K Character Quiz – Which K Character Are You?

Which K Character Are You Quiz

Kings are fighting for their clans while their enemies are on the verge to trap them all. Hit the K Character Quiz and see which K character are you.


The story of K Project is about seven kings and their kingdoms. K is a perfect watch for all anime lovers of 2022. It has incredible seven movies of the K series while the two anime adaptations of K are top-notch. No doubt why everyone is on to it. Now, we all are desperately waiting to sight the third season of K Project. Most likely, it would be appearing on screens somewhere in 2023 but nothing can be said as final words.

The plot of K Project season 1 mostly revolves around Yashiro Isana. Though, we all get to have a sneak peek into the kingdoms and their vitality for centuries. The seven kingdoms have seven essential clans and their peace is equivalent to world peace. However, their war would end up engulfing the entire humanity. It is quite unique to watch how young minds get to reign the clans with their ideas and desires. Nonetheless, growth isn’t possible until evil is fought from within. The news of the murder of Red Clansmen called Homura spreads like jungle fire across the clans. Astonishingly, the one who is considered a traitor is no other than Yashiro.

K Character Quiz

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Let us clear here a little about Yashiro! This boy doesn’t rely on others, instead, he is independent and compassionate. The blame for the murder urges him to underground. Only through that, there are chances that Yashiro would prove himself innocent. Being invisible to the world won’t be as easy as the Red King, Mikoto Suou is hungry for revenge. Things have chances to turn out to be a little fruitful since "Black Dog" Kurou Yatogami is on Yashiro’s side. Viewers at this point die to find out whether Yashiro would manage to save himself from this trap or Kurou would betray him. There are chances of war, no one knows if the clans are wielding a war or if some like Yashiro can halt it before it is too late.


When there are chances of war and bloodshed, someone’s love can keep you alive! Enter the K Project Soulmate Quiz to know which K character would date you if you were a part of the story. Finding true love would hit you like a fresh breeze.


It is hard to trust anyone when deadly traps are set everywhere. Maybe you can survive and outwit all your enemies with the help of a friend. Ask the K Kin Quiz “Which K character do you kin?” You might not know but one genuine friend can alter your whole life.


Here is a list of the most amazing and powerful characters in the K Project. You probably would like to have a look at it before the K Quiz.

Which K Character Are You

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Yashiro Isana

Yashiro isn’t a normal human like everyone thinks he is. He has the soul of the mightiest king in him but we aren’t here to give spoilers. Yashiro’s character would go through many alterations and only, in the end, would we see his real self. He would bear powers like Silver Aura, and Inviolability, and would hold weapons Wagasa, Schattenreich, and Himmelreich. His transitions are epic. However, we are really impressed by the way he explores the world and trusts everyone. Yashiro believes that no darkness in the world can engulf humanity.

You have an ideal personality just like Yashiro. There are many things that everyone can learn from you like wisdom and perseverance. However, you must look into yourself to explore your insights.

Yashiro Isana

Yashiro Isana - K

Kuroh Yatogami

You would find the definition of a true gentleman if you focus on Kuroh. Words matter nothing to him. This young guy is brave and has the courage to face any enemy. Show your strength in the form of actions and Kuroh would consider you a friend. For him, peace is more important than his own life. Being with Yashiro has improved his swordsman skills.

You are serious and a capable strategist. You anticipate love and affection but don’t show it with your actions. No doubt why everyone calls you an introverted person!

Kuroh Yatogami

Kuroh Yatogami - K


Neko is a sweet girl who always has fun in her mind. Nothing matters to her except for excitement and thrill. She is someone who wishes to be entertained by every moment of life. But, don’t you think it can’t be expected in K Project? Her crush Yashiro is on the verge of death almost every time and this makes Neko go out of her mind. She can’t stand anyone who wishes to separate her from Yashiro. Indeed, her love for him is genuine and pure. Neko’s powers include Perception Manipulation, Transformation into a cat, Sensory Disruption, Memory Manipulation, etc.

According to the K Trivia, you are like Neko because of your playful behavior. Nothing really affects you until it gets on your nerves.


Neko - K

Mikoto Suoh

With red hair, Mikoto Suoh is the king of the Red Clan. Though he isn’t even in his mid-twenties but still a great responsibility lies on his shoulder. Mikoto is a short-tempered person and easily gets annoyed. He can be calm in the worst time and the one thing that really matters to Mikoto is sleep. Just let him sleep, doesn’t matter if you take the throne from him.

If you have been wondering what K character are you, then you can relax now! Your procrastinating behavior and laid-back attitude tell that you are Mikoto.

Mikoto Suoh

Mikoto Suoh - K

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It is like “Now or Never!” Either you face the things head-on or hide yourself from the reaching catastrophes. Being in the “K Character Test” would unveil if you really have what it takes to be in the K Project character!