Ghost In The Shell Quiz – Which Ghost In The Shell Character Are You?

Which Ghost In The Shell Character Are You Quiz

In the world of cybernetics, it is hard to track “Which character am I in Ghost In The Shell series” as many are facing an identity crisis. Hence, only the updated Ghost In The Shell Quiz is accurate enough to tell you which character are you like in this sci-fi anime.

Ghost In The Shell Quiz
Ghost In The Shell - Production I.G


This anime grips some extraordinary things that are predicted for the future. In the year 2029, cybernetic technology has taken over the world and science has become the most influential reality of the time. However, something in the world misses and it is the feeling of being “alive”! In the city of Niihama, people are amazingly genius as they have their brains linked with various networks making them “Cyberbrains.” This allows them to set foot in more resources than necessary but there are some darker secrets in between. The people are being experimented on and turned into cyborgs. Of them, one is Major Motoko Kusanagi who leads the assault team. After meeting with a devastating accident, Motoko was left with no life and her life was aligned with prosthetics in a way that made her a cyborg. But, this wasn’t what Motoko wished for because being a cyborg, she lost what could make her feel like a human again. But there’s more to worry about!

Motoko still works in the Public Security Section 9 as a cyborg federal agent and is in search of “The Puppet Master” who has been threatening the peace of the city. This maniac is a competent hacker who has been hacking cyborg-human hybrids. Once his/her army would be ready, The Puppet Master can be more lethal than an atomic missile and Motoko can’t let this happen!


Get a closer look at the “Best Characters in Ghost In The Shell Anime” because you never know who will be in your fate as you answer the Ghost In The Shell Test. At least you’d know the best ones!

Which Ghost In The Shell Character Are You
Ghost In The Shell Characters - Production I.G

Major Motoko Kusanagi

Major Motoko is quite a serious person and has turned into quite an obsessive one since she has turned into a cyborg. Everyone knows how capable she is with her speed, stealth, hacking competence, and intelligence. Her life has become quite robotic because after being a cyborg, Motoko has lost what she had. All things that could relax like human swimming, sunbath, spa, etc nothing can be hers and these things have made her rock solid. Motoko tries to hide her weaknesses but she can’t no matter how much tried. You also seem perfect from far but in actuality, you are somewhere broken and looking for peace in simple things that are no more yours. You wish time could be rewinded…

Major Motoko Kusanagi
Major Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost In The Shell

Batou Buttetsu

Batou is someone whom you can always trust when you are about to have a fight. He is extremely vicious during combats and was second to Major Motoko Kusanag, hence he has been an influential character in the series. Batou seems quite old because of his grey hair and prosthetic eyes. His keen sight never misses any detail. Never underrate Batou because his skills as a hacker and as an agent are finer than he flaunts. Batou makes a good team with Motoko and his advice never goes in vain. You also are a very observing person. It is hard for you to neglect details because they all are worth it though others call you crazy. You are thinking “What Ghost In The Shell character are you?” but what if you are more like Batou? Would you be satisfied?

Batou Buttetsu
Batou Buttetsu - Ghost In The Shell


Have you seen some hardcore army men in movies? Just keep that in mind if you want to understand the personality of Togusa. He doesn’t have any cybernetic prosthetics but still, he is a great cop. If you need to earn any vital piece of information then no one can be better than Togusa. He hardly smiles but his presence can cause some great humoristic conversations automatically. You are intense, serious, and don’t care what happens around you. No matter what others say, you are happy with your lifestyle and personality.

Togusa - Ghost In The Shell

Chief Daisuke Aramaki

No team can perform well until its leader is a person who knows them, understands, and even stands tall for them. Chief Daisuke Aramaki is the perfect person who could have led a team like Section 9. He never backs off when his team needs him and apart from all the power support, Aramaki also is there for boosting their morale. No one has ever seen Aramaki blaming his team because he trusts them with everything. You are also a person who easily trusts others, like your friends, family, colleagues, and others. No do you think of betraying anyone and neither do you expect this from them.

Chief Daisuke Aramaki
Chief Daisuke Aramaki - Ghost In The Shell

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