Beyblade Quiz – Which Beyblade Burst Character Are You?

What Beyblade Character Am I? & Beyblade Burst Quiz

Do you remember the time when Beyblades became the best and most famous toys around the world! How many did you have at that time? To be very honest, we were quite into the Beyblade race at that time and had one of every color and style. Our collection of Beyblade was the best among all (we observed this our self!). Anyhow, did you ever think why was this Beyblade craze spread all around the world and where did the inspiration come from?

If you haven’t watched the Beyblade Burst anime then you’d never know that Beyblades are not only mere toys but life to the characters in this anime. All the episodes of Beyblade Burst exceptionally drive the viewers and ignite the fire in our hearts to become the best Blader in the world. We can see a spark in your eyes! You believe that if you could be in the Beyblade Burst anime then you must have proved yourself. Well, there is a way for you to enter the Beyblade Burst world. Answer the Beyblade Burst Quiz to find out which Beyblade Burst character suits you?


Umm, from where shall we start! The Beyblade Burst Surge story is fabulous from the start till the end and mostly entails intense Beyblade battles. Most of the things revolve around the protagonist, an elementary-school student Valt Aoi. He was just in the fifth grade since his craze for Beyblades outgrew. At such young age, he wished to become the best blader in the world and for this, he took part in the District tournament. However, things didn’t go well and his friend Shu Kurenai won.

The best part is that Valt Aoi never felt disappointed and strived harder to achieve his goals. He has made Shu his inspiration and believes that he can be as good as him. Do you think he is competent to achieve his dreams? Have you watched the whole series?

Which Beyblade Burst Character Are You?
Beyblade Characters - Hideki Sonoda


Find out the most amazing characters in the Beyblade Burst with us…

Valt Aoi

Valt Aoi is the main character in the story and his dreams and ups and downs maintain the energy in the anime. He was initially seen as a young boy in the Beigoma Academy with a flaunty appearance. His blue hair, cool hoodie, jacket, and sneakers always amazed the ones watching. Valt has an attractive personality as he is full of zest, zeal, and enthusiasm. He hardly ever steps back from matters that always listen to his heart.

Now, let’s move towards the most interesting part. Some of the best Beyblades that Valt possessed are Turbo Valtryek Zenith Evolution, Sword Valtryek Blitz Power Retsu, Brave Valtryek Evolution’ 2A, Salvage Valtryek Shot-7, and Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’ -9. Their colors, powers, and styles really dazzled our eyes. Not only this but also Valt’s moves such as Winged Launch, Ultimate Genesis Reboot, Turbo Awakening, Synchro Lightning, Spring Attack, etc are our personal favorites. He’s truly amazing! And we really do think that Valt of Beyblade would fit very well into our Digimon Quiz too.

Wakiya Murasaki

Wakiya is one strong contender. He stands tall in every event and is a little egoistic. He believes that he is the best among all. Because of his ostentatiousness, Wakiya is often on the verge of losing but he usually handles everything toward the end. He makes sure that his work is always impeccable; whether in academics or in the battles.

Wyvron Armed Massive, Tempest Wvyron 4Glaive Atomic, and Wild Wyron Vertical Orbit are the Beyblades that Wakiya owns and employs moves like Shield Launch, Shield Crash, Tempest Shield, and Tempest Attack are once that catch our attraction. Wakiya’s battles are worth watching.

Free De La Hoya

Free can be easily compared to a lion who knows how to win the territory effortlessly. His mustard hair, dark eyes, and intense personality are liked by almost all. It’s just that Free never harms anybody and plays fairly. He is though been beaten by Valt but it was just because he already had a sprain in his hand otherwise, he might have won.

There isn’t any doubt in the fact Free is the best blader in the world. His launch styles like Light Launch, Spin Revival, and Hand Launch work amazingly with his Beyblades Drain Fafnir 8 Nothing, Mirage Fafnir Nothing 2S, Geist Fafnir 8’proof Absorb, and Fanfnir Tapered Kicked-3. Free has come up with various moves invented by himself. The best ones according to us are Geist Claw, Kick Counter, Absorb Break, Drain Spin, and Nothing Break.

Behind his wins are definitely his passion, diligence, and calmness. He never lets anyone know what’s going on inside him. He is hardly ever seen interested in rubbing his wins on others. Free is nice, empathetic, and caring. For him, his wins value more than the lust of defeating others.

Shu Kurenai

Shu is the one who is known as the “Legendary Blader”! He has gained quite a lot of fame in very little time. He has always been serious about his practice of Beyblade battles and his hard work bore fruit. When he won the District tournament in his first attempt then it became very easy to ideate about his skills as a blader. Not only are people crazy because of his skills but also of his looks. Shu’s lavender white hair and signature red eyes are what make him more appealing.

We can imagine his powers when he has any of his Beyblades like Spryzen Spread Fusion, Astral Spryzen Over Quattro-0, Spryzen Spread Fusion, World Spryzen Unite’ 2B, or others in hand. Moreover, his launch styles and moves provide more power. Counter Break, Turbo Awakening, World Whip, World Counter Break, Turbo Spryzen, and Axe Launch are all quite deadly.


The What Is Your Beyblade Burst Quiz is now all set to launch the questions for you. Let’s see how well you tackle them…