Fairy Tail Quiz – Which Fairy Tail Character Are You?

Fairy Tail Character Personality Quiz

Do you ever find it difficult to decide which anime should you watch since so many are available and each one seems better than the other? Well, it is not only your problem but everyone seems to be getting confused. Hahaha, what can we suggest you in choosing the best anime but we can definitely help you out in one matter! Think Think Think…

Well, we are talking about the question that you have in mind and it keeps tickling in your head. We know that you can do anything to search which Fairy Tail am I? Yes yes, you can finally find the answer to your question with the Fairy Tail Character Personality Quiz. Not only this, but you would get to know more about the story, characters, and every best thing about the Fairy Tail anime at the same place. Take the Fairy Tail Quiz now!


It must be said that the story of Fairy Tail has many ups and downs but that’s what made it our favorite. The story involves demons and wizards; some are ready to fulfill their duty by saving the innocents and the earth from evils. On the other hand, the evil wizards are all set to reign the world with their powers and wicked strategies. So, Fairy Tail has full of adventures. If you like it, you can have a look at our Adventure Time Quiz as well!

The notorious Fairy Tail manga & anime flaunts the struggle of heroes gathered under the wizard guild known as “Fairy Tail”. In this group are Gray, Erza, Natsu, and Happy, and a young girl named Lucy joins them to lift the curse that has been affecting her life for years. All the members of Fairy Tail are seen fighting for good and the battles are worth praise. Do you think they would turn into the most powerful wizard and strengthened guild in the world? Well, this can only be revealed if you’d watch the anime but the Fairy Tail Guild Quiz is in your approach right here!

Which Fairy Tail Character Are You
Fairy Tail Characters - Kodansha


Here are the best 4 characters in Fairy Tail but which one are you? Ask this from the Fairy Tail RP Quiz…

Natsu Dragneel

With pinkish hair, dark and intense eyes, muscular body, and immense powers the protagonist Natsu has reached the top spot in our list. He seems to be in his early 20s but in actual he is more than four hundred years old and lived again with the magic of his brother Zeref Dragneel. Being a shy and dumbfounded man, Natsu is not a person from whom anyone should take advice or opinion but he’s an excellent and impressive fighter.

Natsu would never speak up about how he’s feeling but in the battles, he can plan out strategies better than anyone else. The best thing that makes Natsu an inspiration for all is his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic and his skills are considered epitome because his master was the Dragon Slayer king. His attacks like fire Dragon’s Roar, Fire Dragon’s Claw, Iron Fist, Wing Attack, Crimson Lotus, Grip Strike, Sword’s Horn, and The Lightning Fire Dragon Mode all make him convincingly stronger than others.

Erza Scarlet

Erza is one hot girl who has a soft heart but can be a confident killer when someone becomes dangerous for her friends. Hysterically, no one can guess her powers as she seems a naïve and pretty girl with scarlet long eyes, voluptuous body, and charming attire. She likes to have attention from people especially men but she isn’t very good at responding in an appropriate way.

She employs magic known as “The Knight”. Basically, her skill of requipping weapons and armor while fighting is the best thing she can do. Around 100 different types of arms are available to Erza between which she can switch any time. She has also mastered enchantment, swords, archery, and even hand-to-hand combating.

Lucy Heartfilia

Let us admire the beauty of Lucy before anything else! She seems like the goddess of beauty with her long and straight blonde hair, hourglass figure, dark eyes, and stylish dressing throughout the series. Though Lucy is younger than all but her powers aren’t less than anyone as she belongs to the famous Heartfilia family (wealthy and powerful). No doubt, at times Lucy also takes pride over beauty, wealth, and skills but she never does this in a negative way.

Lucy has Celestial Spirit Magic and owns 10 keys that are a guideway to different dimensions. Want to know how these keys give her more power? She can summon various zodiac spirits with help of these keys and thus these celestial spirits share their powers with Lucy. Along with this, she has even mastered the ultimate “Urano Metria” spell making her a desirable wizard. As every zodiac celestial grants Lucy its power, she has a range of attacks, moves, and weapons to offer during the battle. Honestly, her powers can’t be counted and neither can be fought against.

Jellal Fernandes

Jellal is a guy with a dark past but he was never out by his friends. No matter how worse he became, his friends Erza and Zeref brought him back from the claws of evil even when he forgot everything. Let’s not talk about the past and look into his present. Jellal is a handsome hunk who attracts girls with vibrant blue hair, a red tattoo beneath his eye, and a serious and curious face.

Jellal’s powers are based on Heavenly Body Magic. This allows him to conjure magic with meteors, black holes, stars, and their energy. Some of his best magical spells include Pleiades, Jiu Leixing, Abyss Break, Flame Of Rebuke, Telekinesis, Hexagon Barrier, Telepathy, Seven Magic Seals. His enemies must mind before coming to him or else there are very few chances for him to survive. By the way, Fairy Tale also


Everyone who watched Fairy Tail already knows about their character in the anime but what are you waiting for? Hurry up and find out which Fairy Tail character are you with the Fairy Tail Quiz.