Tinker Bell Quiz – Which Tinkerbell Fairy Are You?

Disney Fairies Quiz – Which Disney Fairy Are You?

It is a fact that children perceive more than adults. This is the reason why every franchise tries its best to provide suitable content for kids in the form of movies, cartoons, and novels. There is one that has clicked in our mind “Tinkerbell.” This character was initiated in the Peter Pan series and soon achieved recognition separately. All the children loved the characters and the Tinkerbell movie became a huge blockbuster.

We can see that you are inspired by the fairies in the Tinkerbell movie, so why not check out the Tinkerbell Quiz. This quiz contains some magical questions and once you would answer, it will unveil which Tinkerbell Fairy are you most like? Isn’t this amazing!!! Then let’s not wait anymore and enter the magical world of Tinkerbell with the Tinkerbell Fairy Trivia.


Tinkerbell’s story gears up on the island of Neverland lives a cute little fairy named “Tinkerbell’. In the story, we can peek into the lives of fairies, their types, and their living style. Each fairy is born with some specific talent and they are given tasks and ranks according to it. This little fairy got the name as she was a “Tinker Fairy,” one who works on metals and mending things. Take this Disney Fairies Quiz to figure out which fairy you are!

At first, Tinkerbell was delighted and lived her life in the Pixie Hollow, but her feelings changed when she learned that Tinker fairies never visit the Mainland (a beautiful place where extraordinary and high-ranked fairies work). Then, this little munchkin thought to switch her talents (just to be in the Mainland). From here, the life of Tinkerbell altered. She began disregarding what she already had and wished to have that was never hers.

The journey of Tinkerbell involves dreams, passion, perils, and support of some loyal friends like Bobble and Clank along with a caring God-mother figure Queen Clarion. Now, it’s your turn to find out what Tinkerbell Fairy are you with the Tinkerbell Test. This way, the world would know your talents, traits, and personality.

Which Disney Fairy Are You?
Disney Fairies


What if somebody asks you, “Which Tinkerbell Fairy do you kin?” what would you say? Get along with the most famous fairies in the Tinkerbell movies so that you can answer.

Tinker Bell

She is a cutie-pie! Tinker bell is a few inches tall fairy wearing a strapless green dress with golden wings. When she was born, it was pretty hard for her to find her talents, but with the help of Queen Clarion she was able to track her Tinker skills. It was easy for her to get along with other fairies as she is sincere and kind. Tinkerbell willingly helps every fairy and so is popular among all.

 Our Tinker-talent possessed wishes to live up to her dreams while her curious and adventurous nature often gets her into trouble. For instance, when Tinkerbell wished to learn some other talent to enter the Mainland, she ruined everything. However, she made up for everything by inventing the machine that helped all the fairies with spring preparations. Other vital inventions of Tinkerbell are the Seed catcher, Balloon carrier, and Tint spray.


You would mostly find everybody calling Slivermist “Sil”! She seems to belong to Asian pixie dust, which is why she has a bright skin tone with bigger eyes. Her Sea-green and turquoise dress really complements her beauty and innocent features. Sil is mostly seen with Tinkerbell as they are best friends. Their personalities are a good match; Tinkerbell is passionate and daring while Sil is practical and hardworking. Their friendship is quite similar to ones in the Winx Club.

Silvermist possesses water talent which enables her to manipulate dewdrops. She can form puddles at the stream, water the plants, help in creating rainbows, can even talk to aquatic animals. Whenever Tinkerbell is stuck in any problem, Sil is always there to rescue. She is a friendly and naïve character. Other than this, her comprehending skills are pretty weak as she always takes the actual meanings of phrases rather than the implied ones. For instance, the most popular one is when she thought Tinkerbell exploded as someone said, “Tinkerbell exploded with rage!”


It is a fact that Bobble isn’t a female fairy but a sparrow man, so we can count him in the family of male fairies (Hahaha). His actual name is Phineas T. Kettletree, but his nickname is better. Bobble is also a tinker and plays a significant role with Tinkerbell. He isn’t very attractive by appearance and as a tinker, wears big and broad glasses due to nearsightedness. However, looks must not be judged and if you look into his heart, then you wouldn’t find one more pure than his.

Bobble is immensely talented and intelligent and no one can be a better tinker than him. He is literally a tinker geek who is always looking to improve with his unique ideas. He often gives excellent ideas to Tinkerbell as well. Bobble’s clumsy attitude brings a smile to everyone’s face.


Terence is also a male fairy (sparrow man) who is very influential in the story. Without him, the whole fairy world would halt. Actually, Terence is in charge of the pixie dust that allows every fairy to fly. Every morning, he has to fly to each sprite and supply them with the amount of pixie dust they need for a signal day. Due to this reason, Terence is familiar with every fairy.

Oh, and how can we forget how much every fairy takes interest in Terence because of his handsome looks and influence in the fairy world. However, he has an intense crush on Tinkerbell and both are often seen together in good and bad times. Only they both can handle each other’s temperament.


Now, it’s time for you to fall into the Tinkerbell Fairy Kin Quiz. Don’t forget that it would also tell you which Tinkerbell character would date you? Let’s see who is going to be the lucky one!