HoriMiya Quiz – Which HoriMiya Character Are You?

Which HoriMiya Character Is Your Soulmate?

Who loves “Shonen”? If you just yelled yes then consider us a team! No one can describe the feelings in words when we watch a romantic anime and every scene just makes us skip the heartbeat. However, every anime isn’t that good and doesn’t have the content that satisfies our hearts. BUT, we found an absolutely hit anime that is fantastic, a little dramatic, and romantic. Are you eager to know which one is it? It’s the all-time famous “Hori-san to Miyamura-kun” also known as “HoriMiya!”

Not only was the HoriMiya anime loved by the viewers but the HoriMiya manga sales were also record-breaking. Eventually, after living the romantic story of HoriMiya through the manga and anime you all had one question in mind, “Which HoriMiya character am I?” Since you have been longing for the answer so we thought why not make it easier with the HoriMiya Quiz. Our quiz guarantees to find which HoriMiya character are you with 100% accuracy.


HoriMiya Quiz

The secret of HoriMiya’s success lies in its story. First of all, the shonen genre is everyone’s favorite so all were attracted to it. Moreover, the story was pretty realistic and there were no such things in the story that could not come true so it was easier for the viewers to connect with it. If you want a glimpse into the story of HoriMiya then keep reading ahead.

The plot of HoriMiya gears up with a super famous girl in school named Kyoko Hori. She is the queen of her high school and mainly grabs the attention of all due to her style and impeccable academic record. You’d never find Hori underdressed in school and everyone (both girls and boys) admire her beauty and brain. On the other hand, Miyamura-kun is the complete opposite of Hori. Miyamura prefers to stay invisible among everyone. Ironically, no one even notices his presence in the class because he seems like a nerd. Wearing glasses, long straight hair, a slender body, and stern facial expressions; Miyamura seems boring to all and he prefers it this way. But the reality unfolds when both Miyamura and Hori see each other after school. We will see how will it go in Horimiya Season 2. If you wish to find out more then keep scrolling!


Which HoriMiya Character Are You?
HoriMiya Characters - Square Enix

It’s time to figure out which HoriMiya character are you most like? But, we can’t proceed until we track who are the best characters in HoriMiya because we only want the best for you…

Kyouko Hori

Ladies first! Hori is one of those girls who are loved by all, not only because of their beauty but also because of her striking personality as well. She is tall, petite, a brunette, and pretty like a princess. Everybody in school idealizes Hori because of her perfection. Hori usually has tons of friends in school and enjoys the limelight.

Situations are complete contrary when Hori reaches home. She does not socialize with anyone after school. Hori is only found busy with her brother Souta Hori and the chores. Viewers hardly ever see or hear about their parents so all the responsibilities fall on her. And her characteristic is a bit similar to the protoganist of Ouran High School Host Club.

Tooru Ishikawa

Where Yuki is a friend of Hori, Tooru is his closest pal of Miyamura. He is a fun and exciting character in the story. He hates the orthodox approach and has dyed his hair purple. Tooru is the type of person who doesn’t keep things to himself, he just says whatever he has in mind. It is a fact that Miyamura likes the most about Tooru.

Tooru even had a crush on Hori but never stood against his friend and his eyes got attracted to Yuki. Their relationship was a new fresh air for the anime. But remember, he is very possessive about the people he loves. We asked some fans what Hori-san to Miyamura-kun character are you? They were eager to be Tooru.

Izumi Miyamura

Miyamura is a secret that can only be unfolded when you watch the anime carefully. He is sober, serious, and unnoticeable in school. Neither does he talks to anyone nor does anyone else try. So, we can say that Miyamura is almost invisible to all and isn’t really counted in any gossip or activity. By appearance, Miyamura seems like a good student as his face only looks into the books while his marks are also good.

However, Miyamura is the coolest guy if you meet him after school. Miyamura has nine piercings on his body and is a dope when we watch him tying his hair into a pony, wearing studs, and chains in his piercings. He isn’t like the usual brats and is very mature and kind to everyone. But, his past has made him an introvert and Miyamura doesn’t trust humans.

Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki is a nice and enthusiastic girl and the best friend of Hori. You would hardly ever see her in a bad mood because she is very optimistic in every regard. Yuki and Hori are seen together most of the time. She is a blondie with hazel eyes and just lives for the moment. Yuri has no relation to what happens around her, she just focuses on herself.

We often feel bad for Yuki because she is in search of true love. At first, she was attracted to Miyamura considering he was Hori’s cousin. But, after reality was unveiled Yuri left the way like a true and faithful friend. Then on, she wished to have a serious relationship with Tooru Ishikawa which was an interesting twist for all.


Seems like you want to know where you actually belong? Do you want to join Hori’s side or do you think you’d be fit by Miyamura’s side? If you want to be sure then why don’t you answer the Hori-san to Miyamura-kun Kin Quiz? Trust us, it’s the best! Ready for the Horimiya trivia?


Brace yourself for the HoriMiya Test and let’s see where you stand in the world of Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. The whole world is waiting to see who are you in the HoriMiya anime?