Banana Fish Quiz: Which Banana Fish Character Are You?

Which Banana Fish Character Am I Quiz

Hey! Are you ready to have some action-packed fun? If yes is your answer then get ready to get involved in a murder, crime, and action-adventure “Banana Fish Quiz”! Like its intriguing plot, we have designed the quiz so that your wish to find out which Banana Fish character am I gets fulfilled once and for all…

Before entering the quiz, do you want to go back into the world of Banana Fish, where every life on earth was at risk? The mystery of the phrase “Banana Fish” was unable to be solved by anyone? Let’s roll into the story and make the next few minutes exhilarating before taking the Banana Fish Quiz!!!


The plot seems similar to others, portraying some handsome and mysterious characters involved in the Vietnam War. Suddenly, American soldier Griffin Callenreese begins to fire on his own people. When he was shot on the legs, his last words were “Banana Fish!”. After twelve years, Griffin’s brother Ash arrives on the screen and is confirmed to be a mafia leader.

After all these years, Ash hears the words “Banana Fish” again and they resonate with his brother’s memories in his mind! This happens when a beaten man hands him a vial and speaks these words before he dies. Ash then decides to find out all the questions he has in mind related to Banana Fish and begins searching for clues.

Are you competent enough to help Ash and his team? If you are positive about it then the easiest way to enter the world of this anime would be to answer the Which Banana Fish Character Are You Quiz. It’s quite risky because mafias and the underworld are involved. If you’re ready for it then so are we! Save your life if you can and give Ash some support!!!

Which Banana Fish Character Are You

Banana Fish - Akimi Yoshida


Many characters in the Banana Fish anime have played an influential role in the anime. But why do you get to be one of the supporting characters when you have the courage and capability to rule the anime like the most popular characters in the Banana Fish anime.

If you wish to check out the most interesting characters in Banana Fish anime then scroll down…

Ash Lynx

Ash with the full name Aslan Jade Callenreese is a character about which everybody has some mixed feelings. Once you feel sympathy for him when you observe the pain in his heart due to his merciless childhood. Ash was an orphan, sexually assaulted by his stepfather, had a brother who was in the army but lost his consciousness and was raised in a house of a mafia’s godfather Dino Golzine. It’s all more than anyone can handle even as an adult but unfortunately, Ash went through all this when he wasn’t even a teen! Honestly, Banana Fish is a sad anime...

When you lay eyes on him then you realize how handsome he looks with his calm and composed demeanor. He mostly dons up in a casual T-shirt and jeans while his blonde hair and green eyes make him more attractive. We know that having a mesmerizing personality isn’t enough and an inspiring personality is more important. When we talk about Ash then you must know that he is a complete package of courage, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, and empathy.

Sing Su-Rin

Sing is a short man who is the leader of the Chinatown mafia though he is younger than many but very intelligent in these matters. He has dark blue hair and small eyes which can detect even the smallest things going on.

One thing in which Sing stands out is that he does his work wholeheartedly. Moreover, he is loyal to his people and work and completes it impeccably. No one can challenge him once he decides and he always keeps his leadership and group before himself.

Shorter Wong

No matter where Wong is, he can be easily highlighted due to his purple mohawk style hair. He really looks cool in his punk style with black sunglasses, sneakers, and jacket. Though his appearance makes him look like a guy who is just into illegal business but Wong is the complete opposite. By this, we mean that Wong is a guy who belonged to a rival gang but Ash trusted him without any question.

We loved Wong because he is a man true to his words. He may be cruel and a killer as well but is the one who keeps his promises even though they cost him his life. He promised Ash to protect Eiji from all evils and did this with determination although it felt like the whole world was willing to kill Eiji but still Wong made it through. Not only this but he also helped Ash and demystified the whole drama of “Banana Fish”. Who wouldn’t get attracted to such a guy though he is a mafia member? He surely is an interesting guy! By the way, if you like Banana Fish characters, you would also love our Monster Quiz!

Eiji Okumura

Eiji has played a vital role in the anime and is considered the second most important person after Ash. When you have a look at him then you might get mistaken that he is a young teenager. However, he isn’t one but only his innocent eyes, pale complexion, black hair, casual clothing makes him look younger than he is.

In many instances, you would perceive that he is not made for this mafia world and his non-violent nature and satisfied past life have never let him in any kind of a mess. In contrast to all this, when Eiji faced intense situations like shootouts and physical fights, he never fled away. This depicts that Eiji is not a coward but stood for the right thing. He never thought to leave Ash alone in all this and this is the reason why Ash loved him like a brother.


There are many popular trends linked associated with Banana Fish anime like “Yuri On Ice X Banana Fish”! Similarly, the Banana Fish Quiz is also spreading like fire so make sure you share your results with all as well!!!