Healer Girl Quiz – Which Healer Girl Character Are You?

Which Healer Girl Character Are You Quiz

Are you ready to sort your personality type in one of the Healer Girl characters? Answer the Healer Girl Personality Quiz to check which Healer Girl character are you!


Is Healer Girl Worth Watching?

Well, for us, Healer Girl is an ideal watch thanks to all the interesting songs and plotlines. It is not often that we all find an anime based on musical themes. Hence, it is something unique for us all. Having cheerful characters, a hopeful storyline, and competent voice artists Healer Girl has brightened up the year 2022. Don’t mind, but Healer Girl anime has all the girly vibes and so we girls are loving it (wink!).

Healer Girl

Healer Girl - 3Hz

Plot Of Healer Girl

As the name suggests, Healer Girl is a female-based story. The world is a place where every human is in some kind of illness whether mental or physical. Some people realize this sickness while others brush it off. In the anime “Healer Girl” things have been depicted with beauty and sense. There are many ways through which people seek healing. In the anime, there are three ways through which humans are being healed around the globe Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and Vocal medicine. Does the word “Vocal Medicine” sound weird to you?

Along with homeopathic and allopathic medicines which comfort living beings through chemicals and herbs, voice can work as well. Those who work on cures with voice and vocals are known as Healers. At Karasuma Vocal Medical Institute, there are many girls who are opting for their studies in order to become Healers. Among them, our three girls Kana Fujii, Reimi Itsushiro, and Hibiki Morishima have started their journey at medical school. Treating patients with vocal medicine appears to be easy but acquiring it is a difficult job. To add more spice to life, Sonia Yanagi, a certified C-level healer enters their life to elevate challenges. Do you think our three girls can carry on regardless of all the hurdles with their magical voices? Let’s See…


Do you know which characters have been voted best in Healer Girl anime by fans? No! Scroll down then.

Which Healer Girl Character Are You

Healer Girl Characters - 3Hz

Kana Fujii

Kana is a girl who is more like a little fairy. Her bright hair color and smiling face are enough to win the hearts of fans. It wasn’t Kana’s plan to be a Healer since ever but one incident changed her life. Once, Kana was on a plane and had a severe asthma attack and she thought it would be the end. Nonetheless, she was aided and cured by a Healer on board. It was astonishingly perfect. Rather than bitter medicines, Kana heard some beautiful songs and got fixed. Since then, Kana has turned into an ideal Vocal Medicine student who knows how to pave the way.

You are incredible in many ways but it is just that you don’t know how to polish yourself. No worries, the experience would teach you everything.

Kana Fujii

Kana Fujii - Healer Girl

Hibiki Morishima

Hibiki has seen a Healer around her since childhood. She not only adores her family relative Ria Karasuma but considers her an idol. Hibiki loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. Ria Karasuma knew that this little girl had the talent to be a Healer and she enrolled in Karasuma Vocal Medical Institute. She has grown up in a big family that supports her through highs and lows. Hibiki is a charming girl with a melodious voice indeed.

You work according to plans. Sometimes, things go wrong but that’s okay because at least you were the one who had reigns in your hands. No matter what happens, you learn from your good and bad experiences and that’s the best thing.

Hibiki Morishima

Hibiki Morishima - Healer Girl

Sonia Yanagi

Sonia is the main character in Healer Girl and is extremely intelligent. Though she is young and of the same age as others but is a C- certified Healer already. Sonia is a nice girl but is very competitive in nature. She doesn’t like someone who can challenge her skills and make her feel less important in any way. According to Sonia, Ria Karasuma is her biggest rival and in no way she wishes to let her achieve better grades than her. Don’t mind the fact but Sonia always seems a little too aggressive and proud.

You are keen and witty and this makes you an ideal person. Like Sonia, you really show great enthusiasm and win hearts. It is hard to budge you from your path.

Sonia Yanagi

Sonia Yanagi - Healer Girl

Reimi Itsushiro

Reimi has received a great voice from his genes as both her parents are opera singers. Unfortunately, she doesn’t live with her family because they live overseas. Reimi lives with Aoi and considers her like an elder sister. Other than that, Hibiki and Kana are her support system and help her gain confidence. Often, we find Reimi aiding her friends through all odds.

Healer Girl Trivia reveals that you are loving and affectionate like Reimi. You try your best not to be pessimistic and this is the secret to your happy life.

Reimi Itsushiro

Reimi Itsushiro - Healer Girl


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So, the question “What Healer Girl character are you?” still remains floating. Hurry up, take the Healer Girl Test and find your personality twin in this anime.