Sailor Moon Quiz – Which Sailor Moon Character Are You?

What Sailor Moon Character Am I? & Sailor Moon Personality Quiz

How many of you think that fictional stories are better than non-fictional stories? If you are a fiction lover then we both are on the same side. Stories like Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Castlevania, and others are our personal favorites. Ah, let’s not forget the Sailor Moon! The blockbuster anime Sailor Moon is undoubtedly one of the best anime ever produced. Do you like it as much as we do?


If you haven’t watched Sailor Moon then you have definitely missed a great plotline. It all started with a pretty and intelligent girl Usagi who has always been a caring and responsible girl. Taking care of a black cat, she ended up finding out that this cat wasn’t a normal feline. Instead, the black cat was one feline who had great powers and even gave a special brooch to Usagi which gave her the power to be a “Sailor Moon”. (Just in case you like the Sailor Moon series, you can have a look at this MHA Quiz)

Always remember that with powers come responsibility. Usagi also got these powers for a specific reason, she was to fight the evil entities who wanted to take over the world. The queen of the Dark Kingdom “Queen Metaria” was already reigning the Moon Kingdom which she took over from Queen Serenity. After years she was now eager to have Earth but Usagi and her Sailor Guardians would never let her achieve her dream. Consequently, we saw how Usagi and her friends not only awaken their powers but fought the battles by risking their lives. If you are curious about which Sailor Guardian are you then answer the Sailor Moon Character Quiz.


Sailor Moon not only has an extraordinary story but eccentric characters as well. This is the reason why many of you keep asking which Sailor Moon character am I? Honestly, we couldn’t guess your personality that well all alone BUT we have something that can help you out in this. The “Sailor Moon" Quiz: Which Character Are You? This Sailor Moon Personality Quiz would match your personality with the best characters in the anime and you can trust it without a doubt.

Which Sailor Moon Character Are You?

Sailor Moon - Naoko Takeuchi/Kodansha

Usagi Tsukino

Usagi never knew initially about what powers she possessed as a “Sailor Moon” but with the help of others she believed more and more in herself and found out who she really was. She isn’t any usual girl but a princess from the Moon Kingdom. She killed her own self as she saw her mother (the queen of Moon) and the man she loved dying. Her sacrifice not only gave her a new life on earth but also became stronger than ever to avenge the murder of her loved ones.

Do you know what we enjoyed the most about her? The way she took up every circumstance and managed things lightly in order to handle them. You never knew that a childish girl like Usagi would become the Sailor Moon and would possess weapons like Moon Stick, Crystal Star, Eternal Tiare, Disguise Pen, etc. Along with all attacks like Rainbow Moon Heartache, Moon Prism Power, Moon Princess Halation, Moon Crisis Power, etc.

Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru is a creative and sweet girl but her looks aren’t enough to understand her because she is someone very interesting to know. She is the Sailor Saturn and known as Guardian of Destruction. Hahaha, who would believe that the girl this petite, pretty, and calm looking can be this mighty and powers can finish the whole world in the blink of an eye.

Sailor Saturn is a girl who stays quiet and doesn’t bother much into matters. Basically, she has her own way of dealing the things. Hotaru doesn’t think like others as her fate tested her patience more than anyone. Her powers and attacks like Silence Wall, Silence Glaive Surprise, and others have the strength to not only diminish earth but even galaxies in seconds. We have no doubt in stating that the powers that Hotaru possesses can only be best handled by her as no one can control them better.

Makoto Kino

Makoto is the “Sailor Jupiter” and is notorious for many reasons. First of all, she is associated with Jupiter which is considered strong and influential; whereas, she has been powerful even when didn’t awake her powers. Moreover, she is attractive in her own way with curly chocolate brown hair, tall height, and a rigid attitude. She is more like a boy and less like a girl by personality but we can assure that she is nice and most loyal to the Sailor Guardians.

Our Sailor Jupiter has earned items like Transformation Pen, Crystal Change Rod, And Star Power Stick, and others that provide her more potential to fight. She basically rules light and thunder. Her attacks like Jupiter Oak Evolution, Supreme Thunder Dragon, Sailor Planet Power, Sparkling Wide Pressure, and other powers when combined with her rage and fierceness than there are no chances of mercy.

Rei Hino

Rei turned out to be the Sailor Mars but intriguingly she is the only one who has special powers even without transforming herself. Basically, she has lived the life of a Shinto shrine maiden which gave her powers that no one has ever possessed (due to her devotedness probably). Rei is really different from others as she is loyal but raises questions on the strategies and decisions of her Queen as well.

Being a Sailor Mars she has the power to manipulate fire but there is more in her. Rei can see the future and even has the power of telekinesis (but she still needs to work on them). Her strongest skills include Pyromancy, Sixth Sense, Purification, and Precognition. There are fair chances of you to think of being the Sailor Mars in the Quiz Of Sailor Moon.


This might be a call of your fate! You must know which Sailor Moon character are you with the Sailor Moon Quiz. What if you also need to fight evil in the future!