Salaryman’s Club Quiz – Which Salaryman’s Club Character Are You?

Which Salaryman’s Club Character Are You Quiz

If you have watched the Salaryman’s Club anime then you must be eager to check out which Salaryman's Club character are you? Do you know how would you do that? We’ll tell you the easy way and it is the updated “Salaryman's Club Quiz” because it’s loaded with fun!

Salaryman's Club Quiz
Salaryman's Club - Crunchyroll


Of course, it is made for all the people who are fans of Salaryman's Club anime. The quiz contains 20 questions that are serious, funny, crashing, and amusing and they would determine your character in Salaryman's Club.


The story of Salaryman's Club covers the life of a sportsman named Mikoto Shiratori who plays badminton. He has a past that has added fear to his life and pessimism. Because of that, Mikoto doesn’t play doubles and only agrees for playing singles in badminton. Mitsuhoshi Banking had also fired Mikoto just because he lost a game. He isn’t able to fight his distress but still takes up the offer of Sunlight Beverage and along with this works in the sales department. However, fate has brought Mikoto comes face to face with his nightmares by playing with his partner Tatsuru Miyazumi. What do you think? What will happen in the future, would he win in the upcoming events or not?


We have listed the 4 Best Characters In Salaryman's Club so don’t forget to read about them below.

Which Salaryman's Club Character Are You
Salaryman's Club Characters - Crunchyroll

Mikoto Shiratori

Mikoto Shiratori is a struggling person who is unable to express the depression and regrets he has been suffering from. Dubiety in the fact that Mikoto plays badminton with all his heart because he loves this sport. But, this same sport (which is his life) has made things difficult for him. When Mikoto was playing for his first company, he always won the matches but unfortunately, lost when he began playing in doubles, and the world called Mikoto a loser. Now, his failures are haunting Mikoto, and even though Sunlight Beverage has given him a new life nothing’s helping. Mikoto is still stuck with his past and this is the reason why he can’t move forward and badminton is haunting him. Don’t you think, it is somewhat like you! It is always a problem to get on with the depressive thoughts of the past and this is the reason why you cannot enjoy what you have and get stuck with what you did in the past.

Mikoto Shiratori
Mikoto Shiratori - Salaryman's Club

Toya Saeki

Toya is serious, controlled, and a neat freak. He doesn’t care what others think, on the contrary, he focuses on himself and his performance. Not only is he an efficient badminton player but he is a perfectionist in his work as an employee in the Quality Assurance Department at the Sunlight Beverage. This suited booted man attracts many eyes and so does his style. But, do you know the best quality of Toya, he is pretty good at playing doubles in badminton. Mostly, Toya makes Takeda his partner but still there, is a lot that he’s hiding in himself. You are also a person who is an overthinker and prefers to keep all things to himself. According to you, it’s better to keep things within without creating a fuss.

Toya Saeki
Toya Saeki - Salaryman's Club

Tatsuru Miyazumi

With brownish-blonde hair, you’d find a handsome guy in the Sunlight Beverage company and it's none other than Tatsuru Miyazumi. He is funny, friendly, intelligent, and a very good badminton player. Because of his gaming skills, Tatsuru Miyazumi was able to catch sight of Mikoto and even he praised him. Tatsuru Miyazumi is a junior employee in the company and this is the reason why he tries to have a sound relationship with all his colleagues. When Mikoto was offered by the company to play with Tatsuro, he was lost somewhere in the past but as he watched the persistence, hard work, and passion of Tatsuru Miyazumi, Mikoto finally said yes. However, this guy isn’t very patient as he gets angry in a matter of minutes and it is difficult to calm him down. Though you do not play badminton but we think you are very close to Tatsuru Miyazumi because you also are hot-headed and don’t think as you get angry.

Tatsuru Miyazumi
Tatsuru Miyazumi - Salaryman's Club

Koki Takeda

Have you seen people who always remain happy and are cheerful for no reason? Find a boy with messy brown hair, tall height, and a smirk on his face because Koki Takeda is that kind of a person. He loves to smile and to make others happy as well. But, he isn’t a person who’d have the confidence to say all that he has in his heart because of his unconfident personality. Koki is also a badminton player and his partner is Touya. Koki is a person with whom you’ll always have a good time not only as a player but as a friend as well. Your smile is something that can’t be priced because it’s worth millions and everyone likes to be with you because your positive vibes are energetic and empowering.

Koki Takeda
Koki Takeda - Salaryman's Club


We think that you can be a pretty good match for many of the Salaryman's Club’s characters and only the Salaryman's Club Trivia can finalize which Salaryman's Club character would date you? So, go on and try it!

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Guessing which character is your kin in Salaryman's Club can be tough but not for the Salaryman's Club Kin Quiz because whether it is Mikoto Shiratori, Tatsuru Miyazumi, Sota Saeki, Toya Saeki, Koki Takeda, or anyone else, you would find your kin in a matter of minutes.


The moment is here and you now have the chance to find out what Salaryman's Club character are you? Once you’d know “Which Salaryman's Club character are you most like?” then watching it would become more exciting!!!