Haikyuu Teams Quiz – In Which Haikyuu Team Would Am I?

Which Haikyuu Team Are You In?

You love volleyball, right? But how can it be true as you still don’t know which Haikyuu Team is perfect for you? Take the Ultimate Haikyuu Team Quiz as only this is the way to be in the best volleyball teams in the world of anime.

Haikyuu Team Quiz
Haikyuu - Production I.G


Every person who likes volleyball game and respects it the way it should have already watched Haiykuu anime. And since you have watched it then somewhere in your mind, you are stuck over the question “In which Haikyuu volleyball team can I play?” If you are dwelling over something then how can we leave you like this! Take the popular Haikyuu Team Trivia because we bet there is no other quiz better than ours. After all, every volleyball player wishes to play with one of the best players in the Haikyuu anime though you can’t play in real but at least you’d know where you fit.


Before you began to think about which Haikyuu Team do you belong why don’t you get to know what is Haikyuu anime about! The story is about a boy who may not be very perfect for the sport of volleyball because of his height, but his passion and strive to succeed make his story intriguing. Can you guess who’s the boy? It’s none other than Shoyo Hinata. All he dreams of is to be “The Little Giant!” After much exasperation and undaunted struggle, Hinata gets his place in the Karasuno High team but there he needs to play along with Kageyama who is his arch-enemy (There is a long story of their bitter past!). Now, they have to wear the same jersey and need to collaborate if they want to win instead of trying to be the match-winner player single-handedly. The only way to Nationals and their win lies in a strong bond as a teammate and as a friend.

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Do you know which Haikyuu teams are ranked best in the anime? Have a sneak peek at them below…

In Which Haikyuu Team Would Am I
Haikyuu Teams - Production I.G

Itachiyama Team

Itachiyama is one of the most established teams in entire Tokyo. The players are polished gems who know their worth and feature their talents to make sure they win the match. They have some of the biggest titles in the volleyball world like the Junior Olympic Cup. One of the brightest stars in volleyball like Kiyoomi Sakusa, Motoya Komori, and Tsukasa Iizuna. You can track them easily because of the bright yellow jersey with yellow and green gradient shorts. It’s very difficult to trace any weak point of the team as it covers defense and attack with great dignity and proficiency. You perfectly match the standards of this team because you are the one who focuses on the goal and nothing else. Your eyes are on the prize which is victory and nothing else. Plus, the struggle to be the best would be fourfold when you’d play with the three aces.

Itachiyama Team
Itachiyama Team - Haikyuu

Karasuno High

Karasuno High is a team who has one thing in mind- “success”. Though they are working day and night to become the best team in Tokyo but you know it’s a long road ahead. Their stern black uniform signifies that they have the persistence and determination needed in the sport of volleyball. Even though the Karasuno High team has been through many ups and downs and people titled them "The Fallen Champions" and "The Flightless Crows." However, they always stand stronger and brave than before and it’s outclass players like Asahi, Tanaka, Hinata, and Kageyama have brought back all the praises that the team was worthy for. You can fit well in Karasuno High because you aren’t afraid of the complications. Obstacles have become a part of your life and you know exactly how to tackle them.

Karasuno High
Karasuno High - Haikyuu

Fukurōdani Academy

Fukurōdani Academy’s team is very impressive while many of its admirers believe that it is because of Koutarou Bokuto, its captain and star player but don’t forget that no team can win without a collaborative effort. Hence, an equal share of victories goes to Akaashi, Konoha, Onaga, Komi, and others. The boys in dark blue and turquoise color are pretty dangerous. Fukurodani Academy is famous for its outrageous style of play and teams really fear to play by their side. You, on the other hand, are quite notorious for your fierce attitude. Defeat is something you can’t digest and this is the reason why you are always ready to do whatever it takes to win. Whether it is right or not…

Fukurōdani Academy
Fukurōdani Academy - Haikyuu

Kamomedai High

Maybe you and many others hate Kamomedai because this team has been an arch-nemesis for our hero Hinata and his team. But, what can be done if this team is the rising star of the game and tournament. Hoshiumi is predicted to be the next Little Giant among all and because of his efforts and talent, Kamomedai usually wins. Blocking is the team’s greatest tackle while Hakuba and Hirugami are some efficient players on the list as well. We believe that you can be a good match for this team as you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses you have and willingly work on them. All you need is a coach like Aaron Murphy and you can’t find him anywhere other than in the Kamomedai High team.

Kamomedai High
Kamomedai High - Haikyuu

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The quiz awaits you and so does your future as a volleyball player because finding out “Which Haikyuu Team would take you?” is a once in a lifetime chance! Take the quiz and don’t forget to share the results with your social circle. See who is on your team and who turns out to be your rival!