South Park Quiz – Which South Park Character Are You?

South Park Personality Test & South Park Character Quiz

Who says that cartoons are just for kids? There are some of the most notorious cartoons which engross adults and give some light pun to hectic everyday life. Today, we are going to take a round of “South Park” as it has been a star of the screen for more than 20 years. In these two decades, we became obsessed with its episodes as they depicted the reality of society in a satirical manner and highlighted some essential dilemmas.

Being a fan of South Park, you must know which South Park character are you? You are thinking why? Well, isn’t it necessary for a fan of South Park to know that which of the characters in the series do they resemble? For that, you need to answer the exciting South Park Character Quiz. So, have you geared up yourself? We are quite sure you have so let’s get rolling…


South Park revolves around the everyday activities of four kids living in the land of South Park. The place itself portrays some scenic places and depicts the regional culture, authenticities, moral and ethnic laws. Moreover, the story involves the life of 4 boys; Kenny McCormick, Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, and Kyle Broflovski. These little men have always something new to offer all and with that, they bring smiles to our faces and generate some useful thoughts as well.

Every episode has a new track of events and inculcates some tears, laughter, evil plans, cunning actions, etc. In the 23 seasons of South Park, we have been through loads of highs and lows of these four characters. Honestly, it has been a great journey…

Which South Park Character Are You
South Park - MTV/South Park Studios


Because you are eager to know which character from South Park are you then you have to look into the most favorite characters in South Park. So are you ready to find out?

Eric Theodore Cartman

Eric is better known as Cartman in the land of South Park. He is fat and bulgy because of which he is a little negative from the inside because everyone mocks him. His heart and soul have become pessimistic and so you can see that Cartman has turned into a villain in the story. Hahaha, you are right, one cannot guess that he is evil by his appearance. As stated before, Cartman is fat and looks cute with his round innocent eyes and features, blue beanie hat, red jacket, and of course his classic yellow mittens. We think that Cartman is very similar to BoJack Horseman.

Well, it is a true fact that no one can be judged on the basis of looks, and similarly, we can observe that Cartman is really a cynical person who bullies other kids in school, is extreme racist, nasty, and oppressive in nature. He makes others do his work and always gets in trouble because of his lazy attitude and so makes life hell for others with his actions and words.

Kenneth McCormick

Kenneth is called Kenny by most of the people close to him. He might seem shy and weird initially but haven’t you seen how skilled and talented he is. The best thing about Kenny is that he is immortal. Yes, you read it right, he doesn’t die even if anybody kills him. We have seen this often that Kenny dies but in the end turns out to be alive. Plus, he is really good at dealing with weapons so you can say that this character is quite intriguing for all.

On the other hand, Kenny is a little off when things come over him. For instance, if someone doesn’t trust him then he began to use quite abusive words. Moreover, he shows great interest in girls and has been seen having a close intimate connection with other girls. Contrastingly, Kenny seems to have an introverted personality and covers himself with a bright orange parka, similar pants, and brown gloves. He is so much covered in his clothes that he doesn’t even show his face completely.

Kyle Broflovski

Kyle is highlighted in the show mostly because of his religious beliefs as a Jew. He wears simple clothes like an orange jacket, bright green ushanka, similar green mittens, and is mostly found giving expressions as he is shocked or feared. Well, the reasons behind his distorted nature are his religious views and faiths. Kyle isn’t very sure about his perspective related to his religion Judaism while his parents on the other hand are strict about their religious beliefs and put pressure on him as well.

As far as Kyle’s personality is concerned, he is nice and empathetic. He doesn’t favor things like gossip, backbiting, eavesdropping, and bullying even if his own friends are involved. Kyle, however, is quick-tempered and gets easily annoyed by frequent questions especially about his religious faiths.

Stanley Marsh

Another cute boy on our list is “Stan”! In his simple brown jacket, blue beany hat, and red mittens he does get attention from all the viewers. You can say that Stan is different in different situations. At times, you’d perceive that he cares for others more than himself and is ready to make the sacrifice like a hero. However, we also see that he intentionally leaves some people helpless because of their attitude and behavior.

Stan takes interest in music, weapons, and sports. He is really good at sports and music and girls give him quite a lot of attention because of his talents. Moreover, he is an exceptional leader as well and knows the art to motivate his team members even in the worst situations.


So, what are your views about the characters in South Park? Who’s your favorite in the series? No No No, you can’t decide who are you in South Park until the South Park Quiz tells you who you are??? Hurry up and take the quiz to find out the hidden South Park character in you.