Kuroko No Basket Quiz – Which Kuroko’s Basketball Character Are You?

What Kuroko Character Am I? & Kuroko no Basuke Personality Test

What do you think is the most important thing when it comes to fulfilling your dreams? Money, hard work, passion, or anything else? What we have observed up till now is that the most vital thing for any dream to come true is “willpower”. If someone has willpower only then the other elements labor in order to make the things work; or else, no chance! Do you understand what we are trying to explain? Hmm, let us present you with an example that can explain it in a better way. Have you seen the "Kuroko No Basket"? It’s an anime that stole our heart and every episode kept us engaged.

Kuroko No Basket definitely sparked the passion of sports in us but we wished for one more thing as well. I’m curious which Kuroko No Basket character am I? To make things easier for you and everyone else, we have designed the "Kuroko No Basket" Quiz. This would tell you which Kuroko No Basket character are you in just a matter of minutes. Are you ready???


The world’s greatest basketball players are the apple of everyone’s eyes. Every person is looking up to five star players commonly known as the "Generation of Miracles". These five players namely Atsushi Murasakibara, Seijuro Akashi, Shintaro Midorima, Daiki Aomine, and Ryota Kise have ascent from the Teiko Junior High basketball team. Passing from the school these boys applied for different high schools, consequently breaking apart. However, their charisma, charm, and stardom never lessened.

Wait Wait, this is only one part of the story of Kuroko no Basket! There was another character who was also a star of the Teiko Junior High basketball team but his efforts were always hidden behind and he couldn’t gain the status like his other team members. He was none other than Tetsuya Kuroko. Now, he wishes to make his name as well and wants to be recognized as the greatest player just like other Generation of Miracles. In the Seirin High team, Kuroko with his teammate Taiga Kagami; both are passionate to be the best in the world by defeating the members of Generation of Miracles in various teams. Do you believe in the skills? Do you think they would be able to achieve everything?

Which Kuroko's Basketball Character Are You?

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Let’s check out the most famous and amazing characters in the Kuroko No Basket anime before rolling into the Kuroko No Basket Life Quiz.

Tetsuya Kuroko

Tetsuya has given himself an interesting title “Shadow” and this pet name really explains him very well in the Kuroko's Basketball. He is smart, athletic, and diligent. With his jersey number 8, Tetsuya is a great basketball player but he has never been highlighted because he isn’t that good at scoring. Contrastingly, he is absolutely awesome when it comes to passing, dodging, and misleading. This is the reason why he calls himself a shadow. As no one can be without a shadow similarly no team can be successful without a player like Tetsuya. We think that Tetsuya would be a great boyfriend for you, if you agree, have a look at our Haikyuu Boyfriend quiz too.

He is an ideal man, Tetsuya can’t stand dishonesty, cheating, and unethical behavior. For him, things like ethics, hard work, and striving for success must be the aim of life. Tetsuya thinks before taking any action and his calm attitude and teamwork are his greatest attributes. His most extraordinary skills Include Ignite Pass, Cyclone Pass, Vanishing Drive, Phantom Shot, and others.

Taiga Kagami

With reddish-brown hair, stern face, muscular and flexible body; people usually call Taiga “Tiger”. There is no doubt that Taiga has many traits like Kuroko like his perseverance, love for basketball, thoughtful, and decisive nature. But, Taiga is more impulsive and always needs a push factor to perform in the games. He doesn’t prefer to play simple and unchallenging basketball matches and hates losing.

Taiga makes sure he never loses, but if you see him after losing any game, you’ll observe that it is almost impossible for him to digest it. Well, his famous skills Alley-Oop, Lane Up, Meteor Jam, Tactical Battle, and Jump Power are worth praising. Taiga is indeed an intelligent player while the best thing about him is that he never overshadows any player and gives equal credit to all.

Seijūrō Akashi

Now we have some competition! Seijuro has been the captain of Generation of Miracles before he joined Rakuzan High. He is more influential in the game than you can imagine as being the captain of the best basketball players isn’t easy. You can easily track him in any game with his bright crimson hair and short height.

Some of the Kuroko No Basket fans believe that he was a villain in the story but that is not the complete truth. He cares for all his team members and has been a good, motivating leader. He believes that a team can only win if they have a winning mentality. His skills are those that none possess, for instance, Emperor Eye, Wide Field of Vision, Triple Threat Penetration, Ankle Break Dribble, Streetball Handles, and others.

Ryōta Kise

You can say that Ryota is a star in the world of basketball. His good looks including his blonde hair, impeccable features, cherishing smile, and slight flirtatious attitude attract fans (especially girls). The greatest skill that only Ryota possesses is copying and imitating the moves and playing styles of others. This makes him quite invincible.

The way he perfectly copies leaves everyone astonished and in the meanwhile, he scores more. Well, it won’t be wrong to say that Ryota is a little egoistic but don’t forget that he is nice, caring, and kind. At times, we enjoy when Ryota creates a huge dramatic situation just by exaggerating things.


Let us make a confession, we had a crush on almost all the male characters in Kuroko No Basket and we wanted to know who is best for us. So, we answered the Kuroko No Basket Boyfriend Quiz! Are you interested in the Kuroko No Basket boys as well? If yes, then answer it and find out…