Ranking of Kings Quiz – Which Ranking of Kings Character Are You?

Ranking of Kings Characters & What ROK Character Are You?

Who says animes are just mere entertainment and there is nothing useful in watching them? Most of the anime have some hidden context, morals, and ethics. They even portray serious aggravating issues of society that really make us ponder over the realities of life that we do not realize otherwise. One of our favorites, "Ranking of Kings" has really opened our eyes! Not only is it fun to watch, but it also develops a sense of compassion and realization in its viewers with its storyline and outstanding characters.

We must say that the characters in Ranking of Kings play a vital role in making the story more appealing. It is a fact that where there is kindness, positivity, and optimism, there we also have cruelty, negativity, and pessimism. In Ranking of Kings, similar is the case with the characters, so why don't you track which Ranking of Kings character are you? Don't you know how to do this? Well, it is pretty easy as you just need to answer some exciting questions in the Ranking of Kings Quiz. So, are you up for this? Let's get going…


Many people ask the question, "What's special in Ranking of Kings?" We simply answer that the secret lies in a compelling story of Ranking of Kings that breaks all the stereotypes and gives every mind a new array to think. No one would deny the fact that what we perceive through a source of entertainment stays in our minds for longer. Another good one is here; WorTri Quiz.


As the name suggests, the storyline of Ranking of Kings revolves around the throne and ranking those who are fit for the throne. The ailing King doesn't have much time in his life, but everyone has great respect for him as he was the one who conquered the land from hideous monsters and has been saving his people up till now. Due to his sickness, people are now looking up to his sons.

The twist in the story arrives when his oldest son Bojji is presented as a naïve prince who is deaf and dumb. Everyone praises him in his presence but calls him unworthy for the throne behind the back. Bojji also seems physically weak and it is hard for him to fight. Contrastingly, his younger brother (the second prince) Prince Daida is his complete opposite. He is confident and willing to rule, and everybody believes that he is the ideal King for the future. Let's see who does fate chooses for the throne; Bojji or Daida? Don't forget to find out which Ranking of Kings character do you kin in both of them.

Which Ranking of Kings Character Are You?
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Check out the best characters in Ranking of Kings before taking the Ranking of Kings Trivia.


Which Ranking of Kings character would date you? Maybe it'd be Bojji! Don't think that Bojji is less than others in any way. He has a seemingly weak and short body, but it doesn't show the inner strength he possesses. Bojji is deaf and dumb and this is why many people think that he is good for nothing. Actually, their thoughts are utterly idiotic because Bojji is an immensely talented swordfighter and has an impressive observation. He knows how to assess and analyze things as a king. Moreover, he makes decisions with the heart rather than being cruel like most of the kings.

The abnormality in Bojji isn't his fault but still, he never accuses anyone of it. This was all because of his father as he readily sacrificed his first child's physical abilities to gain power, so Bojji turned out to be a cursed child.


Daida is Bojji's younger brother and hates him like an enemy. He can feel that Bojji is competent and deserves to be the King. So, tries to be better than him and shows off his swordsmanship qualities. It can also be seen that most of the negativity in him is due to the Magic Mirror's manipulation.

If we ask, "what Ranking of Kings character are you?" would you say Daida's name? Maybe you like him. Daida wishes to sit on the throne at any cost. He has an athletic body and wears arrogance on his face all the time.


Kage may appear like a strange monster but Bojji is a boy who could observe the positivity and kindness in him as he never judges people on their looks. It was unveiled that Kage was an ordinary human boy like others but got stuck in a group of assassins and his body was cursed. As a consequence, he appears to be a black blob with two eyes and three arms. His third arm is above his hand and has thorns like structures.

He accompanies Bojji most of the time and employs his skills to help him. Kage can engulf things for storing them. Moreover, he can use weapons like a knife to fight and defend. He can do other human things as well.


Hilling is a queen in the anime and was a stepmother to Bojji. But, she's not like a typical stepmother and was good to him, but in another way. You would feel that Hilling is an overprotective mother to all her children. She is protective to the extent that she chokes her own children. So, in the end, this makes her sort of a villain.

She has various powers as well, such as healing people externally with magical potions. Her magic can work in other ways to aid during fights. She just wants the kingdom to be in solid hands. If you are strong, bossy, and resilient, then you may receive Hilling in Ranking of Kings Kin Quiz result.


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