Overlord Quiz – Which Overlord Character Are You?

Which Overlord Character Are You Quiz

Are you obsessed with gaming? What would happen if you get stuck in a game just like Momonga? After watching the incredible series Overlord, all the fans are stopping to ask “Which Overlord character am I?” Of course we had to do something for that especially since the fourth season is on the way. Answer the updated Overlord Quiz and check which Overlord character are you?

Overlord Quiz
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No doubt why the anime and manga series have been this famous. Every viewer is thoroughly waiting for the fourth season of Overlord. Well, we believe that the reason lies in its mind-blowing story. It all starts with a highly popular DMMORPG called the YGGDRASIL game. In easy language, it was a multiplayer online game! The game had a successful life for almost twelve years. The millions of gamers who were playing it were now out of the game, maybe because it got old. Basically, the game inculcated certain guilds and each player had to be a part of one.

Momonga, a character in the anime has been with this game since the start, and though knows that the game is now played by no one but he is still into it with the character named “Ainz.” Suddenly, he tries to leave the game and it feels as if everything in the game has hung. This causes a rush of panic in Momonga but it’s too late. He ends up being a part of the game with the name Ainz Ooal Gown and in some way or other couldn’t leave it. He finds no other gamer in it initially but there’s no way he’s giving up. Momonga is a determined gamer and he is ready to do everything that it takes to let him out!


In season 4 of Overlord, Ainz has his eyes over the E-Rantel city. He though has in mind the entire Sorcerer Kingdom but is quite reveled in the nation that he has in his hands. Now, Ainz is taking himself as the sole ruler and wants a world that is perfect and everyone works under him by being obedient to him. There’d obviously be a lot more but for that, you would have to watch Overlord Season 4 in June.


Here’s a look into the most favorite characters in Overlord.

Which Overlord Character Are You
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Call him Momonga or Ainz, it is the same. In the game, Momonga has definitely brought in himself some great changes. Being trapped in the game has awakened his inner self that wants all that lies beyond the lines. He has earned the place as the Overlord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. At times we do feel that Ainz cares for all the people that are in the game but believes us, this skeleton shakes breathe in people. Ainz has been seen in his greatest negative persona when he had nothing in mind except for the godly powers that he exercised. Though being the Sorcerer King isn’t easy but he is managing well (we think!) because who would make him an enemy…

Momonga - Overlord

Sebas Tian

Who wouldn’t admire the character of Sebas Tian? He is a graceful man who though is from the Dragonoid race but possesses a very human heart. Sebas Tian is the one who works as the commander of all Pleiades and servants that Ainz has. He has great respect and love for his master and is always ready to slit his throat just to prove his loyalty to Ainz. He’s also very funny at times and takes care of all the things that happen in the kingdom. The best thing about Sebas Tian is that he never ceases to help people and so we all love him!

Sebas Tian
Sebas Tian - Overlord


Albedo may not be important to many but she’s very close to our hearts because she is natural in everything she does. Albedo embeds love for Ainz and she expresses it openly though some of us laugh at her overtly obsessive nature. Remember, she is the creation of Tabula Smaragdina and from the race of demons but her beauty is something that can’t be described in words. Not only this but we all know that Ainz keeps her near him for her wit and wisdom for defense and she handles the matters of the guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick as a Supervisor.

Albedo - Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear Bloodfallen is the Guardian of the three floors and someone whom Ainz trusts because of her immense powers. A creation of Peroroncino, Shalltear is a vampire! She loves Ainz and is ready to do whatever it takes to be with him as his bride. She really loves him and makes sure he is never hurt. Alongside the tough tasks that she is allotted, Shalltear makes sure she never gives any chance to Albedo. They both have a strong rivalry toward each other and we’ll see who wins Ainz in the future. We must say that the competition is tough as Shalltear is also a beauty queen in the face of a vampire.

Shalltear Bloodfallen
Shalltear Bloodfallen - Overlord

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