The Powerpuff Girls Quiz – Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

Powerpuff Girls Personality Test & What Powerpuff Girl Am I Quiz

If you belong to Generation Z, then we are pretty sure you must remember the lines “With sugar, spice, and everything nice. These were the ingredients to make the perfect little girls BUT…” This caused the creation of three girls who were similar in many ways but different in many as well. “Blossom,” “Bubbles,” and “Buttercup” are the three girls that were meant to be shaped, but there was something that went wrong during the experiment!

It is all true that The Powerpuff Girls became one of the most prominent brands of Cartoon Network and the three little girls are the apple of everyone’s eyes (especially girls). Well, the reason behind the fame of The Powerpuff Girls lies in the fact that they are one of the first female superheroes who fought evil without any fear. Plus, the morals, ethics, and love taught throughout the episodes were something every parent wanted the kids to watch. But let’s skip this part and directly jump to what we all are curious about.

We know that you cannot wait any longer to find out which “Powerpuff Girl” are you? It would have been quite a difficult task but you are pretty lucky to have the Powerpuff Girls Quiz. You just need to answer some simple (compelling) question and you’d immediately know which Powerpuff Girl are you most like. Isn’t it easy!!!

However, if you wish to have an extra dose of fun, then dive deeper into the story and characters in Powerpuff girls. It’d be a lot more exciting than you think.


After the creation of three little girls namely, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, everything in their hometown “Townsville” changed. At first, Powerpuff Girls creator and father, Professor Utonium found it challenging to handle the girls as they were born with mighty powers. It was all because of the CHEMICAL X that got mixed (accidentally) and with an explosion floated the girls who could fly, had greater strength in their small bodies, could shoot lasers, and some powers that were specific to each of them.

There are many things that the girls need to involve themselves in. For instance, fighting crime in the city, defeating aliens, saving themselves and Townsville from the evil plans of Mojo Jojo, Sedusa, Fuzzy Lumpkins, the Gangreen Gang, and Princess Morbucks. There are some other things that aren’t that risky to do but are definitely a job to be done by the girls, like finding a perfect partner for Professor, helping out the Mayor (though he’s more like a baby), etc. It’s time to test yourself with the Powerpuff Girls Trivia and get to know what Powerpuff Girl are you?

Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?
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Hmm, that’s a pretty hard question! Why don’t you read about the Powerpuff girls and pick the best one? All the luck to you…


Blossom reaches the top spot in the list as she is the leader and first-in-command of the Powerpuff girls. She is designated with the color pink and is the outcome of “Everything nice!” that Professor Utonium added to the concoction. Many things are specific about Blossom. She seems to have OCD (just like Monica). If you look into her behavior, you’d see that perfection is one thing she always considers a top priority, whether it is her grades, attire, hair, room, etc.

Some of the most extraordinary powers that belong to Blossom include Advanced intelligence & knowledge, Danger Sense, Apt planning skills, Ice Breath, Microscopic vision, Expert leadership skills, etc. Being the leader, she has many responsibilities like keeping the Powerpuff girls united, caring for the house and Professor, etc. At times, Blossom also makes some mistakes but it only adds more grace to her personality when she corrects them. By the way, if you liked Powerpuff girls, you should have a look at our Winx Club Quiz too.


Bubbles is a result of “Sugar!” and has the signature color blue in the Powerpuff cartoon. She is a sweet, cuddly, delightful, and joyous girl who never thinks wrong for anyone until she is forced to do so. She is the one who prefers peace and love. Bubbles sometimes pity monsters as well, and at times, she helps to end the fights by talking out the things with monsters as she can speak multiple languages of animals, monsters, humans, etc.

Some incredible powers of Bubbles are Supersonic voice, Electric forces, Super-human strength, Power to manipulate others emotionally. She might seem like a tender person but when you ignite the fire in her heart, then she can become vicious and more potent than both her sisters.


Buttercup is simply the most brutal soul you’d find in the Powerpuff show. She is marked with the color green and results from “Spice!” that Professor added. A few things make Buttercup the least favorite of all, like her being ready to be involved in a fight, dislike for cleanliness, being authoritative, etc. Buttercup is a little bossy and likes things to be done her way. But with all honesty, we’d claim that she is a nice little girl.

She is cranky, cruel (a few times), judgmental, aggressive, and violent, but her heart is crystal clear. Buttercup speaks without sugarcoating. Some of the most remarkable powers she possesses are Fireball, Ball Blast, Black Hurricane, Tongue rolling, Laser Beams (from eyes), etc. We can say that she’s more like a coconut; hard from outside, soft from inside.


Now is your chance to tell which Powerpuff girl are you and what surprising powers are hidden in you. Enjoy the Powerpuff Girls Kin Quiz and tell the world what you are made of!