BoJack Horseman Quiz: Which BoJack Character Are You?

What BoJack Horseman Character Are You? & BoJack Quiz

BoJack Horseman has definitely opened our eyes and showed us a new perspective of life. The characters and plot have exhibited that the ups and downs of life can help us to understand the real faces and lift off the façade of all. The story of BoJack Horseman inculcates the major character of “BoJack Horseman” who has seen the fame and paparazzi. However, every person who jumps high has to fall on the ground (this is the rule of fate and nature!).

Similar happened with BoJack who lives in an anthropomorphic world. A place where humans and animals live together and enjoy each other’s presence. BoJack was a famous celebrity of Hollywoo with his star-studded sitcom series “Horsin' Around”. After his downfall and its effects on his physical and psychological health, BoJack transforms completely. Now, he has pondered to uplift himself and his career for which he has planned new things.

Do you want to live in the anthropomorphic world with BoJack and other characters in the series? Why don’t you find out what BoJack horseman character are you with the BoJack Horseman Quiz? Hurry up and check out which character do you resemble in BoJack Horseman!


Let’s get a little closer to your favorite characters in the iconic series of BoJack Horseman before finding which BoJack character are you?

Which BoJack Character Are You
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BoJack F. Horseman

BoJack is the most prominent star in the show; though you take him as a hero or a villain. He is a tall, strong, and muscular horse who is dark brown in color. Other than that, he has white marks on the front of his face and a black mane. Moreover, you’d find him appropriately dressed according to the circumstances. As he lives in Hollywoo, he has to maintain his looks with formal and semi-formal attire like suits, T-shirts, pants, jackets, etc.

If you look inside BoJack’s heart then you’ll only see darkness. Nothing in him is positive as he has pessimism sunk into his bones. BoJack is hard to love as he has all the negative aspects in his personality like chaos, narcissism, irritative nature, and ends up involving disaster. BoJack has been into a lot of things that make circumstances worse for him like alcoholism, depression, and his lack of enthusiasm.

It has been problematic for BoJack to communicate with anyone and could hardly make any friends because of his personality and attitude. His rudeness and proudness have caused him a lot in his life.

Judah Mannowdog

Judah, at first, might look a bit weird and flaunty but he isn’t at all! Judah can be stated as the nicest addition in the series because of his humor and fun conversations. Judah is a middle-aged decent man with whom any girl would desperately like to stay for her whole life. He has long brown hair and a similar long beard which looks cool on him. His blue eyes under his square glasses make him seem more sophisticated. ( We also have SpongeBob Squarepants Quiz in WeebQuiz!)

It is a fact that every person would like to have a partner like Judah because not only is he an easy person to work with but also is a person who would stay loyal no matter how much you make things hard for him. Similar happened with him when he worked with Princess Carolyn. Judah always tried his best to impress her and to express his feelings to her; however, he isn’t good at this. Judah always told things indirectly and made sure that he puts all his emotions in the lyrics of his songs.

Judah wrote such beautiful songs that we all loved him more and more with time. Contrastingly, his expressions never depict the picture of his heart and so he mostly got a hard time from Princess Carolyn. But, towards the culmination, Judah confessed his love to her with a song and they ended up marrying each other.

Todd Chavez

This midget being is literally a fun pack for all. Even the looks of Todd tell a lot about him as he has a stubble beard on his neck and face, pale complexion wears a yellow beanie on his dark blue hair. His walk and talk easily entail that he has a lazy and slothful nature and because of which he brings a smile to our faces.

Todd has been living with BoJack for a long time and thought that both have a strong bond of friendship. Sadly, things got bad to worse because of BoJack’s attitude and even Todd left him alone in his apartment. As we can observe that Todd isn’t very wealthy, so usually is found on the couch of someone (as he doesn’t pay rent for living with anyone).

The best attribute of Todd is his interest in something and his diligence for it. Whenever he gets interested in something like his dating app or any other project that he likes then he can even work day and night without any help. But, the thing has to be of his interest, or else no power on this planet can move his hands.

Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn is not a real princess at all! She is quite pretty and attractive as she is bright pink in color with fluffy hair (she’s a cute Persian core cat). She always dresses well as needs to be around the media and all. Carolyn initially was working as a manager of BoJack and was boss of Judah.

Honestly, Carolyn is a nice and caring girl who can do anything she has in mind whether she does that with her words, actions, or her beauty. However, Carolyn is optimistic and hardworking. She always tries to do her work impeccably and if she fails to do that then she gets hyper.


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