Ultimate Shaman King Trivia – How Well Do You Know Shaman King?

Shaman King Trivia Quiz

Curious to know how well you know the Shaman King series. Well then, hit the button below to answer the Shaman King Trivia. Scores of the Shaman King Test would unveil if you are really a true fan of Yoh and his friends or not!


Why Is Shaman King Getting So Much Hype?

It was years before when Manga series Shaman King was released. From the years 1998-2004, people went crazy for its characters and story. Did you watch the Shaman King anime series which was aired from 2001-2002? Maybe you weren’t that interested in anime then or were young enough to watch it. Hence, this craze for animes revived the Shaman King plot once again! Its manga series began to roll again and the response was simply spectacular.

Here we are! In 2022, the fourth and final season of Shaman King has rocked our screens and we can’t stop watching it. The storyline has gripped all anime lovers in shackles and to be honest, we don’t want it to end! Shaman King is perfect in many ways and the major go to the unique fantasy-based story. So, we can say that Shaman King lived again thanks to the 51 episodes of the anime series.

Ultimate Shaman King Trivia

Shaman King - Netflix

Basic Plotline Of Shaman King

Shaman King is an anime that revolves around the lives of Shamans. They are basically the species that link the light of life with the darkness of death. The job isn’t easy and so are accompanied by spirits. The mightier the spirit is, the more powerful Shaman becomes. The main protagonist in the series is Yoh Asakura. He is not someone who wishes to be an ordinary Shaman like others, instead, Yoh is eager to be the Shaman King. If he turns out to be the Great Spirit in the Shaman world then things would be in his hands. Yoh can reshape every single thing as per his wish. However, this journey isn’t easy as the most strengthened Shaman gets to reach that point.

Yoh is ready to face any hurdles he finds in his way and with his fiancée’s arrival, he gets the good news. Anna Kyoyama reveals to him that the Shaman King Competition would soon be held. Only after five centuries does this moment arrive when the king is changed. Spotting the right moment, Yoh enrolls for the competition but he has no idea that he has staked his life over it. Yoh’s twin brother Hao Asakura has formed an army of his own which is going to bring him the throne he always wished for. When one brother Yoh wishes to bring peace to the world, his twin thinks the exact contrary. Hao desires to bring humanity down with his power and let the world alone be for Shamans.

Multiple matches are ahead of Yoh and Anna realizes that he needs loads in order to have a fair fight and win. The final rounds pass to the best fighters which lead to Yoh, Ren, Horohoro, Lyserg, and Joco as finalists. The rounds keep on bringing more and more power to Yoh and others while Hao had other things in mind. He was ready to ascend the throne by all means. If you are curious to know who turned out to be the Shaman King then watch the last season of the series.


How Well Do You Know Shaman King

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You won’t be surprised to see Hao on top of the list if you really know him. He is one of the mightiest Shamans the world could ever see. Hao’s powers are enough to let others fear him. Ring of Fire, Onmyodo, Reishi, Taizan Fukun no Sai, and Curse Reflection is his greatest abilities. It is facile to vanquish him. The main reason behind Hao’s powers is his anger and thirst for revenge. He wishes to end everything in the most destructive way. Don’t go over his innocent looks at all!


Hao - Shaman King

Yoh Asakura

How much do you know about the Shaman King character Yoh? He is someone who can never be disregarded. Though Yoh is the twin brother of Hao and they both share the same blood but are opposite poles of a magnet. Yoh has a heart that is open to all and desires tranquility among all beings. This turns out to be his mission in order to win the throne. Yoh is among the five elemental warriors and manipulates Earth to knock down his enemies.

Yoh Asakura

Yoh Asakura - Shaman King

Anna Asakura

She is the fiancée of Yoh and though she hasn’t been a part of many fights but still is great! Stay away from her eyes, this is the best tip for anyone who doesn’t want to be killed. Anna has no mercy for her enemies and makes sure she defeats them in the worst possible way. She can summon spirits anytime and all of them help her to be the one in charge. Anna is a pro in Furyoku Nullification and Curse Reflection. Nobody can beat her in this. Plus, having the tag of Yoh with her, Anna turns out to be like Touch Me Not, or else!

Have you ever looked inside yourself? Do you know which Shaman King character are you most like? If No is your answer then let the Shaman King Personality Quiz unsolved the mystery for you.

Anna Asakura

Anna Asakura - Shaman King

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WARNING! Only answer the Hardest Ever Shaman King Quiz if you believe in yourself. The questions of Shaman King Kin Quiz won’t be easy and would sift your memory thoroughly. Hopefully, you won’t give up on yourself!