Ninja Turtles Quiz – Which Ninja Turtle Are You?

What Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Am I Quiz

The world is always under the negative influence of someone or any group whether it is in reality or in a fictional world. Well, today we are planning to highlight those heroes who saved one of the most important cities and metropolitans in the world. If they wouldn’t have taken charge of the situation then the world would have been doomed long ago!

We have a special series that involves heroes with arch enemies. Have you guessed the name? Last chance! If you have just said “Ninja Turtles” then you are one smart person! These 4 turtles have been trained as ninjas by the father-like figure and sensei Master Splinter (a rat). Their fight against evil isn’t easy and being a part of their group is quite impossible. But we can observe that you are thinking what Ninja Turtle am I? We can sense the desperateness in you. Well, there is only one way to find out which Ninja Turtle are you? Through the Ninja Turtle Personality Test! Do you think that you have what it takes to be a part of the Ninja Turtle team?


The story of Ninja Turtle takes its viewers to New York where life is robust, quick, and full of surprises. Their sensei is though a rat but he is one competent one as he has trained the turtles diligently and impeccably. The criminal organization named “Foot Clan” has been planning to take over the city of New York and they have succeeded to some extent.

However, Splinter has been underground for years and just when everyone thought that this would be the end of the city, his ninjas Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael came out as the best saviors and heroes. The duty isn’t easy but searching which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle are you can be done within minutes. So, are you ready?

Which Ninja Turtle Are You?
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No doubt that our four mutant ninjas play the most important role in the series. We can see that you also wish to be one of them and the Which Ninja Turtle Are You Quiz is all set!


Although all the ninja turtles look alike but Raphael is the most handsome one in the group. He wears a red mask on his eyes and is the coolest one in the gang. Mostly he is tagged as the hot-headed one and is quite aggressive in nature. It is quite difficult to make him understand things because he has his own mindset which makes things difficult for other members. He is even a bit sarcastic with his friends and he is at times rude as well.

However, Raph has a softer side too. He never lets anyone hurt his brothers or sensei even a bit. He is very sensitive from the inside and feels more compared to other members. It must be stated over here that Raph’s anger issues nullify his decision power but do benefit him during the battles. His endurance, healing powers, and prolific ninjutsu techniques leave everyone stunned. He hardly ever misses the target. We think that he looks like a bit like Balbasar right? You can find Pokemon Trivia Quiz as well in


Leo is the one with a blue face mask. He is the leader of the gang and is the one who tries to hold together everyone and guides his members. Leo tries his level best to be less bossy and more like a brother. Well, at times we see that Leo and Raph also have a strained relationship with each other but respect and maintain a good bond.

On the other hand, Leo is inspired by many heroes on television and tries to imitate them. Moreover, he takes a keen interest in tech and gadgets and is even seen working on them during the series. Furthermore, he is a good leader and is active all the time to manage the things around him. If we need to highlight the best things in Leo then his tricks with Katana and swords along with ninjutsu martial arts. Plus, his planning and strategies are quite fool-proof as he intelligently schemes things in mind. Splinter is always proud of Leo and claims that he is one of his best students which grants him more willpower and resilience.


Better if you call him Donnie or Don! He is one fine guy and is a great person. People usually enjoy being around this purple masked turtle. He has a personality different from all others. Donnie is the one who is shy and stays quiet most of the time and talks only when it is necessary or when he is asked to. He sometimes wishes to have confidence like his brothers and tries to handle pressure but isn’t very good at it.

Donnie always seems intrigued by technology and the latest developments. You can say that he loves books and is more thoughtful and less expressive. He is more interested in solving all problems in the world's technological advancements. Moreover, he is the best mate a person can have.


With an orange mask and comparatively short height is our very own Mikey! He is the youngest member of the group and so isn’t very cunning. He is more like a naïve young boy who depends more on muscle power and less on the brain. All viewers enjoy a lot of naughty things he does with his group members and sensei. By the way, he is more interested in trying new things and so motivates others as well like cooking, skateboarding, and etc.

Not only does Mikey shock everyone with his immense power, flexibility, speed, Kusarigama, stamina, and prank. He loves it when anybody claims him as the best prankster. Apparently, you’d feel that he is the energy in the group and it is somewhat true because he is the young blood.


So, what are your thoughts? Who do you think has more resemblance to you in the Ninja Turtle? Let’s find out by answering The Mutant Ninja Turtle Quiz!