Natsume’s Book Of Friends Quiz – Which NBOF Character Are You?

Which Natsume’s Book Of Friends Character Are You Quiz

You have a huge responsibility on your shoulders and if you really want to get it done then enter the Ultimate Natsume's Book of Friends Personality Quiz and see for yourself which Natsume's Book of Friends character are you. You must finish what was started long ago!

Natsume's Book Of Friends
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Natsume's Book of Friends is a story that has ruled shojo magazines because of the action, thrill, and suspense that resides in its plotline. The story revolves around spirits who try to enter the human world. Once upon a time, in a simple village area, Takashi Natsume (a teen boy) lives with his grandmother Reiko Natsume. This boy is isolated as nobody wants to be with him and unfortunately, Takashi has never known or felt the bond of friendship. All he knows about comfort and love lies in the lap of his grandmother Reiko.

Since he is a young boy, Takashi has no idea what happens around him. Don’t be frightened but Takashi can really see spirits with his eyes. This fact has scared away most of his friends and so he has no one to share his thoughts and feelings with. Soon after Reiko dies, Takashi finds the answers to some of his questions. He learns that this ability and connection with spirits is a power that he has inherited from his grandmother who also had the same power. Moreover, he gets to receive an inheritance from her which seems like a simple book but actually, the “Book of Friends” is dangerous and mysterious. It has names of all the spirits which Reiko made captive and used them for her work. In the book, some spirits are friendly while some are satanic.

There is one more thing about which Takashi has no idea! This “Book of Friends” is one of the most powerful things that exist on earth and if it gets in the wrong hands then the consequences would be catastrophic. Most dangerous spirits are trying to get hold of the book but a friendly spirit Madara turns up to help him fight all. But keep your eyes open, nobody can be trusted!


There are some awesome and best characters in Natsume's Book of Friends without which the story could never have been successful. We have listed them down for you so have a look!

Which NBOF Character Are You
Natsume's Book Of Friends Characters - Brain's Base

Reiko Natsume

Reiko is Takashi’s grandmother the main character in the story because, from her, the ability of sighting yokai (spirits) runs in the family. She wasn’t kind-hearted like Takashi and used to manipulate spirits. Reiko’s way was simple, humans didn’t like her so she played with spirits and if they lost then she made them her slave by writing their names in the book.

We can see that you have experienced a lot in your life you now know ways to live. You believe kindness is of no use because people and their hearts are dark. You’re quite like Reiko!

Reiko Natsume
Reiko Natsume - Natsume's Book Of Friends

Takashi Natsume

Takashi Natsume is the titular character and we all feel pity for this boy as he is stuck with things that he can’t control. Seeing spirits and being able to talk to them isn’t his fault but still, he has to go through it. Being called weird, crazy, and other names, Takashi has really lost confidence in himself and after the death of his grandmother and with the “Book of Friends” things have gone worse.

You are shy not because it is a part of your nature but because there aren't any people whom you can trust. It is hard for you to share what is in your heart.

Takashi Natsume
Takashi Natsume - Natsume's Book Of Friends


Madara is also a spirit but he was sealed because of unknown reasons by someone. Accidently, Takashi frees him and they both get to know each. Madara needs the book but for that, he has to kill Takashi which he doesn’t wish to because the boy has saved his life. So, he asks Takashi to give him the book as he dies and until then he’d stay with him. Madara transforms into a Maneki Neko (lucky cat) and teaches Takashi spells and conjuring magic like a sensei. Soon, they both have a good bonding!

We know that you seem arrogant and judgmental but in reality, you are sweet and kind. You can't see anyone in pain and so have many friends.

Madara - Natsume's Book Of Friends

Kaname Tanuma

Thinking what Natsume's Book of Friends character are you? We think you are very much like Kaname. You happily help people and are never eager for rewards, plus your actions are selfless. Takashi also found a true friend in the face of Kaname Tanuma. This boy also could locate spirits but they were just shadows and lights. His ability is very weak compared to Takashi but he still does everything to assist Takashi as a good friend, even risks his life!

Kaname Tanuma
Kaname Tanuma - Natsume's Book Of Friends


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Enter the free Natsume's Book Of Friends Character Quiz and get to know which Natsume's Book of Friends character are you most like. We know that it’s not going to be a reality but at least it’s a great dose of fun!