ENHYPEN Member Quiz- Which ENHYPEN Member Are You?

Which ENHYPEN Member Are You Quiz

Aren’t you claiming to be the craziest fan of the ENHYPEN band? If you really are then answer the ENHYPEN Member Quiz and figure out which ENHYPEN Member are you? Just think how awesome it would be when you’d know the resemblance between yourself and the members.

Let’s just have a look at some interesting things related to the ENHYPEN band before you click the ENHYPEN Member Test.

ENHYPEN Member Quiz


Let’s start with the basic information first (for the ones who don’t know much about ENHYPEN). ENHYPEN is a K-Pop band extremely famous for its awesome songs. There are seven boys in this band. All are talented in their own ways but all have unique voices that blend together to produce magnificence. Do you know the songs by ENHYPEN are top-rated in almost 180 countries of the world! The reason behind the insane love of ENGENE (ENHYPEN fans) is the songs produced by this boy band. All their songs are very intriguing because each one has a different concept and tone with attractive choreography and aesthetics. Most of all, the boys of ENHYPEN belong to different parts of the world and have experienced various cultures. This element brings innovation to their songs and lyrics. ENHYPEN releases songs and all their names are hyphenated so maybe they have given themselves this name for being highlighted. Here are all the ENHYPEN boys:

  • Heeseung
  • Jay
  • Jake
  • Sunghoon
  • Sunoo
  • Jungwon
  • Ni-ki



It’s a fabulous song that indicates the ups and downs faced by this boy band. The struggle, need for freedom, existence, highs and lows, success, achievement, and dreams hence, everything just flows in the lyrics of “Given-Taken.”

"Just A Little Bit"

When love is in the air and it touches the strings of your heart then you have no choice but to feel the change in yourself. However, it’s never easy to accept love. Just then, your heart says “Just A Little Bit” to you because this new feeling is all true and you are in love!


Music isn’t just a mere formation of melody and lyrics; it’s a fever! Everyone listening to it passes it to another one and this way they all begin to move on the beats of ENHYPEN. The song “Fever” has really been a huge hit and the ratings on Spotify are the evidence.


Though there are seven members in the ENHYPEN band but we are about to list down the “Four Best and Most Loved Members of ENHYPEN” so have a look…

Which ENHYPEN Member Are You


Lee Hee Seung is respected and idealized by all for his more than 3 years long period of training. He was one of the toughest competitors in I-LAND not only because of his experience but also because he was the oldest in it. Even in the band, Heeseung is considered most mature after Jungwon and was initially the leader as well (before the voting was done). Heeseung is very committed to his passion and is an incredible composer, songwriter, and singer. But remember, he hates Mint Chocolate and bugs so never even talk about these in front of him.

Heeseung - ENHYPEN


With the real name Yang Jung Won, this amazing guy leads the ENHYPEN band. Jungwon has always been in Korea. He is said to be the most alluring and calm person in the band because he hardly ever loses his gesture and never lets aggression come over him. This is the major reason why he was voted to be the leader as he astonishingly solves every problem that is ahead of him. Jungwon’s voice is something that one can never get done with and you won’t wish to stop the song at all. But, he knows that he has a long road ahead and admires his idol Jungkook from BTS and wants to be like him. As far as some interesting things are concerned, Jungwon is a Taekwondo expert and loves to watch movies.

Jungwon - ENHYPEN


Jay Park was born in the US and so is Korean-American. However, he was quickly back in Korea so he is more on the Korean side. It is a fact that Jay is known as the most snarky member in the band, not in a wrong way at all but he is quick to get furious when he faces defeat. Other than that, he’s a fun guy who is tagged as the life of the ENHYPEN band because Jay always does or says things that make everyone laugh and keeps them entertained. It won’t be wrong to say that he’s a bit dramatic. But, he is very serious about music.



Jake Sim was though born in Korea but then his family moved to Australia which adds the tag of Korean-Australian to him. He is though the most less trained in the band but the courage and persistence that Jake has shown in his performance have been surprising. Jake really shocks everyone with his perfection, style, and hard work. The biggest plus point of Jake is that he is not only fluent in Korean but also in English as well. Jake’s really a sweetheart because he always looks at the brighter side of the picture.



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This K-pop boy band is eminent in the whole world and there are hardly any people who don’t know about them. Just imagine, how much would everyone get jealous when they’d see that you kin one of the ENHYPEN members. But, for that, you need to share the results of the ENHYPEN Member Kin Quiz with all.


Aren’t you excited to check which ENHYPEN Member are you most like? You are about to feel like a celebrity!