Black Butler Quiz – Which Black Butler Character Are You?

What Black Butler Character Are You Quiz

Mysteries are indeed interesting to watch and if they have a supernatural element in them the fun bolts to the epitome. However, not every story in the genre of suspense, thriller, and mystery can be trusted in terms of excitement. But, do you know which one have we just finished? It’s the notorious “Black Butler!” Who wouldn’t get attracted to it in the first place, it’s by the makers of “Fullmetal Alchemist” and only the trailer gives you goosebumps.

We know there is no need to state why Black Butler is so famous! You already know why we all are fans of it. So, leaving everything behind, we are on a BIG mission! Since all the fans of Black Butler have been asking about their character in this anime so we want you to answer the Bestest Black Butler Quiz. This quiz has been designed to reveal which Black Butler character are you so all you’d have to do is answer 20 simple questions. That’s it!


Black Butler Quiz
Black Butler - Funimation

If you haven’t watched Black Butler up till now then here is a glimpse of what secrets are in it. The story is mostly about the characters of Ciel Phantomhive and his inexplicable-looking butler named Sebastian Michaelis. Set in the Victorian era, Ciel is portrayed as a twelve years boy who hardly takes interest in anything except for work. He doesn’t care what happens around him. On the other hand, his Butler (always dressed in black) accompanies him everywhere.

At first, everything seems simple but when Ciel begins to recall his past then we get shocked to the core. This young teen boy was pushed into catastrophes more than he could handle. First, Ciel’s parents and his dog were burned alive in their mansion. Then, he was kidnapped by a cult who preached to demons. They assaulted poor Ciel and wished to sacrifice him to their demon. In order to save himself from the demon, Ciel gives him the offer to have his soul and grant him life and power to avenge his family. The demon accepted and hence gave the mark of contract on his right eye.

The actual journey begins after that as Ciel and his demon Black Butler try to track the killers and the masterminds. Why don’t you help and check out what Black Butler character are you? This way you’d know your position and powers.


Let’s check the 4 best characters in Black Butler before the quiz!

Which Black Butler Character Are You?
Black Butler Characters

Ciel Phantomhive

Poor Ciel! He is a boy who has been through more than his capacity. The death of his parents, responsibilities of Phantomhive Toy Factory, Queen’s work, and all other matters were twisting him from inside. However, after he had Sebastian with him, the situations were more under control. Not only did he outsource himself as the most capable teen in the whole world but as a great leader as well.

Ciel though seems short and innocent, but don’t judge a book by its cover! Sebastian was interested in him just because of his intelligence and wit. He handles his company in the best way while the Queen trusts Ciel the most and titled him as her loyal watchdog. Don’t mind his proud behavior because he is kind from the inside. And, we think that his personality traits are quite close to his counterpart on Tokyo Ghoul.

Lady Elizabeth Midford

Let’s call her Lizzy like everyone else! She is no doubt pretty but Ciel never shows interest in her which makes her angry. Many people feel irritated by her dumb and innocent behavior but she is like that; without any fakeness. Lizzy doesn’t understand the harsh realities of life and believes in living life with freedom and love.

Lizzy is very emotional and often creates drama because of her attitude. However, she is also a master in swordsmanship and because of this trait, it seems that Sebastian sides with her. For this reason why Sebastian tries to bring certain changes in her flaunty extravagance but Lizzy is quite stubborn.

Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian is the one after whom the series “Black Butler” is named. He is always seen wearing a black uniform and completes his duties wholeheartedly. Money and other luxuries matter nothing to him, instead, the only thing that attracts him is intelligence. Sebastian is always there to support Ciel though it is to torture or kill someone, in fact, he enjoys it!

How can we forget to mention Sebastian’s appearance? He is amazingly handsome and alluring. No one can resist his charm, but don’t forget that he is a demon. His relationship with Ciel is quite different as they seem more like best friends (which is cute).

Grelle Sutcliff

Though Grelle is a Grim Reaper but doesn’t feel like one until he shows his actual face. Grelle is truly horrible looking when he reveals his blade-like teeth, bare white eyes, and blood-soaked hair. Apart from all this, he is a little too emotional when it comes to living life on Earth. Grelle feels empathetic toward humans and shows friendly nature to them.

Grelle took the job of a butler to Angelina and trust us that he was pathetic doing the things. He hates to do house chores, unlike Sebastian. When she kills Angelina being a Grim Reaper, he was herself sad about it.


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