Assassination Classroom Quiz – Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You?

Best Assassination Classroom Characters & Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Quiz

What would you do if you sight a crescent moon daily? It can only be possible if someone explodes one-third of the moon. What if you know that the one who did this to the moon would soon end the earth as well? What would be your next step? Well, today we have a similar storyline to discuss with you “Assassination Classroom”! We are sure that you must have watched this blockbuster anime because no one can resist all the action and mystery inculcated in it.

In the plot of Assassination Classroom, a creature never seen before has caused destruction on the moon and it is now left as a thin crescent. Now, he has arrived on Earth and is eager to do the same with earth. However, something struck his mind and he is willing to offer all the people in the world to save themselves from him. The only way to halt this catastrophe is by ending this creature and he is also going to teach all the ways to end him.

The students in class 3-E are taught by the most vicious creature who in the class is called "Koro-sensei". He himself is telling techniques to kill him but do you think that anyone would be able to do this? Well, if someone achieves this then would be rewarded with 1 billion dollars! Seems like you are interested in trying your luck! Why not, just answer the Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz. This quiz would let you know about what role can you play in the Assassination Classroom anime???

To identify yourself as a character in the anime you must know the assassination classroom characters hard and near. Are you ready? Come on, your planet might get destroyed any moment…


Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You?
Assassination Classroom - Yusei Matsui

There are many important and influential characters among the assassination classroom students. Are you eager to find more about them? Then scroll down!


Korosensei appears like a yellow octopus, huge, bulgy, and of gelatinous texture. His face is a perfect circle with two small dots as eyes and a large grin. When in the school, he wears black robes like other sensei. Yes, when you have the first look then you can’t guess that he has such a destructive mind. Korosensei vowed to teach the students for a whole year and during this period we can observe that he isn’t a bad guy after all.

Yes, he always cared for everyone and even saved the lives of students. Never did he ever physically harm nor did he mentally traumatize students. His bond was more like a friend than as a teacher. He’s the best guide and teacher a student can get. Also, master of One Punch Man is quite similar to Sensei Koro.

The thing that must be noticed is that Korosensei was a human like all and turned into such a creature due to inhuman experimentation. He has powers like Superhuman speed, Immunity to poison, Intelligence, Regeneration, lasers, Liquefaction, Color Transformation, Absolute Defense Form, and others. Even after all this, Korosensei acts like a normal human and is picky, cranky, irritated, and panicked under tough situations. We actually empathized with him…

Nagisa Shota

With a slim body, long sky blue color hair (made into pigtails behind), and similar shaded eyes, Nagisa is one of the characters who grabbed the most attention. He seems to be an introvert and stays in himself, not being very friendly and outspoken. His introverted and modest behavior always benefitted him as Nagisa perceived what others couldn’t. The best thing is that Nagisa always noted all the things he observed in Korosensei.

Nagisa is a human who possesses some extremely splendid powers. His ability to read minds and expressions leaves everyone astonished. Her determination has always been exemplary acting along with his powers of bloodlust. He never steps back from what he believes in. Although many students made fun of him because of his feminine features but Nagisa never focused on such students, instead worked on his goal.

Karma Akabane

Karma played an important role in the Assassination Classroom anime as he was the first person who was able to hurt Korosensei. At first, we all felt that Karma is the most malicious boy in school and one who always bullies other kids. It was quite obvious because he pretended to be careless, torturous, and the one who felt comforted by giving others pain. But, the story took a great turn and we could observe empathy in him. He acted negatively for the betterment of his mates and other school kids.

He wasn’t that bad after all, Karma saved a boy from being maltreated and was ready to get expelled from the school for that. His family’s wealth and less attention towards him was the cause of his rude behavior and after having friends like Nagisa, he became a better human.

When the story got more pace, we could see the great skills of leadership in Karma and he turned into a competent strategist. Although we saw that he always took studies as a burden but when started to work on them, then got the highest marks among all.

Kaede Kayano

Under this weak-looking girl is the one who worked the most in order to kill Korosensei along with the team. Kaeda doesn’t have a very attractive figure but her hazel blonde eyes and funky green hair always catch eyes. She always felt like being a misfit in the class because of her looks and anxious nature.

Kaeda was unable to feel comforted among the girls more beautiful than her. However, to hide her feelings, Kaeda had a permanent smile on her face and never let anyone guess the thunders building in her. Kaeda always won hearts with her genius brain and strong willpower.


In the Kanzaki Assassination Classroom, what seat do you want? Are you desperate to find out who are you in the Assassination Classroom anime? Then hurry up and answer the quiz to find the answer to your question…