questions and you never know if some of them come up regarding the characters. Read about the best characters in Spy X Family so that you are prepared for everything and don’t have to lose your score.

Spy X Family Knowledge Quiz

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Loid Forger

Loid is a handsome man in his late twenties to early thirties. Indeed he is smart and this is the reason why WISE chose him for the most arduous and challenging job. He is quick and very robust in creating plans for emergencies. Loid always has a plan B for every task and so he never gets caught. It was a fool-proof plan that Loid crafted to go near Desmond but of course, forgot to do the background search. Loid didn’t know much about Yor and Anya but you might have heard, that all’s well that ends well. We hope the same for Loid.

Yor Forger

Yor is someone who is a beauty and a beast lives in her. She is a soft-hearted woman for her family but a cold-blooded assassin by profession. No eyes can resist her beauty and probably this became the reason for their marriage. The innocence in Yor’s eyes just made Loid (a spy) believe in her clear background. However, Yor blindly trusts Loid in everything. She wouldn’t even suspect Loid if he’d say that stars are twinkling in bright daylight. Her love for Anya is priceless.

Anya Forger

Anya possesses the power of telepathy and no one knows this. She might be a little girl with cotton candy hair but she is the real bond that keeps the family united. It is a fact that she isn’t a very intelligent girl who gains the best scores. But, Anya is someone who would readily sacrifice her life for others.

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Do you feel like you are ready for the Spy X Family Kin Quiz? Soon all would know that there is no better person to watch Spy X Family with other than you. All you need to do is prove how much do you know about Spy X Family and everything related to it.