The Orbital Children Quiz – Which Orbital Children Are You?

What Orbital Children Character Are You?

If you also wish to step into space and experience the technologies of 2045 then take The Orbital Children Quiz to find out which The Orbital Children character you are. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate of all other quizzes.

We can guarantee you a bursting excitement level while you’d answer the questions of The Orbital Children Test and the result of the question which Orbital Child are you? Not only you but everyone who has watched this amazing series of The Orbital Children is eager to know about their character as this anime has definitely crushed all previous records. But before you step into the quiz, why don’t you venture into the story and its characters first!


The most exciting part of the plot of The Orbital Children is the futuristic experience that we all perceive. Machines, AI, technologies, robots, and spaceships are all the things that we dream of having in 2022 but are shown to be a reality in 2045. In the anime, everyone travels around space and stars like we simply do on earth. It’s no more trouble to travel in space and even teens can be seen roaming around. The story opens up with two main protagonists Touya and Konoha who are born in space. All the speculative technology and their life in the space hotel are undoubtedly alluring but they are both suffering from a deadly disease. Their brain implants would soon expire and before that, both brave children wish to step on Earth to appraise its beauty.

The Orbital Children Quiz
The Orbital Children - Netflix

While they are figuring out ways to live longer and fulfill their desire, three Eartherian children visit their hotel for space exploration. Hiroshi, Taiyou, and Mina are there to delve into space but an accident spills disappointment over every plan. The shower of comets has damaged the space hotel and they all must leave it in order to save their lives. But, how can they survive in bare space? If you need to know what happened next then watch the anime and if you are already done with the anime then take The Orbital Children Trivia.


If you are in search of the best characters in The Orbital Children then you should consider yourself lucky as we have listed the “Top 4 Characters of The Orbital Children” below.

Which Orbital Children Are You?
The Orbital Children Characters

Touya Sagami

Touya is a character in the anime who is born on the moon and never sighted earth. He is though just twelve years old but his mental competence is more elevated than a mature person. The reason for this advanced intelligence is the implantation in his brain by Seven (an organization). Even though Touya is a teen but is unable to live his dreams as the implantation would kill him soon.

He is eager to remove this obstacle and live a healthy life with everyone and so is always seen working on AI technology for that. One more thing, Touya detests Earth and its people as he believes most of his problems are because of that planet and its people.

Nasa Houston

Nasa is definitely a satirical character in the anime and has been portrayed well. She is a caretaker and kind of Nanny for the kids who enter the Anshin. She isn’t very old or crabby, it is said that Nasa is in her early 20s. Nasa is very anxious about almost everything and remains furious even though the children do nothing.

It was later revealed that Nasa was actually given instructions by the John Doe group. She was never loyal to humanity instead was working to disrupt peace not only on earth but also in space. She was a similar character to Gintama's villain.

Taiyo Tsukuba

Taiyo is a kid born on earth and one of the most loyal ones to Earth in the anime. Apparently, he seems to be a normal kid but Taiyo has been hiding grave secrets from everyone. Taiyo is actually a teenage white-hat hacker by UN2.1 working as their informer. He would never let anyone go against the rules and regulations or anything that can cause damage to Earth or its people.

At first, Taiyo and Touya couldn’t stay at a place without a fight as both had differing ideologies but it all changed with time. They both understood that the planets and its people are innocent the only ones who must be blamed are the organizations like the UN and Seven who are causing chaos everywhere.

Mina Misasa

Mina is a “Social Media Queen” or is on the journey toward it. She is also an Eartherian and was super-excited to be chosen for Deegle's Underage Space Experience Campaign. Mina has been undermining that she would be able to receive around or more than 100 million followers after streaming all this. She is estimating that no one would be able to surpass Mina as a Space Tuber account in the near future.

Hysterically, Mina carries an automated drone named Selfie that records and streams each step taken by her. Undeniably, she is a vital character and the ending of the anime really is dependent on her.


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Answer The Orbital Children Quiz if you can’t wait to know what Orbital Child are you. And yes, sharing the results can make you famous like Mina so don’t forget to tell the world which Orbital Child are you most like!