Kingdom Quiz – Which Kingdom Character Are You?

Which Kingdom Character Are You Quiz

Peace is always threatened by humans and in the series of Kingdom, warfare has been depicted outrageously. However, no one except for the accurate Kingdom Quiz can unveil which Kingdom character are you? Find out what role would you play in Kingdom!

Kingdom Quiz
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Kingdom is very different from all the animes that we have watched before. Rather than covering the history of Japan, Kingdom has miraculously blended fiction with the real history of China in the 500 BC known as the Warring States period. Many characters that are in Kingdom are real in history while some are just to add drama and excitement. In Kingdom anime and manga, the real story revolves around the throne and desire of the main character Shin.

During the warfare, orphan kids are considered slaves of the kingdom especially when entire China was in continuous war and divided into seven distinct kingdoms. Everyone wishes to rise as the most powerful one and for this, wars never end. However, two kids, Piao and Shin want to be "Great Generals of the Heavens" which requires endless training, power, and strength. As they both begin working toward it Piao is called by the palace to serve the kingdom of Qin. But, as time goes on, Piao returns to his hometown but is in a half-dead condition and soon passes away. However, Piao does give Shin some hints about where he could find what happened to him. There, Shin finds out that Piao was very much identical to the king Ying Zheng and was playing his part due to the threats to the king. Piao, vows to avenge his friend and unite China by conquering every kingdom. Do you think Shin would succeed? Who would support him and who’d go against him? Check the Kingdom Test to know what Kingdom character are you because everything’s at stake!


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Which Kingdom Character Are You
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Ri Shin

Ri Shin is a distressed soldier who hardly lived his childhood. He never wished for things that other children wanted. Nevertheless, he was dedicated to his country and kingdom and wished for a greater good for all. Ri has lost all that he had and turned into a soldier who initially led a 100 men's unit but the commanders and king Ying Zheng noticed the spark of leadership in him. Ri is an outrageous fighter and there is hardly anyone in this world who can vanquish him in combat especially when he has a sword in hand. The best thing about Ri is that he never gives up and that similar quality can be seen in you. Your endless strive towards goals is something everyone cherishes but, when you are furious then no one has the power to calm you.

Ri Shin
Ri Shin - Kingdom

Ou Hon

Ou Hon is also a general in the kingdom’s army. He is one of those of whom every soldier is scared. Ou is extremely arrogant and doesn’t talk much other than work. The most annoying thing about Ou is that he is status-conscious. He never regards anyone equal to him because he is of noble birth and the heir to the Ou family. His father, the great general Ou Sen was also very prominent. Ou Hon, just like his ancestors, fights with a spear and never misses any target, and is merciless during combat. Initially, Ou wasn’t in favor of Ri but after perceiving his abilities, Ou gave up resisting.

Ou Hon
Ou Hon - Kingdom

Kyou Kai

Kyou Kai may be a girl but can you believe that she leads 5000 men unit alone! Combating in wars is in her blood and no one can live if Kyou decides to kill them. It is said that Kyou turns into a vicious demon when she takes the sword in hand and most of the time slits her enemies in half with just one strike. No one in the world can challenge Kyou’s courage and we believe that a Kyou lives in you as well. You are overpowered with your zest and zeal and are ready to make yourself prominent in this men-driven world. One more thing, you are quite hot-tempered so try controlling that, other than that, everything’s good!

Kyou Kai
Kyou Kai - Kingdom

Yo Tan Wa

Yo is another brave and daring woman on our list. She is the last survivor from the ruler family of the Mountain Tribes and has been living alone since the age of 5. Yo has seen the worst days of her life even when she was just a child. Her life has always tested her but made Yo stronger from the inside. Now, she is the leader of all the Mountain Tribes and a general in the Qin army. Her power and influence are matchless. Don’t you think, you are somewhat like Yo? You’ve had a tough life but now, the time has changed. You are rising to power and would soon achieve all your goals. Just keep in mind that you can’t give up!

Yo Tan Wa
Yo Tan Wa - Kingdom

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We believe that you are set to know which Kingdom character are you most like? Don’t panic, it’s fun and interesting and you’ll find yourself lost in the kingdoms of China!