Digimon Quiz: Which Digital Monsters Character Are You?

Which Digimon Character Are You Quiz

The amazingly awesome 10 seasons of "Digimon Adventure" aka "Digimon Digital Monsters" anime made us remember the best cartoons and games like Pokemon. Similar to them, in Digimon Adventure the young and adventurous kids are transported to a completely different world where they are unable to comprehend the things around them…

Everything seems weird especially the creatures! In order to survive in the eerie dimension known as the “Digiworld”, the kids had to tie the bond of friendship with the strangest creatures they had ever seen. The creatures known as “Digimons” are mighty and powerful. The seven kids in the Digiworld with the help of Digimons must save both the worlds (Digiworld and the Earth) before it’s too late…

What do you think? How well do you know Digiworld? Do you have any idea about which Digimon Adventure character do you kin, the earth beings or the Digimons??? Hmm, we can see the lines of tension on your face, there is only one way to find out about this! Through the Digimon Adventure Test!!!


In order to answer the most problematic question “which Digimon Adventure character are you?” we have our Ultimate Digimon Adventure Trivia Quiz. BUT BUT BUT! Before you dig into the quiz please make sure you are aware of the best characters in the Digimon Adventure. Enjoy the interesting facts about them below…

Which Digimon Character are you quiz
Digimon - Akiyoshi Hongo

Taichi Kamiya

Better known as “Tai” throughout the series, he is the leader of all since was a little kid who went with others on an adventure trip. With middle-length brown hair, tall height, and brave decisions, our protagonist definitely rules our hearts.

On the other hand, he is obsessed with sports specifically soccer and this has provided him great athleticism. Moreover, Taichi has a strong Digimon just like him i.e. “Agumon”. Just like Tai, Agumon is also considered the best among all and has been highlighted in the series.

Tai along with Agumon has taken up many challenges and never backs off from any catastrophe reaching. Tai’s Digimon Agumon was like a baby dinosaur initially but after digivolve (evolvement in the Digiworld) he grew bigger and can now spit fireballs as well.

Yamato Matt Ishida

Matt is the deuteragonist in the story. This handsome boy is a blend of French and Japanese features as he has blond hair and blue eyes. However, he has a personality different from that of others as he is quite introverted but is caring as well. You can say that he is a bit overprotective towards the people whom he loves.

His decisions are made mostly on the basis of the present and he hardly ever considers how they would affect the future and so this is one of Matt’s weaknesses. As time passed, Matt turned out to be more optimistic and his leadership qualities also became stronger. With his Digimon “Gabumon”, Matt found what lacked in his life, a true and loyal friend. Gabumon is notorious for his friendly bond with Matt and his Blue Blast power.

Takeru Takaishi

In formal attire, wearing a hat is Takaishi. His attire really suits him as he is not only a gentleman from the outside but from the inside as well. Known as T.K. in Digimon Adventure, he is literally every person’s friend because of his loving and kind nature.

T.K always thinks about others before him and this is the reason why he is ready to sacrifice even his dearest things. His Digimon is “Patamon” who is really cute! With its innocent blue eyes and small body like a hamster, no one can stand without cuddling it in the arms. The best thing about Patamon is that it can fly with its wings (similar to that of bats).

Patamon flies and sucks in the air to release its significant attack Boom Bubble. Due to digivolve, it grew to be more powerful. Hahaha, you can’t wait to find what Digimon Adventure character are you? The Digimon Adventure Kin Test also awaits you!

Kari Kamiya

Kari is also one of the seven kids who entered the Digital World and is the sister of Taichi. She is sweet and kind. Has short-lengthed brown hair and eyes. Kari has a personality that attracts others. It is her attribute to put herself in others' shoes and then react, so you would hardly ever find her angry. However, when Kari is angry, it’s quite funny to watch her being aggressive.

Her Digimon is also cute and cuddly like her, the “Gatomon”! She is a cat with a snow-white body and purple feathers at the end of her ears and tail. At her paws, she wears gloves that bear sharp nails and look similar to that of a lion as are yellow in color. Gatomon is extremely influential as its best attacks include Lightning Paw, Neko Kick, and the best Cat’s Eye Hypnotism with which she can hypnotize its prey. By the way, Digimons have million lives! If you like this kind of things do not forget to take I’m Standing on a Million Lives Quiz too.

Joe Kido

Through this character, we can have a glance at the real society as Joe is always a little nervous about his surroundings due to the fact that he belongs to a wealthy and prestigious family in which most of the people are doctors. Due to this, Joe always takes the pressure of his studies and his personality has been badly affected due to this.

Keeping this in mind, Joe has always been optimistic and is always around to help out people. But, you might feel that he is a bit proud and arrogant, well this is a part of his personality and majorly an influence of his family on him.

Joe’s Digimon is “Gomamon” who is a seal with long forelimbs that have sharp nails. Moreover, it has long wavy ears, razor-sharp teeth, and purple marks at its feet, face, ears, and lower body. Its best attack is “Marching Fishes”!


No matter how much you think, you can’t get the answer to your question which Digimon Adventure character are you most like since all seem the best! So, answer the Digimon Adventure Kin Quiz to know!!!