Invincible Quiz – Which Invincible Character Are You?

Which Invincible Superhero Are You Quiz

Are you invincible? No one can hear your answer but we all would definitely see if you’d answer the Invincible Character Quiz and let everyone know through the social media that “Which Invincible character are you?” Are you in???

Invincible Quiz
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Everybody loves superheroes! However, there are some epic dreamers who are eager to be like the characters of Invincible because all the superpowers in it are awesome and realistically perfect. But, there is no other accurate way to prove which Invincible character are you most like other than the Invincible Character Trivia! Hence, Invincible fans are opting for the Ultimate Invincible Character Quiz.


It is a famous saying “Like father, like son!” but do you think it is always right? We don’t think so because Invincible brings forward a story in which not every son is like his father and not all superheroes can be trusted. It all starts with a mighty superhero named Omni-Man. He is extremely significant- to the extent that everyone considers him the most influential human on Earth. Omni-Man fights with a number of superheroes teamed up as Guardians of the Globe. Now that Omni-Man’s hair is turning grey, he wishes his son to be the next savior of the world by awakening his powers. Mark Grayson faces numerous difficulties in the training to be a superhero and thinks that he isn’t one!

Circumstances take a huge turn when all the members of Guardians of the Globe are found dead, actually, brutally murdered. Nobody knows who it was but it was actually Omni-Man who did it! He isn’t a superhero but a traitor who is working for the intergalactic Viltrum Empire so that they take over Earth and no one hinders their plans. But, Mark won’t let this happen (being Invincible) and has vowed to save the mother earth from every evil. Do you think he can win this battle or not!


Do you know who are the main and strongest characters in Invincible anime? If not, then check out our list below that details them.

Which Invincible Character Are You
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Nolan Grayson AKA Omni-Man

Omni-Man is rightly considered the toughest man on earth because of his unending powers. Whether you state laser beams, x-ray vision, lightning speed, keen senses, muscular body, or any other Omni-Man has all of them in him. Everyone respects him because of the battles that he fought and the sacrifices that he makes but he isn’t that nice after all. Nolan is only doing this for his planet Viltrum. He has no love or empathy for anyone and kills all his friends just for the sake of loyalty to his planet. Nolan is actually an alien from another planet.

If you are like Omni-Man then it means you manipulate others for your interests. You can do anything and you live on your rules. Kindness, empathy, and patriotism are nothing to you. However, you do believe in reaching your goals successfully.

Nolan Grayson AKA Omni-Man
Nolan Grayson AKA Omni-Man - Invincible

Samantha Eve Wilkins Aka Atom Eve

Atom Eve got her name by the fact that she has power over all the atoms of the world and can manipulate them according to her wish. There is no one who can estimate her powers as she can create everything from nothing and make everything trivial in a matter of seconds. Since atoms are in Atom Eve’s control so she has power over the elements of air, water, earth, and light.

If you are Atom Eve then this depicts that you know what you are! You know your worth but don’t believe in flaunting your qualities. You want to live a simple and peaceful life with your loved ones but if anyone comes in between then there’s no one worse than you!

Samantha Eve Wilkins Aka Atom Eve
Samantha Eve Wilkins Aka Atom Eve - Invincible

Mark Grayson AKA Invincible

Mark has always seen his father as an ideal superhero and dreamt to be like him. However, over the course training and diligence were things that Mark hated. When he began showing his powers at a young age, Nolan was eager to mold him just like himself but too much training never helped Mark in polishing his skills and abilities. Drastic changes could be observed in Mark when he saw the real face of his father and in all the anger and anguish, his powers were ultimately revealed titling him as “Invincible” because he’s mightier than Omni-Man. He never regarded his Viltrum blood and stood erectly for Earth and its innocent beings fighting all.

The ones who resemble Invincible are selfless and courageous. They are always on the right side, facing hardships in this way. They have the courage to do whatever it takes to follow their heart.

Mark Grayson AKA Invincible
Mark Grayson AKA Invincible - Invincible

War Woman

She is a powerful female who is considered one of the most potent women on Earth. She gives a tough fight to all the villains with her kicks, punches, and other superpowers. War Woman even fought with Omni-Man and gave him quite a tough fight.

If you think you are close to the character of War Woman then it means you are full of wisdom and intelligence. You know how to tackle various matters. You prefer to solve matters in a striking way because you don’t have a very calm attitude.

War Woman
War Woman - Invincible


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The plot is there, all the best characters have been listed; hence, you now have in mind everything you need to know about Invincible. The only thing that is left is the Invincible Superhero Quiz. CLICK START below to enter the world of chaos, power, and conspiracies.