Dance with Devils Quiz: Which DwD character are you?

What Dance with Devils character are you? & Dancing Diablo Quiz

An existence full of dark secrets, devils, and vampires on the verge to kill, no one to support!!! This is the life of protagonist Ritsuka Tachibana in the anime “Dance with Devils” aka Dancing Diablo. Are you willing to support her through this risky journey? Then find out which Dance with Devils character are you by answering the Dance With Devils Test of Weeb Quiz now!

Ritsuka has been through her toughest times since her mother has been kidnapped, her school’s Student Council is falsely accusing her of breaking the rules and even try to hypnotize her but didn’t succeed. Wondering why is everyone after this naïve girl? Well, everybody thinks that she is the last person who can guide to the Grimoire which is a precious jewel whose possessor will solely rule the world!

Beware before you select smart a Dance with Devils character because, in order to be a part of Dance with Devils, you must be brave enough to compete with demons and vampires. So, are ready for the Dance With Devils Kin Quiz to know which Dance with Devils character do you kin?


Which Dance with Devils character are you?

Dance with Devils - Funimation

How would you know which Dance with Devils character are you most like until you have knowledge about the best characters in the anime Dance with Devils!

Ritsuka Tachibana

Ritsuka is a young and brainy teenager who was living a normal life like other kids but never thought that her life would take this kind of turn. The school in which Ritsuka had been studying had students which were vampires and demons which she never even doubted.

She is a sweet girl, always dressed sweetly, the one abiding by laws, and hardly ever fought with anyone until one day she was called by the Students Council claiming that she has broken some laws in the school. Moreover, her mother was being abducted the same day leaving her mortified…

Ritsuka afterward found that she is not a normal girl instead a “half-human and half-devil”. As more secrets are unveiled Ritsuka learned that she belongs to devils from her maternal side while many entities are after her thinking that she is the last key to the Grimoire. Unwillingly, she took help from them and fell in love with Rem. One of the reasons why everyone is after her is that she has Grimoire inside her body and so everybody needs her! Dance with Diablo quiz will help you to understand this!

Rem Kaginuki

Yeah, we know that your heart flutters whenever you see Rem! Well, it’s quite normal and justified since he is so handsome and charming especially with his blonde hair and aquamarine-colored eyes. He is very famous in the school as is the president of the Students Council. Rem is the hero of Dance with Devils and isn’t a human like he seems, but a “Devil”!

Rem is brawny and mighty as he can control and produce fire and is one of those people who are more focused on their mission and do not care what they keep at stake. He was also after the Grimoire but instead of recovering it from Ritsuka, he fell in love with her and tried to protect her from all perils.

His abilities include hypnosis which works on everyone except for Ritsuka. Rem tried to question her about the Grimoire but his hypnotic powers didn’t work on her because of the necklace she was wearing. Moreover, he can teleport as well moving to different dimensions in seconds.

Lindo Tachibana

Read about Lindo carefully since he has played a leading role but defining him is a bit arduous! Lindo is a cousin to Ritsuka but is a vampire rather than a devil like her. His presence can be a little uneasy for people due to his blood-red hair and turquoise eyes. Well, he looks more deadly when his fangs appear in his vampire form.

You are thinking that he must be a villain being a vampire, instead, he is a best friend to Ritsuka though both species are enemies. Lindo has nothing like his other fellow beings as he is ready to face any danger for Ritsuka and protects her alone ending up being in love with her but when he found that she doesn’t love him and has feelings for Rem, he selflessly tried to bring happiness in her life.

He has incredible combating powers and once he turns into his vampire form then anyone hardly stands in front of him since Lindo’s eyes glow red like fire and his fangs become shaper than any other thing. He detested devils but after feeling the love they had for each other and especially Ritsuka, his heart melted. You might wish to be Lindo but do not haste as the Dance With Devil Kin Test awaits you!!!

Shiki Natsumezaka

We talked about devils, vampires, half-human, and half-devil being as well but there’s more in the anime Dance with Devil since Shiki Natsumezaka is an angel (the twist in the story!). In his normal human form, Shiki has purple hair and dark orange eyes but in his angel avatar, he grows four wings and two horns over his head that make him look more handsome!!!

Shiki’s personality is tumultuous, he is friendly to some while aggressive towards others for no reason at all. He is hardly ever seen in school and even the Students Council meetings are unable to summon him. Shiki always has a strange wicked grin over his face and his favorite thing is to laugh over others and on the top of the list is Rem.

His greatest flaw is his ability, the skill of being unaffected no matter what happens. Though he feels hurt but portrays that he doesn’t care and same is the case during fights as never shows his opponent that is incapacitated. Moreover, his wings are made of feathers which are used by him as blades.

By the way, let's answer the popular question of "Is Dance with Devils on Netflix?". No, Netflix is not airing DwD right now but according leaks, it might take its place on Netflix in late 2021.


So, are you a true weeb, weeaboo or otaku? Then for sure you are going to discover what Dance with Devils character are you with the Dance with Devils Quiz! Why not? Hurry-up!