Edens Zero Quiz – Which Edens Zero Character Are You?

Which Edens Zero Character Are You Quiz

Who would be fool enough to ignore the Ultimate Edens Zero Character Quiz! This is the best quiz you can find to check out which Edens Zero character are you? Be quick and share your quiz results to let the world how strong you are…

However, there may be chances that you have forgotten Edens Zero’s story or are unaware of its main characters. If this is what you are desperate for then the things below would be dear to you.

Edens Zero Quiz
Edens Zero - Kodansha


Edens Zero is a sequel to the Fairy Tail but it’s quite different from what we expected it to be. The story takes the viewers to a fantasy world that not only has inhabitation on Earth but the whole universe has humans, androids, and other living creatures that have never been seen before. The story has major characters of Shiki and Rebecca who are after Mother. Not the real female mother of course (Hahaha)! They are eager to explore the world and find Mother (the Goddess) to become famous, and powerful, and to save the world. Not in the evil way, it’s not necessary that you always find the power to rule in the wrong way!

Although Shiki has been nurtured by the Demon King but he knows that integrity of every being is important whether it is a human or a robot. Well, Shiki always had been at home and thought that there are no other humans and space is only filled with robots (which is eventually proved wrong!). Along with him is Rebecca, who is recording her tour of Granbell in order to attract more viewers for her Aoneko Channel (pretty much like Youtube and Instagram). These teenagers have only been on one of the Cosmoses i.e. Sakura Cosmos and have no idea what lies beyond in the three other cosmoses Kaede Cosmos, Aoi Cosmos, and Yukino Cosmos. The Multiverse won’t be easy to handle once it opens its critical doors on them.


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Which Edens Zero Character Are You
Edens Zero Characters

Rebecca Bluegarden

Don’t go over her innocent and pretty face! Rebecca is very emotional when it comes to things she cares about the most. She is very charming and tries to attract more and more people to her Aoneko Channel. Basically, Rebecca is very passionate about her work as a B-Cuber. She desires to be the most famous B-Cuber around the world and so tries to capture content that would bring her to the top. However, that’s not all about her!

Rebecca has some unique Ether Gear powers which are known as Cat Leaper. She turns into a completely different person when is overpowered by it. Her kindness and empathy vanish somewhere and all she thinks of is killing and revenge. Even Shiki is amazed by her abilities Bellholy Slash, Overdrive, Aoneko Kick, and Reverse. Rebecca is quite a dangerous beauty.

Rebecca Bluegarden
Rebecca Bluegarden - Edens Zero

Sister Ivry

Sister Ivry is a machine who is better known as Healer! She has the job to look after every machine and human. Even if it is light wear and tear or a disastrous injury, Sister Ivry easily handles everything. However, she is a little high-tempered (like a strict doctor). She is quite serious during her healing process.

Her most important power is Heal Atomizer which helps her in aiding machines. Other than this, Dispel Driver, Overheal Destroy, and Battle Dress are the influential abilities that also help her in combat. Anyone can identify Sister Ivry as she always carries Sister Energy and Paradise Whip.

Sister Ivry
Sister Ivry - Edens Zero

Shiki Granbell

Shiki is though a young boy but he has blue blood which not only adds many responsibilities to him but also makes him a target of many. His personality is very different from others because he didn’t meet anyone but the robots of Granbell for years. Now, interacting and befriending humans is quite awkward for him. Shiki usually speaks whatever he has in mind and it can be a little cruel as well. After making friends on his journey (both humans and robots) drastic changes could be observed in him.

Remember, never threaten his friends in front of him as Shiki is the heir to the Demon King throne and is a Demon King himself (after awakening his powers). His strongest powers include Satan Gravity with which he can manipulate gravity according to his wish and can form many attacks like Magimech Attack: Gravity Fist, Magimech Attack: Gravity Wave, and Magimech Attack: Gravity Cannon, etc.

Shiki Granbell
Shiki Granbell - Edens Zero

Homura Kōgetsu

Homura is a born fighter with the alias "Valkyrie Homura." No one should ever try to harm her as Homura’s battling skills are evident in her stern expressions. She is a person whom you can trust with your secrets while don’t even think that she’d stay quiet if you suppress any innocent. Freedom and integrity is the topmost priority of Homura.

The list of weapons carried by Homura is enough to scare her opponents. Soul Blade, Leopard Claw Frenzy, Snake Strike, and Tiger Six Claw Strike are only a few of them.

Homura Kōgetsu
Homura Kōgetsu - Edens Zero

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It’s time! You now have to decide which Edens Zero character are you most like with the help of Edens Zero Trivia. Are you ready to enter the universe full of risks?