The Ultimate My Hero Academia Quiz

MHA Trivia Quiz: How much do you know about My Hero Academia?

Just imagine that you live in a world where almost 80% of the people have special superpowers. Each person possesses superpowers different from the other. Powers are something that people are born with and they show up until the age of 4. Aren’t you curious whose story is this? Well, this is the story of all-time favorite anime My Hero Academia!

Oh, so you think that you know everything about My Hero Academia anime then why don’t you answer the My Hero Academia Test to find out how well do you know My Hero Academia? Wait wait, you seem nervous! Why don’t you read about the details of My Hero Academia story below before taking the ultimate MHA quiz?


How much do you know about the plot of My Hero Academia? Don’t worry we’ll guide you to the exciting journey of the My Hero Academia Kin Quiz but before that let’s remember the plot. My Hero Academia is full of interesting twists in all five seasons. As the story initiates with people employing various incredible superpowers, viewers are left with their mouths slightly open!!!

The Ultimate MHA Quiz
My Hero Academia - Kohei Horikoshi

Let’s put forward the story of 5 seasons in a few minutes so that you can run-up to the My Hero Academia trivia quiz. So, as the story proceeds, we get familiar with the HERO of the anime Izuku Midoriya who is desperate to be a quirk (someone who possesses a superpower). One of the reasons behind his desperateness was that people in the society of the anime who were quirkless (who did not have any superpower) were always looked down upon by quirks and everybody mocked them.

The quirks who have the best powers get the chance to enroll themselves in the Hero Academy where their skills are polished and afterward they fight with the villains for their country. Among all the heroes, “All Might” is the most renowned one because his superpowers are regarded as the best. Izuku like other kids idealizes him and one day he not only gets the chance to meet him, but All Might also grants him his powers making Izuku his successor and eventually, got admission in the Hero Academy. MHA quiz has a question about this!

Are you thinking that this must be the end of the story? Nope, you are absolutely wrong because from here begin his life’s real challenges. Their trainer and teacher Shota Aizawa is strict and disciplined and expects the same from his students but in the fight of rich and poor, winner and loser, things take the wrong turn. Izuku now begins to understand that having powers is easy but bearing the responsibility of being a hero is harder than he ever imagined…


It is a possibility that you have forgotten about the characters of My Hero Academia since its first season was aired in 2019. Why don’t you replenish your memory with the insights about the characters below? Maybe when you dive deep into them then you also discover which My Hero Academia character are you most like?

All Might

Toshinori Yagi, famous as the hero All Might has a special place in everyone’s hearts because he gives the vibes of a true hero. The one who is ready to sacrifice his life, never backs off from his duties, and isn’t greedy for fame and worldly items. All Might is literally a “muscle machine” whom no one can defeat and he’s the only one who vanquished the most dangerous villain in the world All For One.

All Might wears a superhero outfit that has different colors and it also shows each muscle in his body (showoff!). Although he is the mightiest in the world but still, All Might is very modest. If you are thinking why then let us answer this question as well! He was also quirkless and was made a successor by his mentor who gave him his powers as he did with Izuku.

Well, in his true form he is extremely skinny with long hair messed up, wearing baggy style clothes that do not fit him at all. Take this MHA trivia to prove your knowledge now!

Katsuki Bakugo

You can ideate about Bakugo’s capabilities with the fact that he is called “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight” by his friends. He is also a hero in the story and is a bit aggressive in nature but from inside he always wishes to do good for his friends and land. His quirks like Explosion and moves like Explosive Speed, Stun Grenade, Howitzer Impact, AP Shot, and Land Mine Blast are enough to impress anyone!

In short, he doesn’t lack at any point from other heroes… By the way, if you like Katsuki of MHA, you would also like our The Ultimate One Piece Quiz.

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku known by his nickname “Deku” is the protagonist in the story. You can easily identify him with his big round eyes and algae-green hair. He is a kid with a slim body and frizzy hair but high dreams. Izuku always wished to be a quirk but his powers never emerged. However, his fate was already written as a hero who would save his land and so, All Might after training him for long, made him his successor and granted him his powers.

The best thing about Izuku is that he makes really funny faces in different situations. Moving forward, let’s unveil his amazing abilities! His stamina and muscles had been elevated during the 10 months of training by All Might. As Izuku possesses All For One power, his body has been trained in this manner that it is able to maintain strength and absorb or else he would instantly die while using it. Moreover, he is a hardworking boy who is good at his studies and with his keen observation leads his team better than his other fellows.

In a nutshell, his quirks like Fajin, Danger Sense, Blackwhip, Smokescreen, Float, and others make him the best in the world!


Hopefully, now you feel prepared for the My Hero Academia Kin Test! Don’t let anybody know that you read about the anime before answering the quiz (It’s our secret!!!)