Fate: The Winx Saga Quiz – Which Winx Club Character Are You?

Winx Club Saga Test & What Winx Saga Character Are You?

Who isn’t fascinated by the stories which have fairies, witches, monsters, and demons? No offense but girls are more obsessed with them. We think that there’s a different kind of spark in such stories that attracts everyone. Hey, all this made us think of the Winx Club! Do you know which Winx Club character are you? Oh no, that’s not a good sign. You know Winx Club has one of the most famous animated characters and almost every girl loves them.

Lately, the Winx Club Saga appeared on Netflix and everybody fell in love with the series again. So, if you are eager to know about your character, then don’t be sad! Roll into the Winx Club Quiz and get to know which Winx Club character do you kin? Nothing in the world can let you know so accurately about your Winx Club character more than the Winx Club Trivia. But first, let’s get a little sneak peek about what Winx Club is and why everyone loves it so much.


The comic artist Iginio Straffi was always curious why females are never heroes, and why doesn’t any female hero saves the day? This thought led him to the creation of the Winx Club. This animated series entails girl power. A beautiful girl named Bloom (from the earth) gets 18 years old and begins to feel specific changes in herself. Gradually the secret that she is an extraordinary fairy is unveiled, and she had to take admission in the Alfea College for Fairies to become a trained and qualified fairy.

However, life took a sharp turn as he got to know fairies from different planets of the galaxy. Her roommates Musa is the fairy of music, Flora is the fairy of nature, Aisha is the fairy of waves, Roxy the fairy of animals, Tecna is the fairy of technology, and Stella. She is the fairy of the Sun. They form their group known as the “Winx Club” and help out humans and creatures who are in need.

As the seasons commenced, we also witnessed that these fairies found themselves some handsome boys. Hey! Just think when you’d know what Winx Club character are you, then you would also know which Winx Club male character would date you? Aren’t you dying to find out? Don’t waste time and answer the quiz.

Which Winx Club Saga Character Are You?
Fate: The Winx Saga - Netflix


Let’s check out the most popular characters in the Winx Club before entering the Winx Club Kin Quiz.


Bloom is the heart of the show. Most of the story revolves around her as she cannot fathom whatever happened to her, especially about her past. She was 18 when her life began changing and since she started testing the powers, then chaos became a part of her life permanently. Bloom has inherited the “Dragon Flame” which designates her as the fire fairy.

Though Bloom’s own life is a mess but she is always ready to help and care for others. This is the reason why she made the Winx Club and leads it. Her aqua blue dress and fire-red wings transformation is everyone’s favorite. At first, it was almost impossible for her to control her powers, but after joining the school and continuous training, Bloom was able to summon the Great Dragon when needed help. She is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite! If you like her, you might also like our Fairy Tail Quiz too!


Aisha is the crown princess of Andros planet. She has slightly tanned skin with reddish-brown hair and appears in green and turquoise attire when she turns into a fairy. She is a bit temperamental and loses control over herself in some tragic situations. But, Aisha tries to stand for others and is compassionate.

She holds power over water and fluids. Basically, Aisha manipulates the liquids (specifically water) with the help of a magic trick known as Morphix. The pink bubbles enable her to turn liquids into forceful arms and she can wipe off an entire force with her power. Moreover, she can even summon clouds for rain, water droplets from far regions, gather humidity vapors, and can bring tsunamis. The best part is that Aisha can breathe underwater and is always excited about all kinds of water sports.


All hail the Princess and Fairy of the Shining Sun, Moon, and Stars! Stella is the daughter of Queen Luna and is heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Solaria. Since childhood, Stella knows how much her powers are significant for her people. No doubt, Queen Luna has trained her enough since she was a little kid. Now, Stella is a little egoistic; maybe it’s because of her status or her powers.

Stella has power over light and can manipulate light according to her wish. She takes the energy from suns and stars and can turn them into powerful lasers and can even form shields with them.


Musa is the fabulous Fairy of Music! Maybe you would think that being a fairy of music doesn’t give her much margin of being a hero, but you are wrong. There is more than just music; she can control soundwaves that reach the ear and cause the enemies to sleep and can hypnotize them as well. Plus, she can control sonic waves as a blast which leaves every target baffled and unconscious. Unfortunately, Musa’s powers do not work if the zone is soundproof (which is quite impossible).

She is very useful to the Winx team most of the time. On the other hand, Musa is the most sensitive girl in the group, and her emotions mostly overpower her decisions. She considers music and musical instruments her best mate, especially the flute.


The Winx Club Test is all yours! Go on and find the magical powers in yourself that are yet to be revealed to everyone. A hero lies within you.