Tsundere Quiz – Are You A Tsundere?

Am I Tsundere Quiz & Tsundere Test

Can you answer one question? Which type of characters do you like in the anime? Well, most of the people whom we asked this yelled out “Tsundere”! If your answer is similar to them then you must also question yourself “are you a tsundere?” There are two ways to find about your tsundere nature; either you watch thousands of anime having tsundere characters to assess yourself, or you just answer the fun Tsundere Quiz. The choice is yours and we know that you are quite smart and would take the Am I Tsundere Test which would give 100% accurate results.

However, there are so many wrong concepts regarding tsundere personality and characters and it is hard to track the truth. Hey, why don’t you get to know tsunderes more before you roll into the Tsundere Test! Are you ready to light up your boring and exhausting day? Get aboard and find out if you are Tsundere or not!


The word “tsundere” is made up of two words having contrasting meanings. ‘Tsuntsun’ means harsh and irritable, whereas ‘deredere’ signifies lovelorn. These two unlike words form the tag for the kind of characters that we all are attracted to and are most commonly found. The tsundere characters can be both male and female.

Basically, the characters in the category of tsundere are those who have hidden and complicated personalities. They are nice, sweet, and compassionate from inside but show themselves as annoyed, irritable, and frustrated to the world. One of their specific traits is that they hate to confess their love to someone and try not to be in any relationship. This attitude depends on various factors but usually, it is because of their dark and insecure past.

Are You A Tsundere?


It is hard to understand the difference between tsundere and yandere for many Japanese characters fans. Let us make it easy, a tsundere is sweet and kind-hearted but just portrays a hardcore image to all. On the other hand, yandere are kind and affectionate at first but with time they turn evil and immoral. This particularly happens when they feel that someone tries to come near or in some way steal their love. Hence, they turn into a villain and lose all the positivity in them.


You can track a tsundere easily by observing their common traits. Before you answer the Tsundere Or Yandere Quiz checkout some qualities specific to tsunderes only.

Strong And Confident

Tsunderes are always confident in their actions and reactions. They never back off, neither do they become shy because they know whatever they do is right. Their intelligent and smart actions might end up in some problems but they take up all things head-on and hardly ever regret. You can claim them mentally or physically strong (depending on the plotline). They are able to take on any enemy even though he/she is strong because of powers or sets traps with the mind, they give them a tough time. So, they are mostly not like sad or traumatized anime characters.

Life Is Full Of Tragedies

Unfortunately, life is very merciless to our tsundere characters. They have to face many problems sent towards them by fate. Whether you look into their past or present, they have to face challenges and must rise stronger, or else the results can be devastating or even deadly for others.

It is a common observation that most of the tsunderes often have a dark past and this is the reason why they appear to be harsh with all. They believe that this way no one would come near them and they would never get hurt, however, destiny plays its games impeccably.

They Have High Temperament

Tsunderes easily get annoyed. They try to stay calm and even invisible in gatherings but when are displeased even slightly, they explode like lava. Even their single glare can halt the heartbeat of a normal person. Their short temper and irritability cause people to fear them. Contrastingly, there is always a character who is ready to take up their anger and aggressive nature and in the end, they form a good bond. In this way, either they both become best friends or date each other turning into an ideal couple.

One of the other reasons behind their anger issues is that they aren’t ready to take in any sort of criticism (you can say that they are sensitive). Hence, whenever somebody tries to crack a joke with them, they return the favor with a negative remark and so it never happens again.

Attractive And Good-looking

It is a fact that most of the people would agree with, tsunderes are mostly good-looking and attractive. Their eyes, hair, physique, and features are worth noticing and we all begin loving them at first glance. In some rare cases, you might feel that they don’t have very charming looks but we can guarantee that they have a cherishing personality.

Star The Show

Tsunderes are mostly the main protagonists of the series. The story mainly revolves around them and their decisions help the story to proceed. Eventually, you would find tsunderes as the hero and heroine of many manga, movies, and anime.


The guide to the Tsundere Quiz would be helpful for you in understanding the result so make sure you read it carefully.


Oh, the result of 0% indicates that you do not have even hints of tsundere personality. Don’t worry, maybe you match other types of deres.


Hmm, there are bright chances that you turn into a complete tsundere very soon. Keep watching Japanese content and you’ll be one in the near future.


Wow, good going! You are half tsundere already. Take the quiz again in a week or so and we are sure you would score more in the next attempt.


Hey tsundere! You are a pure one. Don’t forget to tell the world that you have a perfect tsundere personality.


Check out if you are a real tsundere or not by answering the Tsundere Quiz.