Fate/Zero Quiz – Which Fate/Zero Character Are You?

Which Fate/Zero Character Are You Quiz

Life of all is at risk and there is no way out but to fight face-to-face! Do you think you can make out of Fate/Zero alone? But first, you need to know which Fate/Zero character are you and this is only possible with the updated Fate/Zero Quiz. So, try it out!

Fate/Zero Quiz
Fate/Zero - MVM Films


The story of Fate/Zero is very different from what we have seen or read up till now. The plot has actually been adopted from a light novel in which the greatest war has been shown and just for one single object i.e. the Holy Grail (You must be aware of the “Holy Grail,” if not then we’ll detail you about it). The Holy Grail is said to be an object that is there in real and is the glass from which Christ drank in his last supper. It is said that this Holy Grail can make every desire of its holder come true. For this, Einzbern, Matou, and Tohsaka families unleash a war in which seven mages compete. They summon mighty spirits to combat, whoever’s spirit wins that mage would be considered the winner.

Three wars take place but none of them could pick a winner as no one was left after the war living enough to be declared a winner. Now, for the fourth time, the Einzbern family is ready to do everything to hold the Holy Grail and so summon Kiritsugu Emiya also known as the "Mage Killer." This spirit has earned this reputation because of his brutal manners of fighting. Kiritsugu once wanted to be the heroic god of the world but his dark past has made him a hardcore spirit who now shows no mercy. But, he is willing to fight with all his might because this Holy Grail might help him win the war against the darkness of the world this time. Nevertheless, fate has written more for him as his greatest opponent is Kirei Kotomine, a priest.


Yup! The Fate/Zero anime had been released in the year 2011 while the second season also made its place on the top charts. It is more exciting to watch the scenes which we could hardly imagine in the novel manga.


Check out our list as it ranks “The Four Best Characters in Fate/Zero!”

Which Fate/Zero Character Are You
Fate/Zero Characters - MVM Films

Artoria Pendragon

In the anime, it is revealed that Artoria is actually King Arthur who was actually a female (Artoria) but had to change his appearance and gender in order to rule. She might appear as a naïve and easy target but don’t even think to make this mistake because Artoria is a skilled ruler and fighter. Her sword Invisible Air can slit many throats at a time, from her sword a laser emits known as Excalibur which slashes through every object, while Avalon is a sword sheath that allows regeneration. Like Artoria, you are a charismatic person and everyone adores your skills and talents. Keep going like this!

Artoria Pendragon
Artoria Pendragon - Fate/Zero

Kiritsugu Emiya

The Einzbern family is determined that this time, they would win as they have summoned a spirit who’d crush everyone else. Kiritsugu has been trained to be emotionless no matter how worse things go. He has been tested by fate multiple times, especially since he killed his own parents. With the grail, Kiritsugu desires to be the hero of justice. Weaponry, magic, spells, combating; Kiritsugu is aware of every way he needs to employ to reach his goals. You also seem simple and ordinary but only the person with real skills of observation can see what a gem are you.

Kiritsugu Emiya
Kiritsugu Emiya - Fate/Zero


Gilgamesh is a hero from history and it is said that he was more of a god than a human. Due to his power and rank, he thinks no one is good enough to talk and his pride usually makes him overconfident. But, there are things that make Gilgamesh quite an influential opponent for all. His power of the Gate of Babylon allows him to fire from numerous weapons from far behind while Enkidu (a spell) chains his enemies to be blown off. Last but not the least, Ea is enormous enough to kill all in a certain big radius. However, it is hard to deal with Gilgamesh because of his rough tongue. You are also a capable human but your anger engulfs all the good stuff in you. Try to hold it back if you wish to succeed.

Gilgamesh - Fate/Zero

Iskander (Alexander the Great)

Better call Iskander the King of Conquerors if you have ever read history. He is the one who conquered most parts of the world with his skepticism and a great army. No one could vanquish him and now, he is there in Fate/Zero. He knows exactly how to beat the ones who are his enemies. Iskander’s powers include Ionioi Hetairoi in which he can awaken all his past army and they would fight for him (their numbers are uncountable). Even on the battlefield, this muscleman on his horse can sweep off an entire army alone with his experience and strategies. You are also someone who is good at the long-term game! All you need to do is believe in yourself.

Iskander (Alexander the Great)
Iskander (Alexander the Great) - Fate/Zero


The Fate/Zero test can find a perfect date for you but what if it turns out to be a spirit? If you are courageous enough then see for yourself which Fate/Zero character would date you?


You are scared to date, but at least you’d be thoughtful enough to kin a spirit because this can get you many benefits. Find out which Fate/Zero character do you kin with the Fate/Zero Kin Quiz. It would definitely be interesting!

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Hop into the Fate/Zero Trivia if you are eager for your place in the anime and want to find out what Fate/Zero character are you? It is going to be a memorable journey to the result. Everyone is dying to see who do you turn out to be in the Fate/Zero Personality Quiz!