The Heirs Quiz – Which The Heirs Character Are You?

Which The Heirs Character Are You Quiz

What would you choose if you have the spot of an heir for an established business empire and on the other hand love? You need to pick one only! Try the popular “The Heirs Quiz” because it can help you decide which The Heirs character are you?

The Heirs Quiz
The Heirs - Netflix


South Korea is a beautiful place and many people dream to settle there (ones like us!) but there are a few things that are impossible to stand. For instance, their class system! The ones who belong to the upper class look down upon the ones who belong to the lower ones and you can’t change your class by your will. Everyone stands for this one rule! And in this unjustified world, Kim Tan and Eun-Sang are the ones who are fighting for their love.


The Heirs is all about breaking the orthodox approach of the class system with the hammer of love. The protagonist Kim Tan is an illegitimate son of a business tycoon Jeguk Group being an heir to it. Having an older stepbrother, Kim Won the family has a stressed relationship with each other as Kim Won doesn’t want him to be back from the US so that he can have all the power for himself. But one girl changes everything in Kim Tan’s life!

Cha Eun-sang, a girl from South Korea leaves for the US in order to meet her older sister who fled always with her boyfriend and asked for money in order to get married there. Cha Eun-sang belongs to the lowest class and her mother works as a maid. She collects all her savings to be with her sister and to have a successful life in the US but things turn upside down. Her sister was living a terrible life, snatches the money from her, and runs away again. Cha Eun-sang has no way out in the new city but Kim Tan helps her out and even lets her live in his house. They begin to have a good friendship but then Cha Eun-sang had to fly back to Korea to be with her mother.

Only then Kim Tan realizes that being alone is getting him nowhere and he needs to be with his family and Eun-sang. As he rushes back, things become more difficult becasue Eun-sang and her mother begin working and living in his house, Kim Won opposes him in every matter, his old friend Young-Do falls in love with Eun-sand, and Kim Tan has to get engaged to Yoo Rachel because of her status as an heiress. To follow if Kim Tan and Eun-Sang unite or not, watch The Heirs!


Want to see which The Heirs character are you most like? Let’s roll!

Which The Heirs Character Are You
The Heirs Characters - Netflix

Kim Tan

Kim Tan is the most handsome bachelor in town and since he’s back from America talking and walking like an American dude, every girl wants to be with him. He might seem tough and rigid but Tan is down-to-earth and has the spark to stand against his father and brother in order to break the laws which suffocate him. All the wealth, fortune, business, and luxuries do not matter to him, all he needs is to be loved- as a brother, son, and partner. You also seek peace and don’t want to lose your real self. Maybe you are famous as a rebel but so what, stand against the thing that goes against you!

Kim Tan
Kim Tan - The Heirs

Cha Eun-sang

Cha Eun-sang is a simple and naïve girl who is feared of getting in front of all. She is used to follow the rules made by society and it always crushes the ones who live on the line of poverty. Her mother works as a maid and being without a father and any other support, Cha Eun-sang has survived through the worst. This is the reason why she is scared to be with Kim Tan. She is used to suppressing her feelings. You are also shy and usually stay quiet even when you are right and this is why others try to oppress you. Don’t worry, things would be better soon!

Cha Eun-sang
Cha Eun-sang - The Heirs

Yoo Rachel

Yoo really seems like an angel on earth when we look at her face. These good looks and status of being the heiress to the empire of her parents’ company are what made her arrogant, proud, and selfish over the years. Yoo gets to have everything she wishes for whether it is a bag, house, or even a human like Kim Tan. Watching Kim Tan with Eun-Sang has made it more like a competition for Yoo which she needs to win at any cost. Don’t mind but you are a pampered kid and when you are unable to get what you want then your head begins to explode and the lava burns everyone around.

Yoo Rachel
Yoo Rachel - The Heirs

Young Do

Young Do had been a best friend of Kim Tan in school years but one simple misunderstanding turned out to be the last string that ended their relationship. Young-Do also became the stepbrother of Yoo Rachel as her mother and Young-do’s father got married. Young-do initially got close to Eun-sang to make Kim Tan jealous when he falls in love, the devil in him switched to become an angel who just wanted to protect Eun-sang. Similar to Young-do, you also are a great friend but when he makes somebody an enemy then don’t expect mercy from him.

Young Do
Young Do - The Heirs


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