Ever After High Quiz – Which Ever After High Are You?

Which Ever After High Character Are You Quiz

It’s always fun to read fairy tales but don’t you always wish to enter them as a character? Your wish has finally been granted as you just have to answer a few interesting questions in the Ever After High Quiz and its result would reveal which Ever After High character are you?

Stories end but we all more and more from them. We want them to be never-ending but that isn’t possible. However, the Ever After High series by Netflix has actually made this a reality! There are so many stories like Alice in the Wonderland, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and many others that have picked up threads. Not with their old characters but with a twist as Ever After High involves children of all of them. The next generations have their own problems that they need to face and deal with without help from their powerful and famous parents. You think that the Ever After High series is amazing but you have no idea how exciting is our Ever After High Test!

Ever After High Quiz
Ever After High - Netflix


Well, five seasons of Ever After High have been officially released on Netflix. Each season has its own story that takes the characters into various troubles which they need to deal with. But, let us guide you a little about the basic story of Ever After High. The whole world knows about the notorious boarding school Ever After High and everyone wishes to enroll there; however, only the most powerful ones get to be there. Ever After High is hardly ever at peace as the children from royal families, small villages, and evil palaces are all there. It is indeed hard for them to blend it.

Everyone’s parents have their own epic stories of experiences which they have been through and their children are also thought to follow in their footsteps but some of them are rebellious. They are eager for fame but not by being evil hence they need to alter their fate and write their own destiny which is extremely arduous. Eventually, the two groups Royals (who are ready to take on the legacy of their parents) and Rebels (the ones who are determined to take off the tag of evilness from their families) come face to face in the school. But remember, they must unite to fight the catastrophes and fiends like the Evil Queen that are reaching for them, or else they all would perish.


If you can’t decide which are the best characters in the Ever After High series then have a look at our list. It might help you out!

Which Ever After High Are You
Ever After High - Netflix

Apple White

Apple White is the daughter of Snow White and is similarly beautiful and compassionate like her. She can go to every extent in order to save the ones she loves because evilness is everywhere. She wants to be like her mother and for that White practices to be wise and helpful. White’s power of hypnotism is really helpful in this. Moreover, perfection in things really matters to White and the ones with wicked backgrounds aren’t welcomed by her at all. Unfortunately, her roommate Raven Queen turns out to be the biggest problem for her.

Apple White
Apple White - Netflix

Raven Queen

From the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the mother of Raven Queen, the Evil Queen (famous for her negativity). When Raven got into the school, she wasn’t ready to accept her fate as she might not express her positive nature but she is kind and empathetic. Raven then formed the Rebel group and decided to change her destiny by not being evil at all. This creates many turns in the story but Raven is steady on her path; saves lives, and befriends Apple White and other Royals.

Ashlynn Ella

All hail the daughter of Cinderella. Ashlynn is just as beautiful as her mother and can even talk to animals and plants just like humans. This superpower makes her unique and interesting; however, for Ashlynn the most intriguing thing is shoes. She loves footwear and even works at The Glass Slipper boutique. Ashlynn is a Royal and so takes Apple’s side but she has a soft corner for all. She is never proud of her heritage and skills but instead helps everyone though evil or nice.

Ashlynn Ella
Ashlynn Ella - Netflix

Cerise Hood

With the red hood and innocent smile, Cerise is the character from Little Red Riding Hood. She is introverted and shy and hardly ever tries to blend in. It is said that Cerise is hiding some of the secrets of her destiny and is willing to change them with the knowledge she’d gain from the school. But, even though she has a subtle nature her speed, intelligence, and athleticism catch sight of all. You can’t underestimate her when it comes to competition.

Cerise Hood
Cerise Hood - Netflix

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It’s time to figure out what Ever After High character are you? Your destiny awaits you now let’s see how you write it by picking the options.