My Hero Academia: 10 Funniest Moments Ranked

Have you ever thought about why My Hero Academia (MHA) is getting so famous around the world? Who says action-packed shounen series can’t be light-hearted and funny and this is the very reason we have ranked the best moments in My Hero Academia.

The story of My Hero Academia is a little dark and full of fights but these hilariously funny moments are what make it our favorite anime. Even the most serious scenes in the anime are made more liking with the playful and joyous moments and the anger and hype in the moments are easily made subtle. Haven’t you seen the hundreds of memes made on MHA scenes!

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia – Funimation

Now, let’s hit the 10 best moments in My Hero Academia…

1.   The Confrontation

Humans find it hard to know one another and this is the reason why most of us remain unhappy. The same goes for Uraraka and Deku as both have no idea that things are far from friendship now. They fall in love with each other and Uraraka realizes it during the examinations when she can’t think of her studies and Deku stays in her mind every time. She even gets stuck in Thirteen’s vacuum and got rid of it because she was so flabbergasted by the revelation about the truth of her feelings.

The Confrontation
The Confrontation – My Hero Academia

2.   The Battle

Hatsume Mei is a twisted character and you never know what she would do in the next moment. Just when the battle was about to start, Mei gave her beloved gadgets to Iida. Who calls their inventions babies? Mei does! While handing them over to Iida to make her win, Mei’s face reflected as if she was giving her own children to someone else forever. In the Sports Festival Arc, never miss the scene when Mei only wanted to know the worth of her work and manipulated things for turning them in her favor.

The Battle
The Battle – My Hero Academia

3.   The Tear Buckets

Deku is such a sweetheart! He has a heart made of crystal and we can bet on this because we could see him filling buckets of tears when so many classmates wanted to be closer to the new student in the class. Moreover, never miss when Ochaco, Hatsume Mei, and Fumikage Tokoyami all try to be his partner in the Cavalry Battle. Deku couldn’t decide whom should he pick and in the overwhelmed situation cries out!

The Tear Buckets
The Tear Buckets – My Hero Academia

4.   The Real Representation

There are villains who initially wanted to hero but turned into a villain and Tenya Lida falls into that category. We all can see that he turns obnoxious when even a single take is given to him because of his OCD. Usually, the end result of Lida’s action makes us all laugh and end up on the floor. Especially during the action practice, Lid looked awkward in his suit.

The Real Representation
The Real Representation – My Hero Academia

5.   The Punch

The punch of Kyota is memorable in MHA. Though he is just a little boy but the point is when he kicked the hell out of Midoriya. The scene was simple as Midoriya just said “Hi” to our little angry bird and the reaction was rough and probably painful (hahaha!) and this happened just because Kyota didn’t like him much. So, he acted as if he had his punching bag in front of him!

The Punch
The Punch – My Hero Academia

6.   The Fall

We all usually end up doing something embarrassing in front of strangers but what our little Hatsume did is of another level. The little girl ended up meeting Midoriya’s friends from the Development Studio but crashing over them. At first, it was just a thud and smoke all around, and as things got clear then expressions of Hatsume were worth all laughter.

The Fall
The Fall – My Hero Academia

7.   The Speech

Who wants to be in front of the mic in school years but, poor Bakugo has to go through all the problems. He stood on the stage to give a speech at the Sports festival representing class 1-A. Obviously, no student in the class liked this act because it made Bakugo seem like the best student of all. Unfortunately, he has to face the aggression in the form of boos that he faces.

The Speech
The Speech – My Hero Academia

8.   The Mid-Term Battle Exam

Have you seen people laughing over others though the same happened to them? Didn’t get it? We’ll explain! Neito Monoma, the most famous student (because of his good looks) of Class 1-B is always in search of anything with which he can look down upon students of Class 1-A. Basically, he considers them his and his class’ opponent. So when he found out that five students from the other class have failed the mid-term Battle examinations, how could he miss this golden chance!

Neito Monoma begins taunting all students of Class 1-A, especially the ones who failed. BUT, you know what? He was the only student who got fail in Class 1-B and was still trying to make fun of others rather than being embarrassed himself!

The Mid-Term Battle Exam
The Mid-Term Battle Exam – My Hero Academia

9.   The Name Selection

Who selects “Hero Names” like a jury? The scenes when the entire Class 1-A sat down with seriousness on their faces and extremely thoughtful behavior also brought loud laughter to the viewers’ faces. It should have been something pretty influential but the names suggested for themselves by the students are hilarious. Would you even think of a superhero named “Creatie,” “Froppy,” “King Explosion Murder,” “Baron of Explodo-kills,” and others that are similarly laughable? Even our hero Bakugo couldn’t think of a good one!

The Name Selection
The Name Selection – My Hero Academia

10.   The Face

The faces which Desu makes are unmatched and it is evident that every time, his face is in such a manner that we all can’t help but end up laughing. However, the most outstanding one was when All Might asked what did he tell him when he gave Desu all his powers. Can you imagine the reply? All Desu says is “Eat this.” However, the thing that must be noticed here is Desu’s face which turns pitch black and he darkens his eyes but his answer doesn’t match the serious conversation.

The Face
The Face – My Hero Academia

We know how much you are interested in My Hero Academia anime and you never miss a scene. But, if you want to know which MHA villain are you then the best and most fun way to find out is the My Hero Academia Quiz!