Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Quiz – Which character are you?

What Seirei Gensouki character are you Quiz

We are back with another exhilarating anime quiz for all our anime fans. Today we have chosen a mind-blowing anime of the isekai genre “Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles”! Have you watched it? Did you love it like us? Though the story has an average plot pattern but the characters and details are what make it exceptional.

Aren’t you excited to uncover which Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles character are you? You know the way to it is the Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Test. Before you enter the Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Kin Quiz, let us ask “how much do you know about Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles?” Do you know that the protagonist Amakawa Haruto opened his eyes again and lived a second life after dying in a road accident? He was bewildered since he had memories of his past and present life both. However, his new body was of a lad named Rio. You will find questions about him in the Seirei Gensouki quiz.

Even though he knew that he does not belong in the body of Rio but he loved every person linked to Rio with all his heart. In this new world and new body, Rio (aka Haruto) discovers his special magical powers and even saved the princess of Bertram Kingdom. After saving the princess, as a reward, he gets a chance to enroll in Bertram Kingdom Royal Institute. The story doesn’t end here and Rio has to bear more in order to survive and avenge the murder of his mother…

Do you now have the idea which Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles character do you kin? No no, don’t be that sure before answering the Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Kin Test!!!


Which Seirei Gensouki character are you
Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles - Yuri Kitayama

How well do you know the characters of Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles? Seems like you doubt your memory. Hmm, in this case, you must read about the best characters in Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles and think which Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles character are you most like???


Haruto faces a traffic accident and as soon as he shuts his eyes with fear, he next opens them in a new body of a seven years old boy whom everybody calls “Rio”. It takes Haruto time to adjust to his new life as he has the memory of his past and new life both. Dramatically, Rio visions the merciless murder of his mother and the calamity his family bore. Now, as an orphan, living in a life of misery in slums, Rio startles everyone with his intelligence. It is not because he is super intelligent at such young age, but the reason is that he is a mature person in a child’s body. Take Spirit Chronicles Quiz to find out your personality.

Interestingly, Rio looks different from all others because his new looks are a blend of his previous face. Rio has black hair which no one else has in the new world. With his coal-black eyes and handsome face, Rio has scars that belonged to his last life. Honestly, he seems like a prince!!!

Yes, you are right! Rio has amazing abilities in spirit arts as he can manipulate elements like fire, earth, water, and light. Moreover, he can also conduct hypnosis, can make anyone sleep (particularly the enemies using magic), cure, and can craft magical objects that leave everyone shocked.

Celia Claire

Celia belongs to the royal family of Beltram Kingdom but she is never proud of this. You won’t believe the abilities of Celia because she is just twelve years old and can produce water with magic, can summon Durandal known as the wind sword, is capable to kill even the mightiest enemies, can generate Gale Cannon which is a powerful wind ball ends up demolishing everything apart. Moreover, she can form an instant wall of the earth for protection.

Not only does she impresses all with her skills but also with her appearance as she has silver hair and changes it with her magic. Celia always looks attractive but the best thing in her (according to us) are her eyes, they are of aqua blue color! Still, Celia never takes pride over anything and is very down to earth. After her graduation, she is either found researching magic or teaching at the Royal Academy.

Christina Beltram

Christina is the oldest princess of the kingdom and so has to bear many responsibilities. Once you lay eyes on Christina we bet you won’t be able to your control your heart! Her pearl-white skin, purplish hair, and eyes are just irresistible.

This princess’s personality altered with the entrance of Rio into her life. At first, she was arrogant about her status of being the first princess of her family and her intelligence but Rio never treated her special like others and made her realize that she is a normal girl like others. Christina then realized the true meaning of life and valued her family more than herself.

On the other hand, Cristina possesses magnificent skills in magic and can release Photon Bullet (a beam of light as powerful as a bullet), Thunder Arc (a ball of lightning that hits the target with full strength), and she can boost her magic with the Hyper Physical Magic trick.

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Ayase Miharu

Miharu was the best friend of Haruto and he always had feelings for her but she disappeared without any information while Haruto could never trace her in his first life; whereas, Rio not only tracked her in the new world but also rescued Miharu.

Oh, don’t make us describe her looks because she is impeccably beautiful with her straight black hair, eyes, and modest personality, and even the meaning of her name is “beautiful”. Trust us we aren’t exaggerating things! Every guy in the anime and real-world wish to date Miharu.

As she is from another world, she is also more powerful than others but lacks due to the fact that Miharu doesn’t know how to employ the magic and polish the skills.


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