Megalo Box Quiz – Which Megalo Box Character Are You?

Which Megalo Box Character Are You

Are you ready to enter the Megaloboxing Championship in the Megalo Box anime? Not so fast, first you need to take the Ultimate Megalo Box Personality Quiz and check which Megalo Box character are you. Only then you can be a part of this anime.

Megalo Box Quiz
Megalo Box - TMS Entertainment


All attempts have proved that the Megalo Box Trivia is 99.99% accurate, in less than 5 minutes, and by answering just 15 questions you’ll see what Megalo Box character are you in no time. Plus, the entertainment through it is unforgettable!


Megalo Box is a Shonen anime that is celebrated in the world because of its distinct and mind-blowing. It is a story that covers the contemporary 21st Century and a modern world but with some spice. Everything seems so changed and somewhat weird, not at all like today’s world. The people of Japan have been divided into two areas Administrative Area and Restricted Area. The former is only for those people who are a citizen of Japan while the latter is for meager and lowly humans who are not citizens of Japan.

Things are not very convincing in the Restricted Area but there is one thing that is pretty exciting in it. “Megaloboxing” is given quite a lot of importance in both areas though the people from the Restricted Area can’t take part and almost everyone comes to watch it as it seems like a famous sport there. Megaloboxing, as the name suggests is like boxing but the participants in it need to wear special metal gear to play and it is perilous as well. While boxing, the contestants must wear metal gear, and with that when they hit each other then blood spills, and bones are shattered.

The story of Megalo Box covers Junk Dog who fights in various fight clubs but when enters into aggressive combat with a Megaloboxing champion Yuri, he finds out that he is nothing compared to him. After winning from Junk Dog, Yūri challenges him to come face-to-face in the Megaloboxing Championship. This is where the story begins to twist as Gansaku Nanbu becomes Junk’s coach and with a fake ID of Joe, he enters the championship.


Let’s see which characters have been best in Megalo Box and why!

Which Megalo Box Character Are You
Megalo Box Characters - TMS Entertainment

Junk Dog/Joe

Whatever we call him, Junk or Joe he is a fearless guy who never thinks about the consequences. He was a man who entered the ring in a gear that was in terrible condition but after attaining the name of Gearless Joe, he turns into something else. Being in the Megalonia tournament was his dream and what he wanted was fame, money, and an identity. For this, Junk goes without gear and fights in such a way that people begin to idealize his passion and courage.

You are also a little crazy and when you think of something then no one can convince you. Your aggression and stubbornness are good and bad both so try to use them wisely.

Junk Dog/Joe
Junk Dog/Joe - Megalo Box


Sachio is an orphan boy who lives in miserable conditions after his parents are no more with him. His life has been tougher than we can imagine and this is why we find Sachio getting into illegal activities and finding himself stuck in trouble. However, he tries his best and with his one unique talent of working on gears, Sachio was able to help Junk.

People think that you are bad and good for nothing but in reality, they are aware of nothing. You have a world waiting for you filled with opportunities and all you need to do is keep working!

Sachio - Megalo Box

Gansaku Nanbu

Gansaku Nanbu is a confusing character, neither can we completely love him nor do we hate him. He is Junk's trainer and fixer. It is Nanbu who takes care of the matches that Junk plays however, we’d like to add here that Nanbu is very selfish and doesn’t care about Junk’s life. But, never forget that this drunk man has taught our hero fighting so it can be said that he plays an important part in the anime. If it wasn’t for Nanbu then Junk would have never thought to be in the tournament and especially picking such difficult matches.

We know that life’s experiences have changed you but we know that a gentle heart beats in your body. The one which wants good for everyone.

Gansaku Nanbu
Gansaku Nanbu - Megalo Box


Yuri is the main character in the story and because of him, the plot of Megalo Box became intriguing. His first fight with Junk may be very simple for him but filled Junk with fire that could only be extinguished in the official fight. Basically, Yuri is a champ and the reason behind his wins lies in his gear which is highly efficient and more like a weapon. So, there is hardly anyone who wins from Yuri.

You are proud of your abilities and hard work. You have traveled a long way and no one denies that you have been through the worse but never lost hope.

Yuri - Megalo Box

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You now know the characters in Megalo Box but you have no idea about who do you kin in it. So, answer the Megalo Box Kin Quiz and check whether it is Gearless Joe, Yuri, Tatsumi, Mikio, Sachio, or someone else.


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It is time that you find out which Megalo Box character are you most like? Hurry up and tell everyone that you are strong, dedicated, and determined and no one can beat you that easily!