Ghost Hound Quiz – Which Ghost Hound Character Are You?

Which Ghost Hound Character Are You Quiz

Do you have what it takes to fight ghosts that are ending the peace of your city? If you are really interested then roll into the updated Ghost Hound Quiz because checking out which Ghost Hound character are you would be the first step to it!

Have you watched the Ghost Hound? It’s one of those series that give goosebumps while taking in the scenes and absorbing the twists in the story. If you haven’t watched it then you are making a mistake as missing something like this is what only a dumb would do!

Ghost Hound Quiz
Ghost Hound - Production I.G


The story of Ghost Hound revolves around supernatural beings and ghosts. In the secluded town (more like a village) named “Suiten town” in Japan, things have changed. Even the air is indicating that something worse than thought is about reach. Terrorizing ghosts and supernatural beings began making their way to Siuten and there is no such reason behind their frequent attacks. The whole town is feared and lives are devastated by these never-ending visits. There are many on whom doubt goes like religious cults, scientists at Dai Nippon Bio, and some nasty politicians. But, enough has been faced as some youngsters vow to find the roots and eradicate this once and for all. Tarō, Makoto, and Masayuki might seem too young for this and are only schoolgoers, but they believe that they can do this! It won’t be that easy because in order to search for why ghosts are entering reality they must go to the Unseen World where lie the realities that can change the childhood of these children.


Let’s hit the list of “Four Best Characters in Ghost Hound” before the quiz. Trust us, you’d know the characters like never before!

Which Ghost Hound Character Are You
Ghost Hound Characters - Production I.G

Taro Komori

Taro is someone who has been in trauma ever since he opened his eyes and gained consciousness. He had no one in his life except for his sister and watching her getting kidnapped became the worst nightmare of his life. Taro got the chance to flee but his sister couldn’t and eventually died and since then, every night, Taro dreams of that terrible day and couldn’t fathom his sister’s death. In the unseen world, Taro just wishes to find the one who kidnapped his sister and wants to revenge. Like Taro, you have sweet and innocent eyes which have a flame for doing what it takes to reach your goals. You might not have had the best life but we know that you’d make the best out of the future.

Taro Komori
Taro Komori - Ghost Hound

Makoto Ōgami

Makoto has also played a major role in the anime. His life has also been a mess like Taro’s but he has proved to be a gallant young boy. No one can read his expressions because it feels as if Makoto doesn’t have a heart. The death of his father, looking at his ruined corpse, the second marriage of his mother, everything has added to his emotional breakdown of Makoto. In the Unseen World, Makoto is desperate to find out who was behind the death of his father which destroyed his life forever. Just like Makoto, you are shy and don’t express what you have in mind. Your heart has been broken several times and you can’t let that happen again. But, we’d suggest you to never lose hope because this world is filled with beauty that you need to seek.

Makoto Ōgami
Makoto Ōgami - Ghost Hound

Miyako Komagusu

Miyako is an attractive and pretty girl and it is said that she has many similarities to Taro’s sister. Her doe eyes reflect her piety and the mysterious truths that she keeps within her. Miyako has a strange ability, she can see and talk to ghosts! She isn’t any normal girl and lives in a shrine where Miyako and her father conduct exorcism for the sake of helping the ones in pain. Even Miyako had been possessed for a long time. It is evident that Miyako and Taro are in love with each other but it’s hard for them to realize. Miyako can solve the problems of the boys and that’s why they all are together but Miyako’s motherly nature really annoys everyone.

Miyako Komagusu
Miyako Komagusu - Ghost Hound

Masayuki Nakajima

Masayuki has been introduced as a pretty rude character with zero social skills. Even after he became friends with Taro, Miyako, and Makoto he still preferred the quiet persona. There are many things that he has faced in his past and those are now reflected in his present. Masayuki has been found guilty as a cause of a classmate’s suicide. His classmate jumped off of a building to kill himself while leaving a message that Masayuki is the reason for this attempt. Ever since that day, Masayuki has feared for height and somewhere curses himself for being a reason for someone’s death. But, Masayuki is not a bad boy at all, he cares for everyone and is a sincere friend. His background is stronger than others as his father is biotech.

Masayuki Nakajima
Masayuki Nakajima - Ghost Hound

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If we ask “What Ghost Hound character are you?” what would be your answer? Don’t stress out because your stress-reliever Ghost Hound Test is here! Relax and enjoy answering the quiz.