Love, Death + Robots Quiz – Which Love, Death + Robots Character Are You?

Which Love, Death + Robots Character Are You Quiz

With an epic quest in every episode, an extraordinary story rolls in front of eyes in each episode of the Love, Death + Robots series by Netflix. They create a nostalgic idealistic picture in mind while we keep thinking “Which Love, Death + Robots character am I?” because each one seems spectacular. Hey! Why don’t you try the Love, Death + Robots Quiz to find your character as its accuracy level is 99.99%!

Love, Death + Robots Quiz
Love, Death + Robots - Netflix


Love, Death + Robots is a Netflix series and basically covers various stories in stand-alone episodes. However, if you are about to watch Love, Death + Robots then keep in mind that every story somewhat revolves around the themes of “love”, “death”, and “robots”. Every plot though covers around 20-22 minutes but these few minutes are enough to blow your mind and throw you into the world of thoughts from where it will be hard for you to return (hahaha!)

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Here we have listed “Most Amazing Episode of Love, Death + Robots.” Watch, enjoy, and comment whether you like it as much as we did or not!

The Drowned Giant

Have you watched or read Gulliver’s Travels? In that, Gulliver was alive and was washed to the island of Lilliput. However, in “The Drowned Giant” the complete opposite happens. A giant naked corpse shows up on a shore where people are no more than 6 inches tall while the corpse is hundreds of times bigger than them. At first, it was arduous to identify whether it was a robot, or a human (living or dead) as the humans of the island were so small. But, as the body began to decompose then it became certain what was coming up.

The theme of life and death is covered miraculously in this story as death may be a reality but what happens with the corpse is unknown to many. The decaying causes the life of all to become more like hell. The stench, diseases, horror, fear, everything engulfed the ones who were living. No more spoilers! Watch it and you’d be thrilled…


Before you enter the Love, Death + Robots Test, don’t forget to check out the most inspiring characters in Love, Death + Robots because in the end, you’d know which Love, Death + Robots character are you?

Which Love, Death + Robots Character Are You
Love, Death + Robots Characters - Netflix

Martha Kivelson

Death can be taken down face to face and the character of Kivelson portrays this exceptionally. You can’t forget how this female astronaut undergoes frightening circumstances in “The Very Pulse of the Machine.” She is left with no oxygen in her cracked suit on the moon but her courage is what makes the episode intriguing. She happily jumps in the lava and hugs death dearly. If you are really like Kivelson then you are strong and never let even the mightiest winds blow you. Your life is full of adventures and epic memories which you dear and nothing in the world can hold you if you wish to move.

Martha Kivelson
Martha Kivelson - Love, Death + Robots

Zima Blue

Zima Blue is someone who leaves you shocked to your very core because he has depicted that reality is something we humans find hard to believe in. He though seems like a robot with metallic skin, a huge body, and stern expressions but he is the greatest artist the world has ever seen. When Zima in the end reveals that he is a mere pool cleaning machine that was advanced enough to make him appear like a human with extraordinary powers, the audience was stunned. Hence it shows humans are actually nothing but what they make out of themselves. Similarly, you may seem perfect but you know exactly what lies in you and the people around. You are creative and your skills are your real persona.

Zima Blue
Zima Blue - Love, Death + Robots


Decker is a brave militant soldier in “Shape-Shifters” fighting in Afghanistan for his country but many people think he is someone who takes orders like a dog and kills innocents. Though he is doing his job but not everyone believes to be moral enough. He is violent, courageous, and powerful knocking down anyone who becomes his enemy. You seem to be like him as well! Will, strength, determination, and goal-oriented planning are all traits of Decker. He also never budges when it is about the country and his people just like you.

Decker - Love, Death + Robots

Detective Briggs

Pop Squad is an outstanding story as Detective Briggs handles the operation of “Pop Squad” which eradicates all the threats to the world that are linked to overpopulation. The rich can have as many children as they want while the middle and lower classes can only have registered kids as per the direction of the government. If they have more, Briggs and his team kill them. But, he isn’t happy with these trouble standards and dies saving a mother and a daughter thinking that at least he was able to bring a change. You, just like Briggs, don’t care what others think and keep on following your heart. It mostly ends you in problems but your peace is what you value the most.

Detective Briggs
Detective Briggs - Love, Death + Robots


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Other than having a date, you are thinking to have friendly and familiarizing terms with one of the most powerful characters in the series right? The Love, Death + Robots Kin Quiz can do that as well. All you need is to answer the questions with all honesty.


Here is your chance to unveil which Love, Death + Robots character are you most like? An intelligent viewer would never miss a chance like the “Love, Death + Robots Personality Quiz”