NANA Quiz – What NANA Character Are You?

Which NANA Character Are You Quiz

After reading the NANA series, no one can resist without figuring out their place in this manga series. Are you also stressing out while thinking about which NANA character are you? Okay then, let’s end your tension with the accurate “NANA Character Quiz.”

NANA - Ai Yazawa


NANA is an incredible series that takes place in Tokyo and revolves around two characters Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu. Fortunately, both of the characters share the same first name and fate has connected them in a way that they would have never imagined. Both girls have reached the twenty years of their life and think that their passions and dreams would now be fulfilled. However, things aren’t that easy to handle. Both the girls have an interest in music and singing and when they end up sharing the same room and become roommates then the fun and excitement double. Plus, their love turns more dramatic than usual. Nana Osaki gets involved in Ren who is a part of Trapnest which is a band considered top-notch in the city. While Nana Osaki takes Nana Komatsu along with her to concerts and other places, she often meets other members of Trapnest and begins to have an interest in Trapnest's bassist, Takumi.

Have you ever observed that too much closeness can cause bitterness in relationships? The same happens with the girls as they begin dating guys who belonged to the same band while both NANA’s live together. Hence, ups and downs took a roar, and girls begin fighting with each other every now and then. After a great huff, Nana Osaki breaks up with Ren and gets along with Black Stones' guitarist, Nobu. On the other hand, Nana Komatsu finds out that she’s expecting and gets married to Takumi which elevates the tensions. If you are curious to check what NANA character are you then answer the NANA Character Test but if you wish to know what happened further in the story of NANA then get the volumes and begin reading!


Do you know which are the best characters in the NANA series? We think you would have your own list in mind and we bet you’d second ours as well!

What NANA Character Are You
NANA Characters - Ai Yazawa

Nana Osaki

Nana Osaki is a great character in the series and the problems in her life are the reason behind most of the twists that take place. She is modern with her bob cut, spiky choker, and whole band attire. Most people have eyes on her because of her graceful and cheerful attitude. But, underneath that is a girl with a messed-up childhood. Nana Osaki didn’t have parents and lived with her grandmother. Moreover, the brats in school made her one of the dropouts. It is visible that you have been through much in the past but you are optimistic about your future. Though you aren’t perfect but is there anyone in the world?

Nana Osaki
Nana Osaki - NANA

Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu’s character is somewhat unexplainable because there are many things that go on in her and you can never predict what would she do next! At first, Nana Komatsu was the sweetest and most joyous person that you would find but with time, the charm in her personality got lost. It might be because of the decisions that she made or for the change that took place in her. Being married to Takumi was quite indigestible for all her fans but still, we admire the maturity that Nana Komatsu gracefully wore and the feminine grace that enveloped her. You are also stylish and up-to-date like Nana and follow your heart (ALWAYS!) even though it directs you the wrong way!

Nana Komatsu
Nana Komatsu - NANA

Takumi Ichinose

Takumi is a leading male in the series. The alpha male who has been through the toughest times in his childhood and is now depicted as a strong-headed, calm, and manipulative character. Takumi has long dark hair and is always dressed up enough to flaunt his wealth and status as a part of one of the most successful bands in Tokyo, the Trapnest. Though we might like it or not but Takumi is intelligent and though he can be pretty unreasonable at times but still he is a protagonist in the series. He got married to Hachi and is happy with his family including two kids. You seem very much like Takumi when you show no interest in your surroundings and just focus on your way. People think you are rude but no, this is a good way to live.

Takumi Ichinose
Takumi Ichinose - NANA

Ren Honjo

Who can forget the guitarist of Trapnest- Ren Honjo! He was the soul of the show while he lived. Again, no one should be judged but Ren made some decisions that ruined him. Leaving Nana for the sake of popularity and paparazzi wasn’t a really good decision to make. Plus, Ren’s addiction to drugs made him the opposite of what he was initially. From being a cheerful and naughty person to someone arrogant and furious, Ren really brought drastic changes in himself. People say that you have changed a lot, maybe they are right! But, they don’t know the causes behind it!

Ren Honjo
Ren Honjo - NANA


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