Paranoia Agent Quiz – Which Paranoia Agent Character Are You?

Which Paranoia Agent Character Are You Quiz

Nobody has been able to catch the Lil' Slugger but maybe you can! For that, you need to know which Paranoia Agent character are you and that is only possible with the updated Paranoia Agent Quiz. So, hop in…

Paranoia Agent Quiz
Paranoia Agent - Madhouse


The Paranoia Agent Test is for one simple reason and that is to find what Paranoia Agent character are you. It may seem a facile task to you but you have no idea that once you would enter the Paranoia Agent Trivia and check your character, things would become difficult as you would have to investigate who is behind all these killings and save yourself from being a victim!


Paranoia Agent is a psychological thriller anime that is only for people who can watch blood and corpses; it takes humans near death and back! Everything begins when a popular girl Tsukiko Sagi is attacked. She is the one who created the dog-like creature called Maromi. Two state detectives, Keiichi Ikari and Mitsuhiro Maniwa try to interrogate her but nothing much useful is known. According to Tsukiko, it was a boy who was assaulted. He was wearing a baseball cap, golden skates, and had a bent/broken baseball bat with which he had hit.

At first, nobody trusts her because there is no clear evidence and no one saw her getting attacked. However, more cases are reported and all are pretty similar. Everyone is facing strikes in one form or another whether it is a housewife, a homeless woman, etc. The scenes are horrific and only the ones who are strong enough to deal with harsh content can watch it.


We have ranked the 4 main characters in Paranoia Agent so that you can see who are the best ones in it.

Which Paranoia Agent Character Are You
Paranoia Agent Characters - Madhouse

Tsukiko Sagi

Tsukiko Sagi is an intelligent girl who is immensely popular because of some creatures that she has designed. People consider her a god in her line of work but we often see that Tsukiko Sagi easily lies to people for her benefit. Even during the accident, the police detectives couldn’t trust her. She plays very smartly when things come to her (in blaming way!). So, Tsukiko Sagi picks up her innocent face and portrays it as if nothing happened and ignores matters.

You also close your eyes and sleep when you think tornadoes are reaching your way. It is said that human abilities can be pretty helpful and you know how to pay smart when situations go against you. This is why you are never caught red-handed!

Tsukiko Sagi
Tsukiko Sagi - Paranoia Agent

Detective Mitsuhiro Maniwa

He is an amazing cop (we wish everyone turns out to be like him!) and it is hard to defeat him in terms of research and investigation. It is a good thing that Detective Mitsuhiro Maniwa is calm and cool and this helps him to observe the broader perspective. This is why he was able to investigate who was Lil Slugger, why was everyone a victim of him, and how were the things linked up! His working style may not seem serious but Mitsuhiro is very efficient and knows exactly how to deal with things.

We can see that you also can work under pressure and not even burden yourself because of the tricks and planning. Everyone enjoys your company and tags you as a friendly fellow. Because of your kind-hearted nature, you are able to peek into hearts and this is an ability that anyone hardly gets.

Detective Mitsuhiro Maniwa
Detective Mitsuhiro Maniwa - Paranoia Agent

Detective Keiichi Ikari

Viewers often find Detective Keiichi Ikari yelling and being angry at others. We know he really gets out of control at times but still, Keiichi tries to do his work with perfection but we can see that his anxiousness sometimes intervenes in his work. His mind is not free, Keiichi is pressed under many of his older memories which haunt him even after so many years.

You are also known for your anger version but that’s okay, we know that you try to control it! Work a little harder and we know you would make yourself an ideal human in every way. We have observed that your ideas are pretty interesting it’s just that you find it hard to implement them.

Detective Keiichi Ikari
Detective Keiichi Ikari - Paranoia Agent

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Misae Ikari

This is the courageous woman who faced Lil Slugger. Misae Ikari is Keiichi Ikari’s wife and she is equally clever as her husband. She is the only person who was unharmed by Lil Slugger and this is because Misae didn’t let her fear get in line, instead, she made sure not to give any lose point to Lil Slugger so it could take over Misae’s mind. We can undoubtedly say that Misae is the bravest person in the whole anime.

We have noticed that you have risen as a tough and polished human after going through tons of lemons. You are serious, thoughtful, and very clever about your goals. Other than that, you are fun-loving and caring.

Misae Ikari
Misae Ikari - Paranoia Agent


In Paranoia Agent, things are messy! No one can trust the other one and adultery, betrayal, and lies have become common. Finding the right partner is important and not possible without the Paranoia Agent Date Quiz. Hence, only our quiz can unveil which Paranoia Agent character would date you.


No matter who you are, remember that you can’t catch the assassin until you have a partner. So, who would you like to have with you for support? We know you won’t be able to decide out of so many characters and so the Paranoia Agent Kin Quiz would be of great help!


It is time that you get to see which Paranoia Agent character are you most like. Get to know yourself closely as the Paranoia Agent Character Quiz would assesses your personality.