Battle Game in 5 Seconds Quiz: Which BGI5S Character Are You?

What Battle Game in 5 Seconds Character Am I Quiz

Battle Game in 5 Seconds gives vibes different from all others because the genre of action and thriller always makes the anime irresistible. And when it becomes irresistible then we all watch it by staying awake all night, leaving the household chores, cooking, cleaning, homework, and other things. Finally, when we get done with the anime, there is still something that feels empty within and that is because you didn’t find out which Battle Game in 5 Seconds character are you???

Yes, now you know why you were feeling this way ever since you finished the Battle Game in 5 Seconds! So, in order to know what Battle Game in 5 Seconds character are you? You have to answer the simple and interesting Battle Game In 5 Seconds Test.

Before encountering the questions asked to you in Battle Game In 5 Seconds Kin Test, we must dive deeper into the story and characters Battle Game in 5 Seconds. So, are you ready to roll in 5 seconds???


Oh well, it’s difficult to decide what to tell and what not because every twist in Battle Game in 5 Seconds anime is incredible and leaves the viewers awe-struck! Remember, when Akira Shiroyanagi was one day caught in the way? Akira tried to fight as hard as he could but in the end, was shot by Mion. As he woke up in a place which he had never seen before, Akira was handcuffed and was now a part of a greater game.

Which Battle in 5 seconds character are you
Battle Game in 5 Seconds - Saizō Harawata

Akira always loved playing video games which made him stronger with amazing powers. But after waking up again, he got to know that he and other people in the room have been made a part of an experiment that has given them extraordinary powers. Then on, life changed for all! Becoming oblivion in the real world, these fighters now have no option but to employ their powers (like Nen Types in Hunter x Hunter) in order to survive and win the battles…


How well do you know Battle Game in 5 Seconds? We just asked because you must have at least some basic information about the best characters in Battle Game in 5 Seconds. Before receiving the answer from Battle Game In 5 Seconds Trivia Quiz, go through the characters so that you know what ways you resemble the characters…

Akira Shiroyanagi

Akira is the hero in the anime though he is just a young boy, 16 years old. Being a young teen, his attitude is more like a brat and Akira is one of those boys who have less to no interest in school. However, he is quite intelligent and gets exceptional grades in school though his looks don’t express this. His uniform and other things are always a bit untidy with aren’t done to perfection.

As far as Akira’s personality is concerned, he is always calm and composed no matter how tough the situations become. Being under the hardest circumstances, Akira never stepped back, instead, he took time to observe before taking action and making predictions.

Let’s discuss Akira’s insane ability! Akira has no fixed ability and he doesn’t has any control over his abilities. His abilities are what Akira’s opponents and enemies think or imagine that he possesses. Whatever they believe actually becomes Akira’s ability and so he easily becomes more powerful than others.

Yuri Amagake

With sleek body, fiery hazel eyes, blonde hair made casually is Yuri. She was one of those caught by Mion when she tried to rescue a boy who was jumping off in order to attempt suicide. While saving him, Yuri felt that he intentionally took her down with him. When she opened her eyes she was also handcuffed like others and Mion was the one in charge.

Yuri is quick-tempered and gets infuriated very easily. The thing that she detests the most is when anybody calls fate or destiny responsible for anything. Whenever anyone says this, Yuri loses her mind! Her ability “Wrath of God” also known as Demon God enables her to become stronger than usual.

She facilely fights opponents double her size due to her ability; however, when she is infuriated because of any reason then her powers excel even more.

Madoka Kirisaki

Madoka was a senior to Akira and Yuri in the school and has always been a reserved guy. With his burgundy-brown hair, sharp features, and slim body Madoka is always seen busy in himself rather than intervening in matters of others. He was erased from the world during a motorcycle accident.

The powers of Madoka are quite interesting because he can turn any piece of wood into a sword or dagger depending upon its size. At first, Madoka was hesitant of employing his powers in the fight because it could have been deadly for his opponents; however, he learned that in order to save himself he has to fight without thinking about the consequences.

Rin Kashii

A charming girl with angelic beauty in the anime is Rin Kashii! She is insanely pretty and this beauty is her power as she is seductive and a bit flirtatious as well. Rin employs her beauty to attract her enemies and mercilessly kills them by creating a weapon from body fluids. She can use anybody's body fluid in her mind to make it torturous. For instance, blood, sweat, etc.

Do you wish to be “Rin”? Take the Battle Game In 5 Seconds Kin Quiz because only that can tell you which Battle Game in 5 Seconds character are you most like! You must be clever, opportunistic, and a little naughty if you think you are like Rin.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds quiz

Which Battle Game in 5 Seconds character do you kin? Are you the one who cares about nothing but victory or prefer to win but without hurting anyone? Take the Battle Game In 5 Seconds Quiz to figure out!!!