Love After World Domination Quiz – Which LAWD Character Are You?

Which Love After World Domination Character Are You Quiz

Things have gone extremely wrong when in Love After World Domination two people are at war as well as in love. How do you think would things turn out to be? Take the popular Love After World Domination Quiz and check out what Love After World Domination character are you? You might find a way to help them out!

Love After World Domination Quiz
Love After World Domination - Crunchyroll


Of course, it is! All those who have read the manga and watched the anime had been excited to find out about their character in it. Hence, we created the Love After World Domination Trivia because we know you’d been waiting for a quiz that would be 100% accurate and now you have it!


An evil group known as Secret Society Gekko has done worse with our planet. They have killed half of the population on Earth and now are planning to finish the rest as well. But, do you think no one would stop them? No, this time Freezing Sentai Gelato 5 won’t let them do this! With an enthusiastic team of young minds under the leadership of Professor Big Gelato, they won’t let anything happen to the world now. Where Secret Society Gekko reign over fire to harm humanity, Freezing Sentai Gelato 5 earns ice as their power. But that’s not the best part!

In between all these chaotic blows, Fudo Aikawa and Desumi Magahara fall in love with each other though they are meant to be enemies. Desumi Magahara is a princess in the Secret Society Gekko while Fudo Aikawa is a fighter in the Freezing Sentai Gelato 5 group. They are quite inexperienced when it comes to love and so their love affair is full of ups and downs. So, what do you think has been written in their destiny, happily ever after or the sad one? Watch it if you want to know!


Are you excited to know which characters in Love After World Domination have been able to reach the top spot?

Which LAWD Character Are You
Love After World Domination Characters - Crunchyroll

Desumi Magahara

Ladies first! Desumi is a girl who can’t be beaten, neither in strength nor in looks. Her short blonde hair, innocent eyes, and petite stature and unmatched are what make her reach the top spot. She is the nicest girl you’ll find but has to be with the villainous group because of her father. It’s the worst thing about Desumi that she can’t say “No” to anyone which is why she has to do things that she doesn’t and we can sense you are also just like her. She is naïve and this gets her into all sorts of problems and people often claim that she is good for nothing. But, all these negativities never bring her down and neither do you care what the world says!

Desumi Magahara
Desumi Magahara - Love After World Domination

Fudo Aikawa

Fudo is the best alpha male in the Gelato 5 because of his powers, strategizing abilities, and dedication. But we could observe how much he changed as soon as Desumi comes into her life. This tough man tries his best to be the best date for Desumi because love was never his thing but, his loyalty toward Desumi made him our favorite hero. You also go beyond the lines for the ones whom you love and care about. This is why everyone loves and trusts you because everyone can see that you are a gem.

Fudo Aikawa
Fudo Aikawa - Love After World Domination

Misaki Jinguji

Misaki is an ostentatious type of girl who is always looking for fun and excitement in life. She is a good friend of Fudo and knows about his secret love. Misaki is a good person to be around because she’s harmless and very true about everything. She doesn’t carry masks on her face and this is why we all like her cool and swaging attitude. Her two most favorite things are gossip and alcohol, you give her these and she won’t bug anyone at all. You also turn out to be a reflection of Misaki because you’re the human who only wants good for all.

Misaki Jinguji
Misaki Jinguji - Love After World Domination

Daigo Todoroki

In return to the question, “Which Love After World Domination character are you?” would you like to say Daigo? He is such a gentleman. Though he is a karate expert but still feels shy and unskilled in front of Desmumi. He’s very sensitive about things and is always there for others when they are in need. Daigo behaves awkwardly in front of Desumi because of their previous instances but we doubt that he has a crush on her. The tint on his cheeks and flutters in his heart show that. You are also like Daigo because you don’t use your power and influence to make friends, instead, you employ your heart in these matters.

Daigo Todoroki
Daigo Todoroki - Love After World Domination

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The destruction is in front of your eyes, and there’s a love story going on as well. What do you think would be your side and which Love After World Domination character are you most like? Only one thing can tell you about this and that is the LAWD Personality Quiz so go on and click on START to enter it!